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Well done.
Dede 7
25th Aug 2013 9:13
25th Aug 2013 9:22
"I love the way Enrique gets in front of the winger and uses his strength, but it wasn't his your best game - beaten for pace a few times and allowed crosses to come in; lets hope that competition will spur him on."
25th Aug 2013 9:29
"No man goes to battle and entangle himself with the affairs of the world#"
25th Aug 2013 9:49
"great game you had Jose ... now be prepared for Man U"
25th Aug 2013 10:00
"Enrique, you played well in the past 02 games. Please remain that form till the round 38th mate. YNWA. "
25th Aug 2013 10:08
"If we beat United in Game 3, then I think we could be the dark horse for the le this year. All boils down to the United game. Liverpool to win 2-1."
25th Aug 2013 10:22
25th Aug 2013 10:25
"jose concrntraye on your own game and step it up mate. then Daniel only has to do what he does best and put it in the net once. loved the dummy by coutinho. pure class. well done to all the team and Brendan. lets show same fighting spirit against mancs. YNWA J4T96"
Papa Syed
25th Aug 2013 10:35
"Top notch Jose!!!! YNWA!"
25th Aug 2013 10:38
"I love this guy! :) "
25th Aug 2013 10:48
"Nice one Jose....YNWA."
25th Aug 2013 10:59
"Can someone please tell Jordan Henderson to work on his recovery speed? He finds it hard getting back into defense mode after losing balls in the opposing half."
25th Aug 2013 10:59
"Sign Juan Mata to replace Downing instead OF willian. We can't Afford Willian"
Norfolk in Chance
25th Aug 2013 11:04
"Everyone is enti.tled to their own view, but do you really think we can afford Mata instead of Willian? Mata will cost more than Willian, because (imo) he's far better. Mata is also proven in our league and Chelski aren't looking to sell, unlike Willian's club. Don't agree with your logic, but would like us to sign Mata. Highly improbably in my view.."
25th Aug 2013 11:49
"Jose, your form in the 2 games have been great... "
25th Aug 2013 12:40
"liked enrique in the 1st half. he was great going forward. keep it up!"
25th Aug 2013 13:00
"Tackles won- 100%!"
25th Aug 2013 13:10
"hes a beast of a leftback! don't see why people get on his back so much"
25th Aug 2013 13:17
"Good stuff!"
25th Aug 2013 13:34
"Cant understand y people keep saying buy Erikson when he made it very clear he dont wan to come. Y made ourself look so desperate!"
25th Aug 2013 13:35
"With Chelsea, bringing in, Whilliam and Eto. LFC must bring in Torres back, try to get Mata. Try to get Alonso and Macherano. Except Mata, all three player knows LFC, all 3 likes LFC and will fit in our style our of play. I like Aspas, but Torres is much better than him (And he will provide cover for Dan and Suarez). Allen is not enough good to give a cover for Gerrard or Lucas. ""
abbeyleix kop
25th Aug 2013 15:26
"Enrique played very well again and its great to c him providing the assist 4 the goal .long may it continue and keep us at the top end of the table which will only breed confidence within the whole team and squad "
25th Aug 2013 15:52
"With his attacking abilities, maybe Enrique could be tried further up the pitch with Cissokho behind. It'd be a solid left side. If they interchanged positions, it'd be something like total football. I'm glad Aly can speak Spanish, it bodes well for a left-sided partnership. Communication shouldn't be a problem. These players have opened up further options for the manager. Well played lads!"
25th Aug 2013 16:04
"When I watched Brazil in the Confederations Cup Final recently, I noticed that their left back Marcelo was a real attacking threat for them, but what struck me is that whenever he went forward, the right back covered sideways across the pitch, so the back four became a back three. I think this tactic contributed to their victory. Perhaps it'd work for us too?"
25th Aug 2013 17:12
"To know we have kept 9 clean sheets in 15games is amazing.... Not to talk about the recent 5 in 7 pre season games"
25th Aug 2013 21:21
"Where on Earth is this Mata gossip coming from...? Guys, it's not going to happen. 2 matches, 2 wins. Henderson was a part of both of those wins, so he surely deserves the plaudits as much of the rest of the squad? Next up, the Mancs... Let's do this lads! YNWA"
25th Aug 2013 23:48
"good game lads ! we have to be solid against man u ! we have to win this game . good luck . YNWA"
katie l
26th Aug 2013 1:25
"well done need to be better for full 90 mins wasn't impressed with Johnson and why allen ? ynwa KATIE L"