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Mouth watering game next week which I am sure we could edge if we maintain the intensity- and then the transfer window closes the next day and we can focus on having as good a first half a season as the second half of last season. Don't care if we have no more signings this window as long as we have a january window like the last one...
26th Aug 2013 9:02
26th Aug 2013 9:03
"Lets destroy the manure shall we? im happy with a point but if we can get all 3 points, it will be like a cup final at Anfield! Do the same we did to Villa, shut the supply to V Persie and don't let they cross! coz they really good at it"
26th Aug 2013 9:07
"Is it true brenda u r loaning in victor moses from chelsea..."
Super man
26th Aug 2013 9:08
"Lets show manure that we are LIVERPOOL. "
26th Aug 2013 9:20
"Please bring Juan Mata! "
26th Aug 2013 9:26
"Was a fantastic tactical approach to the game and one I feel Rodgers has experience from last season knowing you cant always win just by attacking for 90 minutes. A throw back to Benitez style, 1-0 and hold on to it, beleive it or not it works. We still need to run down the last five minutes in the corners, Gerrard and Johnson should have but crossed at 87 minutes!"
26th Aug 2013 9:28
"Kingmat... I totally agree with you."
26th Aug 2013 9:34
"I don't have any worries about the boys facing Manure.Every player knows what it means once they step on that pitch against Manure. The roar will be that much more defending. I just pray we get the win because it would give them so much belief. This season is crucial. YNWA."
26th Aug 2013 9:39
"It's starting to show now that when the tempo of the game is high the better we are. Not one bit worried about UTD especially with Gollum in charge. If they try to take the sting out of the game it could be a frustrating day but I can't see them not wanting to come out all guns blazing, which will suit us perfectly - BRING IT ON!"
26th Aug 2013 9:48
"Very impressed with the performance and I feel LFC are more hungry to win this match to prove a point to the fans. But right now, we have a cup match to face. Lets get it out of the way then focus on United. YNWA gents!"
26th Aug 2013 9:53
"I am very confident with the team for Manc game. However, the question how they play will also be determined by their game against Chelsea. It will be more interesting if they draw against Chelsea and have to work to prove themselves against us! YNWA"
26th Aug 2013 10:01
"Let's hope they lose then they'll have to come at us!"
26th Aug 2013 10:09
"Lets give the young players such Sterling, Ibe and Borini some playing time on Tuesday etc"
26th Aug 2013 10:16
"iMarkLFC actually I'm not happy with one point, that's like saying we expect to lose. I think we could and should win this time. "
26th Aug 2013 10:18
""In their last 15 compeive fixtures, the Reds have been victorious on 10 occasions, drawn four times and lost just once - keeping nine clean sheets along the way." if we keep this form the entire season we could be challenging for the le itself. Last summer's transfer window was horrific, missed out on so many targets, good thing reinforced well in Jan .... "
26th Aug 2013 10:21
"... and the squad building continued with excellent acquisitions in Toure and Mignolet, Aspas showed good signs, and haven't seen Alberto in action yet but from Barcelona B with those stats I'm not worried. Current attacking force is quite potent considering we still have Sterling and Ibe who will get game time this season, a little worried about back line and the CDM role, need more cover there. "
26th Aug 2013 10:36
"Do exactly the same against United. RVP is their Benteke. Block off his supply and make him drop deep in midfield to collect a pass! Rest of the team are worthless."
26th Aug 2013 10:37
"Not a manc in sight in the top five. Long may that continue."
26th Aug 2013 10:40
"It showed again that we need a better central midfielders to stop attacks and organized the attack and able to hold the ball."
26th Aug 2013 10:44
"I can't wait to see guys like Kelly, Cissokho, Ibe, Sterling and Alberto starting. Hmm. Okay, now that I'm thinking of a lineup against Notts County, that leaves Jones, Skrtel, Wisdom, Borini and...? Allen and Henderson?"
26th Aug 2013 10:45
"I quite enjoyed playing manager there. Rodgers, if you need another deputy, look no further."
26th Aug 2013 11:00
"I hope we dnt play v Utd the way we played 2nd half v villa or we will get beaten easily can't believe our backs to the wall for 50mins against a team fighting relegation last two seasons and not even a game changer on the bench,"
26th Aug 2013 11:05
"League cup-Allen, sterling and Borini, with sturridge and coutinho rested and Gerrard on the bench. Win 2-0 and then a nice easy win on sunday!"
26th Aug 2013 11:15
"Whats this with Moses coming on loan to us. If he is as good as Sturridge by us why not. Mata wont come to expensive for Mr Scrooge Oh Henry."
26th Aug 2013 11:15
"team for Tuesday, minolet wisdom Kelly skrtel ally sterling allen alberto assaidi morgan borini and a strong bench just in case but shouldn't be needed."
26th Aug 2013 11:18
"Oh, yes. I forgot about Assaidi :/ Poor form there, Joey. I actually rate the guy highly, he just doesn't seem to feature!"
26th Aug 2013 11:28
"Play some youngsters and rest some of our main players for the Notts County game and recharge for the main event over the weekend and all reds fan should agree with BR as long as we are winning THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS "
26th Aug 2013 11:31
"Let avoid being over confident and arrogant of our good performances so far. ... stay grounded and keep up the tenacity in every game from now. That winning mentality and humble statue will come good when we are revealed as the silent contenders right after Christmas."
robbo kop
26th Aug 2013 11:37
"Can't wait, I thing if we get a win or draw against the mancs we will show the rest of the teams our intent"
26th Aug 2013 12:23
"We need a good start from the redmen once we score we cant just take it easy we have to push for another. YNWA"
Munthe Gerrard
26th Aug 2013 12:44
"Come On .. my Loverpool .. YNWA ! "
26th Aug 2013 12:53
"For me BR is a telented manager, he really derive pleasure in his job.,i pledge champions league spot and FA cup or the league it self., we are stronger now, what if suarez come, tell me what will it look like,strongest?"
26th Aug 2013 13:32
"cant see manure beatin us we will fight them on the beaches. were supposed to be gettin moses in on loan what about mata as well or hulk "
26th Aug 2013 13:50
"Still think we lack some fire-power. With Sturridge injured atleast 5-8 games a season we'll need some backup."
26th Aug 2013 14:06
"There's a good chance UTD could only take 6-7points from their opening five fixtures. The point i'm making is if we can get 11 it will be a decent size gap between ourselves and one of the usual top four sides increasing our chances of a top four finish. "
26th Aug 2013 14:21
"Posters here only want to talk about the Mancs. Natural enough, but think the unthinkable - with that att itude we risk losing to Notts - remember how well we played against Oldham last year, not! One game at a time boys."
26th Aug 2013 14:39
"Your right Brendon. Players should focus on the Notts match first and then think about beating manure. How some of our bench players like Ibe and Sterling get a chance to play tomorrow."
26th Aug 2013 14:40
"Your right Brendon. Players should focus on the Notts match first and then think about beating manure. How some of our bench players like Ibe and Sterling get a chance to play tomorrow."
26th Aug 2013 14:54
"If we get a fair ref for the utd match we will have a good chance of winning,A win would really be a massive boost for everyone.Lets hope it's a level playing field."
notts red till dead
26th Aug 2013 14:55
"seeing as im a notts lad i was going to get tickets for the away end because its a great occasion for county,alas im working, but saying that i hope our young lads play well and score a bucket load of goals to continue the feel good factor. borini needs a major confidence booster"
26th Aug 2013 14:55
"I agree we need to rest our big names for the notts match cus our squad is pretty small."
26th Aug 2013 15:05
"we have to score at least 3 goals tomorrow . the lads need that before the man game ! Go guys ! YNWA ."
26th Aug 2013 15:43
"Although it is still too early, but the true fact is a win over Manu this weekend is going to silent all critics plus putting many positive beliefs across LFC and all supporters. The players will have absolute belief of this thin team that everything is possible. This win will reignite our 08-09 season finishing a very high end."
26th Aug 2013 16:07
"An opinion of mine. Hendo is a central midfielder not winger. He is a guy who perform gud when u play him in f for man u match either u play him in midfield or don't play him out of position. If not you will get the whole team tired. he can't defend on wings neither dribble players to attack. our solution for the wings is IBE"
26th Aug 2013 23:16
"I like it! :-)"