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:O Seems like you ladies surely have some fan scoring goals ;) Well done, what a win! YNWA!!
24th Aug 2013 20:08
24th Aug 2013 20:16
"Let's go for the le Ladies! â"
24th Aug 2013 20:30
"Fantastic result. Well done LFC Ladies!!! Highlights please? YNWA! JFT96!"
24th Aug 2013 20:32
"wow - wow wow wow!"
24th Aug 2013 20:48
"Another great performance and excellent result why can't we see decent highlights or whole games missing out on great football well done all the ladies and natasha on her hat trick.YNWA"
24th Aug 2013 21:19
" Well done ladies what a result, looking forward to seeing some highlights can any of you disguise yourselves as a man to play against the manks next week, lol "
25th Aug 2013 5:03
"Could we see a female in the men's first team next year? "
25th Aug 2013 6:45
"YNWA reds ladies lets make it"
25th Aug 2013 7:24
"winning are infectious disease beware! "
25th Aug 2013 12:13
"Brilliant Result Ladies WELL DONE. YNWA REDS."
25th Aug 2013 12:35
"wow! must have been a very entertaining game girls! well done"
25th Aug 2013 12:37
"get natasha dowie in the starting lineup next week against the mancs!!!"
25th Aug 2013 17:04
"Feeling puty for the opposition..... What a great game girls. Keep on doing it... God is with you all"