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There are some people who become crowd favourite immediately. Others work hard, show greater passion to become favourites. Kolo thinks he belongs to 2nd type even though he belongs to 1st type.
25th Aug 2013 9:05
Papa Syed
25th Aug 2013 9:12
"Top Notch Kolo! Win more games for us and well done mate! YNWA Kolo Toure!"
25th Aug 2013 9:18
"Great start to the season kolo,proving the doubters wrong- well done"
25th Aug 2013 9:24
"What a difference he has made to our defence this season,wisest signing of the season so far & think of the level of abuse aimed by quite a lot of so called fans on here at BR for signing him too. He reads the game so well he rarely has to make tackles as his positional sense is so good he intercepts things & defending this way other than having to make tackles is far better."
25th Aug 2013 9:25
"The passion and commitment kolo shows is outstanding, he is an inspirational player and based on his performances so far, one of the best centre backs in the league. He is showing every game that he wants to win the ball and therefore win matches, the nature of the villa victory showed how we have matured and I think kolo at the back is one of the reasons why - YNWA KT4"
25th Aug 2013 9:26
"KOLO you have a great atude which stands you in a good way already. would love yaya to join your article says it all. still trying to improve and fighting 100%. you have strengthened our defence after legend Jamie's retirement. stay focused and carry on not conceding. whole team is fighting. what more can you get than 3pts? its football. YNWA J4T96"
25th Aug 2013 9:26
"Get Natasha Dowie to play up front for the men v manure next week, very impressed with kola so far."
25th Aug 2013 9:29
"This guy is an instant cult figure. His impact has been astounding. Expect many flags and t-shirts with Mr Toure's face on. He's a beast. He is so passionate, he reads the game so well, and he's improved our first team- as has Mignolet. Those 2 how got us 4 extra points in first 2 games. Consider our additions since January, and you'd have to say the commitee are on the ball. "
25th Aug 2013 9:30
"U deserve it kolo"
25th Aug 2013 9:37
"c'mooon kolo u're best !!!"
25th Aug 2013 9:38
"Kolo the beast. Lucky to have you in the team. YNWA."
25th Aug 2013 9:44
"He is one of the best transfer business the BR made since arrival, defends like a warrior and thats what we need"
25th Aug 2013 10:00
"Im very sorry but hes atleast 50% better than Carra. Sorry again. Hes just a fantastic signing for us for free! Age doesnt matter. 32 is young enough for a guy like Kolo! YNWA Mate!"
25th Aug 2013 10:02
"The signings of Kolo & Mignolet have been inspiring to say the least. Kolo is 50% better than Carra was last season and Mignolet is 100% better than Reina. Even Aspas is 100% better than Downing on the right!!"
25th Aug 2013 10:03
"Kolo Toure is exceptionally good for a thirty something! He is certainly a crowd pleaser and turning into a Kop favourite! YNWA!"
25th Aug 2013 10:13
"Kolo is everything we need right now. His energy and committment are fantastic. Being brutally honest Agger needs to up his game, 2-3 poor defensive headers but he'll get better as will the whole squad. "
Natural Poolie
25th Aug 2013 10:16
"Our two best signings of the some have been the back two, Kolo and Simon. Well done Kolo, keep it up mate, you showed my long time favorite, Agger how to do it at the weekend!"
25th Aug 2013 10:19
"I must say, I never expected him to be this settled quickly.... Now let's get Papa or Sahko, a left winger and we are good to go#YNWA"
25th Aug 2013 10:40
"Top, top, bloke....YNWA."
25th Aug 2013 10:44
"scotty78ynwa, I think you were meant to say, FSG replacing a club legend with a 32years old was to maximise profits; Marginal revenue equals marginal cost. "
Dede 7
25th Aug 2013 10:53
"Glad to have you in our team. "
25th Aug 2013 10:55
"kidofkop88::: agreed"
25th Aug 2013 10:56
"we need winger to replace Downing. Please BR go for mata chelsea"
25th Aug 2013 10:57
"neil what were you drinking last night we've played 2 games, cara was outstanding last season and pepe had a great 2nd half and is still a Liverpool played, respect please."
25th Aug 2013 11:01
"confession: I am one of those who criticised his signing but i have been eating my words since and its been delicious. what a signing and to think it was for free. kudos to BR"
25th Aug 2013 11:21
"neil991 25th Aug 2013 10:00 - AGREE 150%"
Norfolk in Chance
25th Aug 2013 11:26
"Neil991: I love your percentages mate, even though they are based on nothing but your own subjective view. But well done. Keep those percentages coming though, everyone loves stats, even when they're completely made up, like yours :) "
25th Aug 2013 11:32
"Is it a bad thing to see JWH come with 50million pounds check for Brendan to build on these impeccable starts to the season? How perfect will it be to build on the mentality of the group winning together? Champion league heyyy"
25th Aug 2013 11:48
"Fantastic Kolo, love your commitment & hunger to win! He reminds me of the impact Gary Mac had on our team all those years ago! "
25th Aug 2013 11:49
"I've said it before & il say it again.... The spine of this team is the strongest it's been since 2007. Kolo is a beast & then with Agger, Gerrard & Lucas, Coutinho & Suarez... Not forgetting Mignolet it's very positive."
25th Aug 2013 12:33
"ynwa kolo"
25th Aug 2013 12:51
"great game Kolo, now just score against united and u will be put on a pedestal forever! King Kolo."
25th Aug 2013 13:05
"There's little to say about those who said he was a cheap and bad signing, except- where are you now? (probably watching m utd/chelsea)"
25th Aug 2013 13:07
"Good game redmen, what a team we have now, stroll on the reinstatement of luis... we are going to devastate some poor souls this season.. YNWA "
whacko jacko
25th Aug 2013 13:23
25th Aug 2013 13:26
"Nice words Kolo!"
25th Aug 2013 13:30
"We also know when we're getting short-changed by the owners."
Billy B girl
25th Aug 2013 13:32
"Kolo it's pretty obvious to me that you do 'get us' well done and sort the mancs out next week YNWA"
25th Aug 2013 13:33
"With Chelsea, bringing in, Whilliam and Eto. LFC must bring in Torres back, try to get Mata. Try to get Alonso and Macherano. Except Mata, all three player knows LFC, all 3 likes LFC and will fit in our style our of play. I like Aspas, but Torres is much better than him (And he will provide cover for Dan and Suarez). Allen is not enough good to give a cover for Gerrard or Lucas. ""
25th Aug 2013 13:56
"We love our club Kolo and you are part of the club. This is Liverpool Football Club"
Afrika Kop
25th Aug 2013 14:28
"Kolo is boss. He is talking all the time. he is motivating those around him and he jumps sky high. other than those two shots which Mignolet dealt with, Kolo had Benteke in his pocket. RVP next Kolo!"
25th Aug 2013 14:53
"You are such a class act Kolo. We are fortunate to have you. It's tough to fill the shoes of a legend but, the way you've come in speaks volumes about your character and your ability. You have already made a huge difference in the way our back plays and handles pressure. Now lets shut down RVP and get the points against the mancs. YNWA Ps...get your brother to come to LFC. : )"
25th Aug 2013 14:53
"Great guy, very good pro looks after himself. It just shows that not all players cost the earth & some fans need to recognise this when screaming for big buys all the time, of course u can buy quality but not always does it cost the earth. Great performance on sat Kolo."
25th Aug 2013 15:06
"The new boss at the back and I even understand his english better than our late Carra. Now lets beat ManUnited next week and we are first in the table."
Komzi Pablo
25th Aug 2013 15:51
"A fantastic buy for BR, all the best kolo "
25th Aug 2013 15:58
"what happened to voting for motm on here?! Ty kolo for ur hard work. We as fans do know quality when we see one, and you, sir, are already a kop favorite."
25th Aug 2013 16:03
"Kolo is helping defense stronger. More tactic needs to striking team. Coaching team needs to work harder. "
25th Aug 2013 16:48
"Just what we needed get more fighters don't bring back clumsy skrtl "
25th Aug 2013 16:59
"for anyone willing to slate Brendan rogers.. ( and you know who you are) toure, mignolet, sturidge and coutinho are without a doubt the best 4 players at this moment in time.. all of whom rogers bought. so how about give him credit eh?"
25th Aug 2013 17:02
"Kolo's already showing why he's a top player. Sorry to remind people, but he made 36 Premiership appearances in the season when the Arsenal team went unbeaten, so he's got shed loads of mental strength. Defenders peak later than other players, so if anything, he should be a better player now than he was 10 years ago. Like Monty Python's Black Knight, he should have the motto: "None shall pass"."
25th Aug 2013 17:49
"Superb showing v Villa. I knew he would be good but not that good! Outstanding v Villa. We need more quality players in however including a CB. Fingers crossed we can get a few in before transfer ends"
25th Aug 2013 18:21
"So the one team with the most money ManCity looses to Cardiff today. Why because they are not a team like we are.(other Teams will follow) Lets support Brendan and LFC all the way to spot 4 or even more. YNWA "
25th Aug 2013 19:07
"I think the line up right now should be like this: Mignolet Johnson Toure Agger Enrique Lucas Gerrard Aspas Henderson PC Sturridge I like Henderson more in the middle bc he is stronger and wont get pushed off the ball and his passing has gotten loads better. And PC and IA can interchange with him and the full backs on the wings. "
25th Aug 2013 20:26
"This man shows we don't have to doubt Brendan's signings, so people who still are doubters clearly aren't proper fans as they don't see how our team is playing. Big money signings aren't everything, man city have proven that after tonight's match."
25th Aug 2013 20:29
"Great reader of the game and superb atude. Or best buy since Coutinho & Sturridge by a long way."
25th Aug 2013 20:32
"Nawfly, I really doubt chelsea would sell us mata, even if he isn't first choice at chelsea they won't sell to a rival. They bought willian so Tottenham could t get him so doubt they'd sell us him. Also mata is more of a play maker than a goal scorer."
25th Aug 2013 21:36
"Atude is everything to the fans,we keep it real,ok we all want stars in the team but without this,they are worthless LS hasant got it off the feild but we would be ok about him staying only as he cannot help himself being 200% the pitch and for that in itself he will allways be loved for,,,but players like you we can love without the worries,YNWA"
25th Aug 2013 21:43
"Pedosa no if I wanted to say that I would of so speak for yourself & dont try involve me into your pathetic way of thinking thank you very much. The signing of Toure was nothing to do with replacing a club legend to maximise profits etc,try giving BR some credit he knew what Toure would bring to the team so he brought him in & its quite clear it was the correct decision for footballing reasons "
26th Aug 2013 0:15
"If we could only get the rub of the green against manu, a victory against them would be a real tonic, we haven't beaten them since ol' Kenny was in charge so It would be fantastic if we could pick up the 3 points. to lose against them at home would be a real bummer, very bad for our morale. We want Anfield to be a fortress again. "
26th Aug 2013 0:17
"Get Torres, Mata and Gary Cahill from Chelsea and that would give us some real backup for the rest of this season. Lukaku would be nice too."
26th Aug 2013 0:22
"Loz99- we will beat mancs and make it 3/3 -and we will be in orbit !!!!!!!"
26th Aug 2013 0:37
" - probably the most pertinent article I've read over the last 12 months. Fans of LFC should read this & look at yourselves in the mirror & ask yourself, which type of fan are you?"
26th Aug 2013 0:40
"I have never doubted Toure's abilities, but even I have been astounded by his presence on the field. If you're going into war, Toure is the kind of guy you want as a leader. Still hoped he'd have been given vice-captain, but understand Agger's reasons for getting it."
26th Aug 2013 0:50
"Teams nrly ready- just read it mate- i think a lot of the opinions from todays suporters is built out of frustration-(not won the lg for 20 odd years)ect and it is the nature of the game today- pretty sad realy but thanks for the read"
26th Aug 2013 1:01
"Kolo, because of you, our backline looked much more comfortable this season. Thats a fact! Agger, Skrtel, Coates has much to learn from you. You have our heartfelt appreciation, adoration and here's hoping that you win the BPL le with us. YNWA Kolo"
26th Aug 2013 1:04
"phanjoo-fab, mate, please give it a rest... Do we really have to read your copy-paste comment on every single article?"
26th Aug 2013 1:22
"Centrecircle1 26th Aug 2013 0:50 Cheers mate. We're all frustrated with the double decade of not winning the league & esp with ManU passing our milestone, but turning on each other & the establishment wont bring the t!tle any closer. 2 wins from 2 & you can just feel the confidence returning...long road ahead though, with a possible wrong turn next week...but who knows eh"
26th Aug 2013 1:34
"Teams nrly ready- i think we will win and also suprise a few this season"
26th Aug 2013 1:56
"keep it up Kolo,,,YNWA"
26th Aug 2013 2:13
"here we go again the propaganda machine in full force "
26th Aug 2013 6:28
"WouzerLFC 25th Aug 2013 20:26 Agreed with you. ManCity and Chelsea should have won the le with all their spending but yet ManU with limited spending they keep on winning the BPL.. "