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Jamie Redknapp, you are the last person I will listen, stock .....
25th Aug 2013 11:43
25th Aug 2013 11:50
"These are the types of matches, come the end of the season which add up. Previous seasons we would have very little from our first two matches. If we can keep our best 11 fit, we may just be good enough to challenge for that top 4 spot. YNWA"
25th Aug 2013 12:19
"BS... you said yesterday that Benteke would score first and we might get a draw. A..hole"
25th Aug 2013 12:34
"wise words from jamie redknapp !! we believe we can.."
Gerrard o ya beauty
25th Aug 2013 12:50
"Redsarge- I remember him saying that as well, he said it would be a draw 2-2. "
25th Aug 2013 13:00
"pedosa why so angry with jamie? always liked him"
25th Aug 2013 13:03
"come on guys, benteke scored against us 3 times, villa had 2 great performances against 2 top teams. it understandable he predicted that. besides you cant expect him to be biased n say lfc are gonna win evry match they play."
25th Aug 2013 13:12
"he said before the game we might get a draw yes, but he also said he thinks we will challenge for the top 4 so whats your points? majority of people on here just come on to have a pop at people"
25th Aug 2013 13:27
"Haha. This is coming from the same pundit who said konchesky is a top-class fullback. ROFL."
25th Aug 2013 13:30
"With Chelsea, bringing in, Whilliam and Eto. LFC must bring in Torres back, try to get Mata. Try to get Alonso and Macherano. Except Mata, all three player knows LFC, all 3 likes LFC and will fit in our style our of play. I like Aspas, but Torres is much better than him (And he will provide cover for Dan and Suarez). Allen is not enough good to give a cover for Gerrard or Lucas. ""
25th Aug 2013 13:32
"With Chelsea, bringing in, Whilliam and Eto. LFC must bring in Torres back, try to get Mata. Try to get Alonso and Macherano. Except Mata, all three player knows LFC, all 3 likes LFC and will fit in our style our of play. I like Aspas, but Torres is much better than him (And he will provide cover for Dan and Suarez). Allen is not enough good to give a cover for Gerrard or Lucas. ""
25th Aug 2013 14:02
"phanjoo-fab - Torres back? He's not the player he used to be and he walked out on us."
25th Aug 2013 14:22
"We have a good squad. Been very impressed with Mignolet and Toure. I believe we can make top 4."
Norfolk in Chance
25th Aug 2013 14:25
"Typical response on an article discussing the match by an former Red: abuse.. The internet really sucks sometimes. You go online hoping to chat with some intelligent fans about footie and all you can find is name-calling yobs, hurling abuse. This site is a waste of time most of the time......"
25th Aug 2013 14:37
"Jamie, lets not get ahead of ourselves and put undue pressure on the team. We are just 2 games into the season and have another 36 more to go. Let's talk about this when we have played our 35th game. its talk like this that affects our players' mentality. Our stand has always been "one game at a time". Next is Notts County then manures."
Vosta Lee
25th Aug 2013 16:02
"phanjoo-fab have you seen Torres recently? Sturridge finished last season with more goals than Torres I suspect playing fewer games. Suarez scored more than Torres. You need players better than what you have. I predict Aspas will contribute more goals (goals and assists) to our season than Torres to his this season."
Mr Ostrich
25th Aug 2013 16:54
"Those stats are somewhat worrying... We did to Villa what most teams do to us at Anfield - frustrate them!"
25th Aug 2013 16:54
"what a good start to the season... if we are looking to purchase a decent player, then spend £30,million on Mata. Do it now... Chelsea have there new sunshine boy. "
robbo kop
25th Aug 2013 18:33
"I would see torres back in a red shirt, a loan deal, I think he could get us 15 goals"
25th Aug 2013 18:33
"Mr Ostrich,I was just about to say the same thing, but I did learn a lesson, stats don't matter that much, I saw worse match stats for Real Madrid and ManU, still they get results and I have a good feeling we will this season plus we play more entertaining, just need a quality signing or two."
25th Aug 2013 18:49
"I'm actually happy enough with those stats as last yr this would've been the kind of game we failed to get all the points in. We cant win all 38 games as walk overs so getting 3 points the hard way is a good sign. Learning a winning habit is the most important thing. Cant stop looking at the league table. If its a dream don't wake me please."
25th Aug 2013 20:26
"Why would anyone want Torres back? hes on 170k for a start! scores very little goals has lost his pace. Nostalgia gets you no where in football! However would love a cheeky bid for Mata!"
25th Aug 2013 20:32
"Bit of jumping on our bandwagon. But I loved him during his time at LFC. "
25th Aug 2013 20:33
"If the first team could maintain peak fitness all season, maybe a top 4 challenge is viable.But that is not going to happen, so given we cannot rotate with quality players, we face cup humiliation and 6th place finish. The Europa league is best avoided I think. Now cue the abuse from the super fan pond life."
25th Aug 2013 22:37
"Stop the moaning. We're second in the table and tomorrow the Mancs or Chelski are guaranteed to drop points. Not to mention Manc (Chelski) City dropped three points today. "
25th Aug 2013 22:37
"If we can get Arda Turan, Sakho and Ilori, then I truly believe we can make a real push for the top 4, good win vs villa, being able to grind out a result like that is essential, and is something we haven't been good at for the past 3 years, but our squad is still thin and those 3 would be a big help "
25th Aug 2013 23:21
"Dont know what anyone else thinks, but I'm concerned about the form of Agger.He nearly threw it away last week but for Simon and he was very indecisive in the air yesterday.Is his mind elsewhere or is he carrying a knock?"
25th Aug 2013 23:22
"Phanjoo, are u 12, silliest thing I've heard, get Torres back. Haha"
25th Aug 2013 23:24
"p.s Hanson heard rumours that Luis signing a new contract this week, he may know someone at the club still??"
25th Aug 2013 23:27
"Where are all the moaners? "
25th Aug 2013 23:52
"Torres wanted Champ L and left for it,now LS is the same,now its possable (cl) im sure both would want to come to this CL team,but it insults the atude of the players we have who want to be in the team that gets us ther .ynwa"
26th Aug 2013 0:06
"we don't need torres . we already have suarez and sturridge . we need a winger and a CMF or a DMF . ARDA TURAN , ljajic or yarmolenko will be a good addition for us. YNWA"
26th Aug 2013 1:39
"Liverpool sold Carrol, Downing, Shelvey and Spearing for 25 million, spent 24 million to buy Aspas, Mignolet, Alberto,= and got Toure for free. We have to accept we will not get anymore players. We don't have the money to spend. "
26th Aug 2013 5:28
"Haha, Tottenham are not only copying our transfer targets, but also our results now. And Soldado is their Sturridge"
26th Aug 2013 6:38
"TheAnalyst 26th Aug 2013 5:28 Is totally different besides the score line. We score from open play. both spurs goal comes from the spot. "
26th Aug 2013 6:42
"GHS50 26th Aug 2013 1:39 Well you have to consider our losses as well .. Purchase Carroll and Downing for 55m - Sell them at 20m - Loss at 30m.. Spend another 40m in between Jan'13 and now.. I don't see why you said we don't have the money. Even we have the money we have to spend wisely. We are not trying to build 2 teams of starting 11 like Chelsea and City.."
Kurra South Africa
26th Aug 2013 14:42
"People will say that pre-season results are flattering but I see consistency in our results and game plan.... We haven't conceded goals, we are dominating teams... Imagine 100% fit Sturridge and and a returning Luis Suarez. Things will have it really tough and Manure will feel our wrath this weekend for stealing points from us last year... Sending off of Jonjo and the penalty against Glen Johnson"
26th Aug 2013 15:39
"fungi-We face cup humiliation'???! Where did that come from?! You aware that the FA cup was won by Wigan last season? Why is there any reason to assume such a negative outlook on the cup, apart from it's par for the course on here?!"
26th Aug 2013 15:42
"More passes and possession in a win away from home- no doubt some can draw negatives from that!"
26th Aug 2013 21:59
"It really bothers me when you call Harry's boy Jamie.. I sterted reading this expecting Carra. What a let down.. I do not even consider him an ex red, but it is true, Toure has been a signing that may be the one that makes the difference."