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LFC becoming the loan club
26th Aug 2013 8:44
26th Aug 2013 8:50
"I hope rodgers plays this smart, loan and buy option next year."
26th Aug 2013 9:02
"2m loan deal no thanks why help another team out in our league by reducing their wage bill etc & also give them 2m for doing so? Doesn't make sense to me. If he was a player that can offer a lot more than we currently have maybe but IMO he doesn't add that much more than young sterling does. The left wing is where we need to add real quality,does Moses add that? not for me "
26th Aug 2013 9:11
"robpagan.. what are you talking about, we have signed one loanee this season, how does this make us a loan club?"
26th Aug 2013 9:17
"I would welcome Moses on loan as a squad player, would be happier to have Mata on Loan better still, to sign him tho."
26th Aug 2013 9:25
"sign him with a buy option ,he is perfect fr that left wing"
26th Aug 2013 9:31
"No go for Juan Mata "
26th Aug 2013 9:37
"will have on loan any day and buy juan mata as well"
Natural Poolie
26th Aug 2013 9:37
"I too would prefer Mata on a permanent deal. Moses looks garbage some days, sets of on runs and forgets what he's doing. Cant stand him, Sterling is much better."
26th Aug 2013 9:41
"Thought Moses did well under Benitez last season anyhow he is young only 22 so a loan season at a reduced fee with option to buy not a bad idea provided Chelsea share his wages of course."
njero 8
26th Aug 2013 9:43
"Who ever supports Fsg must be a fool,cleared our debts,rescued us blah blah.who cares they got us on the cheap and its time they spent money,to break into that top4 we hav to sign sum quality players"
26th Aug 2013 9:51
"I have said it before that LFC are fast becoming the small club who can't sign top players .They don't have the money to compete with the likes of Spurs ,Man utd, Man city and Chelsea. FSG are not here to return LFC to the top but to eventually sell and make money by selling off the few top players they have and possibly sell the club."
njero 8
26th Aug 2013 9:54
"I mean we hav sold so many players,n we hav bought wat if kk wasted 100mil,you move on,I dnt think we are the first/last team 2 make such mistakes.that's how transfers are,you win n lose some.but we stil hav to spend"
26th Aug 2013 9:59
"Mata will want CL football and LFC can not offer this opportunity end of the story so please stop dreaming."
26th Aug 2013 10:14
"We should of signed mata instead of downing 2 years ago before he went to Chelsea "
26th Aug 2013 10:20
"Natural Poolie26th Aug 2013 9:37 - That's how I felt about Downing for 2 years. Fans need to realise that money doesn't always buy you success. Remind me again how much City have spent?"
njero 8
26th Aug 2013 10:30
"Atha teams are buying quality and on the atha hand wev sold so many,carrol,downing,njonjo,pepe,spearin,gulaski,carra retired,we need to sign quality now"
26th Aug 2013 10:38
"Are we becoming chealseas reserve? Go for mata or turan "
26th Aug 2013 10:52
"Sign him instead of loan "
26th Aug 2013 11:01
"go for mata, eriksen and toby"
26th Aug 2013 11:01
"Please don't waste money, going for Moses while you've just sold Downing what's the thinking in that. Downgrade "
26th Aug 2013 11:02
"Njero 8 what player in that list of yours is real quality? We replaced them with better players who actually fit the way we play. Carroll doesn't fit our system & spends most of his time injured id put money he will pick up at least another 2 injuries during this season. & Panky our club is valued not far off what FSG paid for us,also why would it benefit them selling our biggest assets?"
26th Aug 2013 11:04
"people are forgetting how the signings of Sturridge and Countinho turned us into a team producing CL form. We have a better squad this year on the field, and haven't spent zillions on bench-warmers, putting us in a stronger financial position. This club is being run exactly the right way. Well done FSG and BR."
26th Aug 2013 11:05
"I don't understand PLAYERS LIE MATA, ERIKSEN ARE still on the market why should we sign moses???? is moses better than mata??? bid 25 to 28 m for mata 15 for erisen 5 m for toby MATA CAN SCORE AND MAKE ASSISTS"
26th Aug 2013 11:12
"I think Moses has plenty of potential and at 22 is defo up and coming, Sturridge has flourished at Liverpool and so would moses, strong, direct and plays left wing, no brainer. better to spend £2m than £30m and be left with someone else craving CL footy just as quick. I say go for it.... "
Red Rum
26th Aug 2013 11:14
"please get matta on loan. this would be worth 10 of will hughs."
26th Aug 2013 11:15
"scotty78ynwa 26th Aug 2013 11:02 - agree, not just quality ... way overpriced too (Carroll + Downing = 55mil) and we sold them for the real value they're worth ... (under 20 mil)"
26th Aug 2013 11:17
"If Moses comes in on loan, Sterling must go out on loan - and preferably to a PL club, where he will play every week. Back to London with Crystal Palace, perhaps... We must not sell Sterling, and we must not hinder his progress by shunting him down the pecking order, denying him playing time."
26th Aug 2013 11:24
"some fans here r so deluded,makes me laugh. why will mata come to a non-CL team fools? a top player like that will never come without CL, as fr moses he is perfect coz he wont cost much,proven in epl, pacy,direct,scores goals,good dribbler exactly what lfc want in the left wing. Another player like strurridge who hasn't got chances at chelsea"
26th Aug 2013 11:28
"If Mata is available on loan Why Not Mata ?? I Know which one i prefer although Moses would not be that bad"
robbo kop
26th Aug 2013 11:31
"I think rogers could turn Moses into a consistently good player he seems to be able to motivate players well, mata would be better but don't see this happening "
26th Aug 2013 11:33
"why do some fans constantly spout rubbish fsg gave kk 35m of their money rest came from sales eg Torres etc , br spent 50m, 30m made no difference to team in 1st window only took us out of Europe."
26th Aug 2013 11:55
"Sign him don't loan him, 6m. He is already one of the best player of is age. Only 22, smell another sturidge here. Strong, direct, Skillfull, Hungry and with prm leaugue experience."
26th Aug 2013 11:58
"LFCamm5 are you serious,What is your point exactly? KK still spent 100m doesnt matter what he got back in transfers out he still had 100m and between him & Camolli they waisted it simple as that. Doesnt matter how much you try dress it up they spent a huge amount of money got bullied into paying ridiculous transfer fees on average at best players. Compare BR's ins with KK's "
26th Aug 2013 11:58
"Here we go again all you you non believers listen why say anything at all BR knows what he wants he seems to see things in players other don't look at what he has brought since being here THE 2 BEST SIGNINGS OF THE JAN TRANSFER WINDOW LOOK AT THE STATS FOR THEM BOTH COMPARED TO EVERYONE ELSE"
26th Aug 2013 11:59
"Just relax and have faith BR WILL GET US GOING JUST FINE!!!!!!!!"
26th Aug 2013 12:01
"I think its refreshing that Brendan is not too proud to loan players in first. If we had loaned in Andy Carroll, Charlie Adam and many others first to see if they were good enough we would not have wasted so much money. Loan them first, if they do well buy them and if not send them back, its a perfect system like with Sahin. In BR we trust."
26th Aug 2013 12:04
"Also you are forgetting under KK we lost our main ST Torres under BR we have stood firm put the player in his place & we still have him & back training in the 1st team. BR also made money back on his transfers in by offloading players on high wages getting our wage structure to a more realistic manageable level we were paying far too many players big wages without warranting such wages "
26th Aug 2013 12:12
"Moses, ok strong scores, But if anyone from LFC reads these... lets go and get Mata, I think he is surplus to Chelsea and he would be ideal for us, Mata, Sturridge and Suarez with Coutinho behind, my god we would reek havoc."
26th Aug 2013 12:15
"LFC test Chelsea for Mata, Mourinho made a statement saying he would sell to a rival so lets see. Mata is a class act and would look good in a red shirt and its a world cup year he will want to play"
26th Aug 2013 12:17
"please get him, he is good enough to replace downing"
26th Aug 2013 12:24
"Why not Mata then? "
26th Aug 2013 12:28
"Why do people keep saying KK spent all this money?? Surely it was KD?? On topic.. I think Moses would be a good addition to the team."
Markyd 1
26th Aug 2013 12:34
"Sign Mata we got no chance he l go to a team in the champ lge "
Norfolk in Chance
26th Aug 2013 12:36
"I really like Moses, strong, two good feet and can dribble & cross. We still need a winger imo. Let's see if BR's 'special relationship' with the Special One actually is special. Or if it's more like the 'special relationship' between UK and USA (ie doesn't exist)."
Norfolk in Chance
26th Aug 2013 12:41
"Just read the other coments. lol. Wondered how long it would take the Football Managers to mention KK's gross and net spends.. Move on lads.. No one ever wins that pointless row. It's like a school playground on here yet again. LFC online fans never tire of fighting each other. A very sad state of affairs...."
26th Aug 2013 12:42
"Ausmatthew: you are right, Jan business was superband BR did well.Butlast summer,Borini and Allen, leaves a lot to be desired."
26th Aug 2013 12:42
"Get Moses on loan but try and buy Mata"
26th Aug 2013 12:46
"I suppose the 30m wasted lasted summer has nothing to do with fsg not giving br much money,3 players and their wages for a year contributed nothing only to take us out of Europe. 50m is more than 35m honestly."
26th Aug 2013 12:47
"Moses would be a decent loanee. Mata will not sign for us without CL football but if there is any chance of getting him here on loan we should be pulling out all the stops to do that he would be a real coup. Then if we get top 4 or better we would have a realistic chance of signing him especially when he sees the support the fans give him instead of the plastics at Chelsea."
26th Aug 2013 12:51
"I suppose the 30m wasted lasted summer has nothing to do with fsg not giving br much money,3 players and their wages for a year contributed nothing only to take us out of Europe. 50m is more than 35m honestly."
26th Aug 2013 13:02
"I never realised how many of our fans are idiots. Saying lets get Mata if hes available. Live in the real world, he will go to a club in the champ league if hes available."
26th Aug 2013 13:38
"This idea that LFC don't have as much money as the other top clubs is nonsense. FFP means owners can no longer use their personal wealth to pay the bills. The only difference between us and them is that the other owners are rich enough to reinvest all the clubs profits. "
26th Aug 2013 13:39
"We are one of the richest clubs in Europe in terms of generating revenue but FSG have a system they are going with and will stick to as in baseball. If we had mega rich owners then they wouldn't be worried about their own profit first and be able to invest all the money we make which is enough to compete with any club in the league. "
26th Aug 2013 13:39
"Forget this idea we are a poor second rate club. Under FSG we are quickly turning into a big business who just happen to have a works football team."
26th Aug 2013 13:40
"Kidtastrophe 26th Aug 2013 13:02 - I agree with you. Why would Mata go from being an integral part of a champions league team AND go to Liverpool? Why stop at putting a bid on Mata and go for Messi as well!?! Idiots. Moses is a very good player and will have something to prove just like Sturridge. YNWA "
26th Aug 2013 13:43
"Investing the money in the club is what will bring success which in turn will make the club more profitable. Not in terms of what the owners can take out of it each year but when they sell the club which is the only time owners should be thinking of personal gain. "
26th Aug 2013 13:46
"When will fans realise that its not only about how much money you make its about building a squad of players who will give it all for the Liverpool shirt and not buying a squad of mercenaries. Players want to play consistently at the highest level possible. Its not all about the money"
26th Aug 2013 13:53
"Forget about that Victor kid and go in for Mata instead. Sign him permanently and with that this transfer window can be considered a complete success."
26th Aug 2013 15:54
27th Aug 2013 1:31
"cheers newtowngalaxy Well I think BORINI was a good purchase myself he will offer a lot to us watched him against manc res was very good and not bad in world cup unlucky with injuries but BR must see something in him and knows him EXYREMELY WELL!!!"
27th Aug 2013 1:32
" I figure the same for Allen give him time lets see the go you need playing time to show what can do and BR knows him also inside and out and obviously wanted him as he sees something specisl and really he hasn't been wrong yet so I FOR ONE AM MORE THAN HAPPY TO TRUST HIS JUDGEMENT "
27th Aug 2013 1:41
"Next those he has got this window Alberto will turn out a gem Apas looks like he works his butt of which is always good Toure and Cissokho good experience its 2 clever signings for zip and Mignolet looks good crosses hmmm but otherwise top notch "
27th Aug 2013 1:44
"Im siur BR has something up his sleeve but hope MATA that would be great marque signing and but lets all see what the man pulls out of that hat hes got because so far BR has not disappointed THE TEAM IS MUCH IMPROVED COMPARED TO THIS TIME LAST YEAR."
27th Aug 2013 23:04
"Brilliant. Mata supposedly available and we're looking at Moses.Where's the ambition lads?"