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im hearing alot of talk that madrid are gona come in for suarez with a late bid if this is true then its simple if they want him then they give us benzima and dia maria straight swap if the players cant agree terms with us then the deal is off
25th Aug 2013 10:21
25th Aug 2013 10:23
"if we loose suarez we need to replace and benzima would be good replacement and we need a winger so maria would fit quite nicely also madrid looking to get rid of both players anyway maria cos of bale comeing and if they get suarez then they need rid of benzima so the deal would suit both clubs very well "
25th Aug 2013 10:46
"DANIEL is already a leading goal scorer since he started his LFC career. I remember when we were interested some fans saying he was selfish, lazy etc. bet they (and they know who they are) feel so very stupid now. ha ha. keep it up Daniel. class is permanent. YNWA J4T96"
25th Aug 2013 11:49
"We.All.8.Mancs 25th Aug 2013 10:21 - Yes, but, straight swap?? We could get some cash off them too!"
25th Aug 2013 12:23
"On Daniel I once had a heated debate with a group of Chelsea fans wen he was there they were hammering him about been greedy selfish lazy I was saying he was great and how good he was a goal scorer unpredictable so glad he came to lfc bet them Chelsea fans look with envie now lol keep up the good work sturridge "
25th Aug 2013 12:40
"Suarez isn't going anywhere. He will be like a new signing when he can play again. ..."
25th Aug 2013 12:46
"we.all.8.mancs i agree. we dont have time to use the money they give us to get in proper replacements. but i doubt dimaria n benzema would want to come:((("
25th Aug 2013 13:26
"With Chelsea, bringing in, Whilliam and Eto. LFC must bring in Torres back, try to get Mata. Try to get Alonso and Macherano. Except Mata, all three player knows LFC, all 3 likes LFC and will fit in our style our of play. I like Aspas, but Torres is much better than him (And he will provide cover for Dan and Suarez). Allen is not enough good to give a cover for Gerrard or Lucas. ""
25th Aug 2013 16:07
"its quite simple if the 2 players cant agree terms with us then the deal is off if we get 80 mil for him for exammple then we wont replace him as clubs will want 40 mil for a 20 mil player as they know the money is there "
25th Aug 2013 16:10
"madrid are aparently looking for 80 mil for the 2 players so i feel straight swap would be good biz personally i dont want suarez to leave but also if he goes abroad im not fussed if he goes aslong as we replace and the only way i can see us replaceing is the i mentioned with madrid "
25th Aug 2013 16:12
"matc9482 25th Aug 2013 11:49 u mention we can get some money aswel personally i dont feel we can if we are getting 2 quality players in return in straight swap its all down to how much br wants suarez and if suarez can keep his nose clean and not get banned for 10 games this season we still need a winger"
25th Aug 2013 16:49
" WE. I agree 100% i was saying that yesterday straight swap for Karim and Di maria. but i think the problem with benzama is that he can only play the Striker role i think brendan his looking for strikers that can play at least 2- 3 position like diego costa. "
25th Aug 2013 16:50
" WE. I agree 100% i was saying that yesterday straight swap for Karim and Di maria. but i think the problem with benzama is that he can only play the Striker role i think brendan his looking for strikers that can play at least 2- 3 position like diego costa. "
25th Aug 2013 18:04
"liverpool stats aren't as good with suarez in the team, as good as he is.. so swap deal would be perfect, as its too late to find someone to buy"
25th Aug 2013 18:18
"personally i would much rather the 2 of them compared to suarez as much as i want suarez to stay we need a winger and only way i see us getting a winger is a deal like this and benzima would be great aswel "
25th Aug 2013 18:25
"benzema and di maria wont come. they would want Champ league. Pool dont have that or Europe for that matter. The players Pool have a chance of getting ATM are players in Europa league teams or no Europe."
25th Aug 2013 20:23
"we.all.8.mancs Sounds great mate. Sure would be sweet to do a Spurs to Spurs. Glad Mourinho snatched up Willian from them!"
25th Aug 2013 21:15
"Oh Daniel Boy, the Reds the Reds are calling, from Anfield Road, Forget about Stamford Bridge, you'll never walk alone, and the goals will come in handy, a top 4 spot and then you'll be worshiped, Oh Daniel Boy , Oh Daniel boy we love you so,,,, "
25th Aug 2013 21:53
"Eh phanjoo-fab are you living in the real world and do you know anything that is going on in the world of football?? Alonso is out for minimum 3 months, mata and mash come to a team with no CL and Torres - if he is still so great why would Chelsea want to replace him, LFC fans need to wake up, we are no longer the top tier team we used to be, sad to say."
25th Aug 2013 23:50
"Ok. Once and for all: It's Willian (not William, Williams, or Whlliams). And it's Benzema (not Benzima or whatever other versions one may come up with). Sorry for being so annoying, but it really bothers me!"
26th Aug 2013 0:40
"cacadyrasta 25th Aug 2013 23:50 sorry for miss spelling peoples names i didnt realize it was an english exam here and as im very heavily dyslexic i find spelling quite hard anyway let alone peoples names when they are from many nationalities"
26th Aug 2013 4:18
"With Danny in top form and Suarez coming back, it's a mouth watering prospect in attack. Just hope BR does not change formation after Suarez is back."
26th Aug 2013 12:03
"We.All.8.Mancs, nope, it isn't an English exam. That comment was directed at people who, unlike you, do not have genuine reasons for misspelling a name. Also, whilst you are dyslexic, I have OCD and part of that is getting unreasonably annoyed by spelling mistakes (even my own!), but I'm working on it! Have a lovely day. :-)"