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The chosen few get the tickets, many of which end up with touts and most season ticket holders don't get a look in. £850 for a season ticket and no chance of an "away." No point in going to the "committee", they are not interested. Come on LFC, be fair to ALL season ticket holders. Open sales, first come, first served like in the old days.
25th Aug 2013 16:37
25th Aug 2013 19:10
"remove loyalty and lets have a chance of getting to an away game and not just season ticket holders either "
25th Aug 2013 19:46
"As a Scouser and season ticket holder living in London even a home game is like an away game for me.I know only too well about getting home the following day after a home match. Yet I find it impossible to get a ticket for the away games. The tickets for the Liverpool sections at London games always cost double their value when bought from touts. How do the touts get them???? "
25th Aug 2013 20:30
"hard to get an away tkt - its all sown up!"
25th Aug 2013 22:06
"Well said posters. You need to back me up and contact the new member on the fans committee who represents the "away" fans. Though its likely that person could be in the " in crowd" and not want the situation to change. Worth a try, someone might listen."
26th Aug 2013 5:19
"Until the club send their own stewards to check that the membership/ST card matches the ticket & the ID of the ticket holder fans eligible for tickets will continue selling them to non qualifying fans. Have to add that it is not usually touts that get the tickets, as most eligible fans have friends who buy the tickets from them. "
Norfolk in Chance
26th Aug 2013 12:18
"Great article, I watch us away regularly by sitting with home fans (many others do too).. It's more of a buzz as you can get outed at any minute! Even by your mates as happened at Pompey a while back! Instead of moaning, get off your backsides and make friends, people, make friends. Be sociable, like most scousers used to be.."