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it's hilarious how he arrived w a negative rep - not only is he a great player but he always comes across as a really sound lad too! love doing transfer biz w chelski haha
24th Aug 2013 20:28
24th Aug 2013 20:29
"The class of Sturridge and Stevie shines. But To play that badly in the second half and still take 3 points says something. I am not sure what though. A narrow victory."
24th Aug 2013 20:34
"Great to see you in right back position defending. Love your "team" atude Danny, well done"
24th Aug 2013 20:36
"2nd half was tough but we fought hard. Stevie was immense as was Toure. Would be great if we could sign a few players now to give us extra boost. Well done redmen"
24th Aug 2013 20:40
"Great words from a great man. Play as a team not individuals. The whole team's performance was good despite some hiccups in the 2nd half . Villa could take a lot of positives despite the 2 defeats . "
24th Aug 2013 20:48
"We weren't winning these games in the past couple of years. The guys worked hard for the victory. We don't have a large squad. It's going to interesting to see the squad in the league cup and then against united. "
24th Aug 2013 20:51
"calypsored - We will certainly see Ibe , Sterling and Allen starting in the league cup . Though I love to see at least one of these young players to start today but why change a winning formula ? . Just keep the same lineup against Man Utd , and we will get a result . "
Norfolk in Chance
24th Aug 2013 20:53
"Top lad, great result. Despite a low key 2nd half, we ground it out, which is what, dare I say, champions do. That said, we can't just score & try to hang on against top sides, because top sides convert mistakes into chances and goals. Still need at least a winger and CB if we are to stay fresh & have options imo. "
24th Aug 2013 21:07
"Unbelievable goal."
24th Aug 2013 21:09
"I was very impressed by Daniel, not only did he score a wonderful goal but he came back and defended resolutely in the second half, better than a lot of supposed "defenders". My only disappointment is that Cotinho seems to have lost his touch since dazzling everyone last season. He gave the ball away and lost the ball to challenges too easily."
24th Aug 2013 21:11
"We would have 2 points from 2 games with Reina. Mignolet has been the great signing of the summer. What amazing match winning saves!!"
24th Aug 2013 21:13
"Bring on Man United! Oh I wish we had Suarez for the United game. Nevertheless, I am sure we will get something out of that tough game. If we beat United, I will be in dream land!! Come on REDS!"
24th Aug 2013 21:27
"i always saying that sturridge is better than suarez,we need to change keeper as itz happened we get mignolet strong and good we need to replace gerrard and henderson"
24th Aug 2013 21:39
"What a sound dude.."
24th Aug 2013 21:43
"The faster we get in a quality winger the better because I think coutinho is wasted on the left, he is best when playing passes into Sturridge and he can't do that with a right back jumping all over him."
24th Aug 2013 21:45
"you dont have narrow victories mushroom. it is either a victory or not. what was it??? a victory. yes. a win??? yes. 3pts??? yes. get the point stupid. or 3pts in that case. some fans are proper tools.benteke destroyed us last season. we contained him today 95%. well done redmen. ignore all those not happy with 3pts. YNWA J4T96"
24th Aug 2013 21:53
"when were on the backfoot Rodgers needs to bring on some fresh legs, sterling would have been a good option to give us the chance of hitting them on the break! instead he brought the pointless joe allen on who gave the ball away everytime!"
24th Aug 2013 21:54
"liverpul4lyf - Man you don't know how good Henderson played . He's the one doing the running , defending and attacking . He covered a lot of ground in both of the matches . BR can see that, why can't you. "
24th Aug 2013 22:05
"Won't suarez be playing in the cup game?"
24th Aug 2013 22:11
"daniel the archives show i always welcomed your signing when so many doubted you. what a player. you score for fun and not 100% yet. cant wait for a hat=trick. city and chelsea must feel stupid. well done D.S stay fit and keep doing your best. i love ya. YNWA J4T96"
Afrika Kop
24th Aug 2013 22:20
"Good play by Daniel. BR needs to trust his players. He must give sterling, assaidi game time on wings. We sold downing and don't have anyone in so get teh best out of your present crop of players. I am deligted we have 6 points. "
24th Aug 2013 22:44
"Remember teams like Blackpool have been top in the past after 2-3 games so important not to get carried away. Was impressed though how the Villa result was closed out, something we've been lacking in the past. Big test against United coming up, will start to get excited (against my better judgement) if we beat them"
24th Aug 2013 23:10
"Sturridge superb. Last season we'd be on 2 points now. It took us 7 games to get to 6 points last season. No issues grinding out results- Tis how the Mancs won the le last year. Well done Rednen. "
24th Aug 2013 23:18
"Villa will give a lot of teams headaches this season and will probably end in the top ten so well done to BR and the boys although I need another drink to calm my nerves."
24th Aug 2013 23:29
"RUSHJOB as you say 6pts already compared to last season. beat the lesser teams and hold our own against the big teams will see us have a much improved season. if we gain a favourable result confidence will increase. players already believe. some fans need to as well. progression. YNWA J4T96"
25th Aug 2013 0:10
"Oh Danny boy , the goals just keep on coming !! Keep up the good work ! YNWA"
notts red till dead
25th Aug 2013 0:27
"was at work, listened to the game. well done lads, it was a tough game as expected. JOINT TOP OF THE LEAGUE!!!!"
25th Aug 2013 0:31
"A good start but let's not carried away the two teams we have played both just avoided relegation last season. The time to judge is when we have played 10 or so games, obviously next Sunday will be the first big test and we will definitely need a better 90 minute performance to beat Utd."
25th Aug 2013 0:49
"And people said he had atude problems! Sturridge is a model player. Keep at it, Daniel. If all our players are like you, in skill and work ethic, LFC will go far again."
25th Aug 2013 0:53
"We're lucky Chelsea gave us Daniel and Milan gave us Phillipe! I think both clubs must be kicking their own backsides now! Love having the both of them and the rest of the team! YNWA!"
25th Aug 2013 1:12
"Two in two for Daniel, carry on at that rate and you will easy hit 20-25 over season, such a great atude too. Already a very firm favourite at the supporters!!!! SUAREZ OUT."
25th Aug 2013 1:51
"suarez defo in"
Sanjay 112
25th Aug 2013 2:30
"Enrique was average with his passing.....Toure was excellent to my surprise. Second half...what happened. Panic at the back...showed resilience! Not a fan of Rodgers....he is learning in the job, He has got Sturridge playing with confidence..great man-management...cant wait for Suarez to shine."
25th Aug 2013 2:45
"To craft out wins not playing the best football is what we have missed in past seasons. Great to a win when we are not playing as well as we can."
25th Aug 2013 3:19
"My question to u is... U n mignolet hav a good partnership... R u working on that in trainings? LOL..."
25th Aug 2013 3:45
"Suarez will defo change our determination than aspas.. But to challenge this year, we still need more player... Defender, midfield, wideman, and big striker like benteke.. BR need more option FSG. This is long season, our squad to thin... GB & YNWA"
25th Aug 2013 4:35
"I love ur boss stu.. In BR I trust.. YNWA"
25th Aug 2013 5:02
"Great job m8,,not just your playing but definatly your atude is shaming LS..ynwa"
Dede 7
25th Aug 2013 5:47
"All i can say is that am sure the boss will get us to where we belong. Well done everyone( the fans,players and management team). YNWA."
25th Aug 2013 6:29
"torres for £50m and sturridge for £12m what a bargain, thanks to chelsea :p "
25th Aug 2013 6:50
"To see a striker who went to defense, LEGEND in the making for your hard work, Dstud! "
25th Aug 2013 7:22
"U've done well sturry, just 2 games,2 goals nd 6 points much incredible dear bt we nid to improve in goal difference......i strongly believe Liverpool must get to where we've just started......UP D Râ"
25th Aug 2013 7:25
""If I have to be in the full-back position, so be it." excellent words and you backed it up with your action too, in the last dying minutes of the game you tracked back all the way over the RB position to help Glen press the ball from Villa. Very down-to-earth, top lad. "
25th Aug 2013 10:21
"Dear Sturridge, GOOD WORKS. Y N W A"
Norfolk in Chance
25th Aug 2013 12:04
"plyno1red / centrecricle. Calm down lads. You're both like the website superfan thought-police. Simmer down with the name calling & abuse please. You can both turn on me if you want, but FYI LFC doesn't need superfans abusing 'lesserfans' to get 3 points. Online slating doesn't change results lads. I can tell you think it does, but sorry it doesnt.. There's no Santa either."
25th Aug 2013 12:18
"Great win against a confident Villa! Of course it was going to be tough in the 2nd half - we were leading. This is the Premier League! When Liverpool do reach the top again some of you so-called fans who type miserable comments don't deserve to be there celebrating. Go support someone else and take your negative comments with you!"
25th Aug 2013 12:29
"oldvic defo means what he says. he went back to defend yesterday even though its not really his job. well done sturr. i hope my fellow lfc fans will sing a song for you next week against the mancs. you deserve one for sure."
25th Aug 2013 14:35
"I think the problem in the second half was a poor bench. We couldn't bring on any real quality. Ali did what was expected, he took the ball for a run using his strength to get the ball out of our half now and then so well done to him. Nevertheless I was not expecting six points from these two games and if these two results were spaced out 1-0 victories wouldn't seem so small. "
25th Aug 2013 18:51
"mushroom mushroom mushroom a victory is a victory. positivity be we shepherd "
Igors Uncle
25th Aug 2013 19:38
"Daniel was a class act yesterday and when fresh legs ere needed in defence he showed that he could and would come to assist. His goal was quality but his support for the team after that showed exactly when he is a great player. Thank you for that extra work Daniel and remember that the Liverpool faithful will appreciate your the more "effort" you put in"