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25th Aug 2013 9:56
25th Aug 2013 10:31
"toure has given us abit of steel needed in defence. hope daggers head not being turned by barca interest. hope skrtel gets a start Tuesday. we need all players to be happy and thinking they are a part of this. toure sturridge and simon 3 men of the match IMO. YNWA J4T96"
25th Aug 2013 10:35
"Does anyone know if the carling cup game counts on Luis's ban???"
25th Aug 2013 10:40
"Pedosa, the names Kolo,"Kolo Toure" koko is a clown!!!"
Munthe Gerrard
25th Aug 2013 10:41
"Thanks Kolo ... You're the best ... Come On ... YNWA ! "
Norfolk in Chance
25th Aug 2013 10:53
"Kolo played really well and I rate him highly, but Benteke is one of the best strikers in Europe on form. Imo it's disingenuous to argue Kolo marked him out of the game, cos he clearly didn't.. Realistically we were fortunate to keep Benteke out, no shame to admit that.. Migsy's saves kept him out, he lost Kolo both times for his bangers. "
25th Aug 2013 11:20
"Keep doing your thing man"
25th Aug 2013 11:42
"Toure is our new monster. Signing of this window so far IMO. He looks up and passes forward, always on the attack. Immense. YNWA"
25th Aug 2013 11:51
"What you smoking Norfolk in chance? Did you not read the stats before making your mindless comment? Educate yourself with the facts before talking rubbish. Wow in the whole came he did kolo twice!! Fans like you will never be happy "
25th Aug 2013 11:53
"Kolo played well and I noticed Lucas putting himself about, getting stuck in. Well played lads!"
25th Aug 2013 13:08
"Kolo is a cheap signing for FSG and rubbish and past it and...and... Where are the critics now?!!! Quality but some 'negs' can criticise a player with proven quality anyway. For them, the glass isn't even half-empty, it's been spilt by FSG!"
25th Aug 2013 13:09
"could turn out to be our best signing by some margin.. kolo's personality is infectious and his winning mentality can only rub off on the team. had an outstanding game yesterday.. "
25th Aug 2013 13:33
"With Chelsea, bringing in, Whilliam and Eto. LFC must bring in Torres back, try to get Mata. Try to get Alonso and Macherano. Except Mata, all three player knows LFC, all 3 likes LFC and will fit in our style our of play. I like Aspas, but Torres is much better than him (And he will provide cover for Dan and Suarez). Allen is not enough good to give a cover for Gerrard or Lucas. ""
25th Aug 2013 13:58
"Kolo is a world class defender and there is no doubting that. It feels so so good the taste back to back victories for the first two games. Thank you guys YNWA"
Ben #JFT96
25th Aug 2013 14:05
"Phanjoo-fab - are you for real!? You mum share a brain cell with a new born try not playing championship manager so much!! Mata wouldn't come to us as he is a loyal player wears his heart on his sleeve!! Torres is past it and Asaps will have a better season that Torres!! Mascherano and Alonso would be nice buys but we can't afford them!! I would be happy with Toby Aldervield ad Erikson..."
abbeyleix kop
25th Aug 2013 15:35
"toure may well prove to b a fantastic signing as long as he stays fit he could b the difference when it comes to cl places keep up the good work.ynwa"
Super man
25th Aug 2013 16:21
"Forward Ever."
Mr Ostrich
25th Aug 2013 16:47
"Re Sani99: Yes, the *Capital One Cup games count towards Suarez's ban - it covers all domestic games. So therefore, assuming we reach the 3rd round of the Capital One Cup, Suarez will become available for the 3rd round game that will take place on either Tuesday, 24 September or Wednesday, 25 September."
25th Aug 2013 17:14
"Great to see Toure doing us proud. Go African!"
25th Aug 2013 21:31
"Sani99 yes it should count."
26th Aug 2013 1:30
"So glad you're a red now. Best value in a transfer EVER! Hope all of the youngsters are watching the way you play and the atude you do your "business" with. YNWA Kolo."
26th Aug 2013 3:43
"Go, Kolo, go!"
26th Aug 2013 6:19
"phanjoo-fab 25th Aug 2013 13:33 Stop living in the past.. "
26th Aug 2013 7:34
"Kolo did do a good job on benteke but the whole midfield has to get credit too as it was them who cut of the supply to him made it very hard for the villa players to play balls into him & BR got his tactics spot on they are a very good counter attacking team so he played Gerrard in a deeper role with Lucas & hendo deeper too to restrict agbonlahors runs. IMO showed BR maturing as a manager"
26th Aug 2013 7:38
"Seem to be loving lucas stats, he has had two very amazing games. underated player really"
26th Aug 2013 9:23
"Look at the replay many times, Agger is the nearest to Benteke but look at Kolo, he is the first to try and block the shot while others is ball watching.. Kolo made a crucial touch there and Mignolet save is just magnificent. What a signing by BR..!! "
26th Aug 2013 10:12
"Goooooooooooo Toure! We love you already."
26th Aug 2013 10:35
"Lucas: 99 touches and 90.9% passing accuracy! World class. I remember when Makelele used to have similar stats and everyone raved about him. Glad to have the real Lucas back."