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Glad we're unchanged. Good move BR. Another 3 points...
24th Aug 2013 16:31
24th Aug 2013 16:31
"Come on Boy Come on Red, You're the future, you'r the best so lest' make our new tomorrow. YNWA "
24th Aug 2013 16:33
"Never change a winning team. Good man."
24th Aug 2013 16:35
"I think that's the best line up we can get"
24th Aug 2013 16:35
"Come on Boy Come on Red, You're the future, you'r the best so lest' make our new tomorrow. YNWA "
24th Aug 2013 16:35
"What the hell is going on with Skrtel?? He hasn't play'd for 6 months or so and he isn't even on the bench! Why isn't he being sold? He's 28? He needs to be playing.. poor guy."
24th Aug 2013 16:35
"A line up I would have expected. Decent bench. Come on you reds!!"
24th Aug 2013 16:36
"Good selection and our strongest team, we will take all three points and I predict a comfortable 1_3 victory."
24th Aug 2013 16:37
"Come on you REDS forward ever...backwards never ynwa. Early goal from Gerrard"
24th Aug 2013 16:39
"good team, gives me a huge lift seeing allen on the bench he would be destroyed against villa"
24th Aug 2013 16:39
"All the best. Lets win this and add another 3 points. YNWA Klang Malaysia "
24th Aug 2013 16:41
"Is Skrtel injured or has he just not been selected? Surely he can pass a ball? He can definitely defend. Any big game today, lets hope its another three points and sturridge continues to score. The boys to win by 2 goals to 1"
24th Aug 2013 16:42
"Nice line-up for now! I have so much Faith in this team and BR. Common Reds, teach Aston Villa how to play football! Winning all the way.....! YNWA! Sturidge scoring least 2goals! Up Reds."
Natural Poolie
24th Aug 2013 16:49
"Our strength in depth is very poor, who do you bring on to change the course of the game if we getting beat? First team is good but depth is very poor!"
24th Aug 2013 16:53
"where is skrtel?? he is great with arial balls, i was hopeing to see ibe on the bench, but i guess he'll be involved in the league cup game on midweek. good line up!! Let's get the 3 points reds!! Aspas and coutinho to score!"
Norfolk in Chance
24th Aug 2013 16:54
"hester91: that's a bit harsh on Allen especially on match day. He's no Viera/ Gerrard, but rarely gives the ball away. Doesn't score enough or play enough killer balls for me, but I want him to do well though, cos that means we've got a better team, which is what we all want, right? COYR 1 nil v Villa."
24th Aug 2013 16:59
"I think ibe can be use as subsute. He is a better footballer than sterling. he don't lost too much ball and his pass is more accurate. "
24th Aug 2013 17:00
"It would be nice to see Aly Cissokho get a 10 - 15 minute cameo to have a look at him. Good luck lads, you can do this, and with a clean sheet sheet. YNWA"
24th Aug 2013 17:00
"people who say we lack depth, yes we need suarez back and another left winger, but I have all the confidence in Sterling coming on, and hopefully Borini will prove all the doubters wrong! New Alberto will also be interesting to watch if he gets some minutes soon"
24th Aug 2013 17:02
"why no Ibe ...."
24th Aug 2013 17:02
"have to agree with the comments reference Skrtel-what's going on?2 seasons ago our best defender and now?? Plus where's Kelly?"
24th Aug 2013 17:04
"where have you been hiding"
24th Aug 2013 17:08
"Why he is starting with Hebderson ?Allen was by far a better option."
Norfolk in Chance
24th Aug 2013 17:14
"Cool HabeshaKop is here, I'd been missing his insight.. So Habs, how many comments are you going to do on Hendo today mate? Got them ready to cut/paste? Or just gonna freestyle it? How many variations on "you don't like Hendo" are there by the way mate? "
24th Aug 2013 17:19
"habes you looking for attension?"
24th Aug 2013 17:23
"will see"
24th Aug 2013 17:27
"The reason Henderson is playing is that he was very good in the last game. skrtl is probably having a niggle since brendan said he wants another centreback and wanted to loan out wisdom. Kelly will be needed to be matched very gently ,maybe he hasnt been better than cisshoko and wisdom in training who knows"
Norfolk in Chance
24th Aug 2013 17:35
"Coutinho just gave the ball away, so he is human! I'd started to suspect he was an android. BTW Skrtel is injured for those who were starting to get all conspiracy theory.. "
24th Aug 2013 17:40
"Hopefully both Johnson and Enrique play through their skin and contain Agbonlohar and Weimann. God bless the REDS victorious. YNWA"
24th Aug 2013 17:50
24th Aug 2013 17:51
"Get in! 2 in 2 for danny boy"
24th Aug 2013 17:52
"I love you DS. More goals and kill the game please"
Reds 96
24th Aug 2013 17:52
"Well done Danny! Great bit of skill. Top class finish. Beautiful."
24th Aug 2013 18:24
"Jes we look dodgy with high balls and aspas is like a man down the only time I've seen him is when he got a yellow card but well done Danny boy excellent goal"
24th Aug 2013 18:26
"Decent half by Liverpool but Aston Villa still in it and can counter through Benteke or Agbonlahor. Liverpool need that 2nd goal. 3 points is all that matters."
24th Aug 2013 18:27
"I think our 2 forward must be a bit more alert when couthino get the ball. He feeds them but sometimes they look surprise and don't do the proper movement to get the ball"
24th Aug 2013 18:33
"a few too many misplaced passes from coutinho today, but to get that killer pass u have to take a few more chances I guess. Looks pretty solid so far. enrique i a beast! maybe put borini on for asps later on !"
24th Aug 2013 19:07
"Why do we always make it hard for ourself we should have put the game 2 bed in the 1st half why have we took our fot of the gas "
24th Aug 2013 19:10
"We better sign better players because we won't finish top 4 with this team"
24th Aug 2013 19:11
"Mignolet saved Agger's blushes again - Agger needs to improve, the keeper shouldn't have to keep bailing him out."
24th Aug 2013 19:15
"What a hell of a save. SM you are really a monster!"
24th Aug 2013 19:19
"What the hell why take off Coutinho and bring on Allen we need Coutinho on 2 make that killer pass. And thank god 4 Mignolet when called on he has been ther 4 use"
Norfolk in Chance
24th Aug 2013 19:20
"that was a nailed on pen... But I've won my bet for 1 nil. beerus maximus tonight!"
24th Aug 2013 19:21
"Well done red men. Toure was as usual AWESOME for us. YNWA"
24th Aug 2013 19:22
"Well done lads!!! 3 points, bring on United!"
24th Aug 2013 19:23
"Get in there 2 wins out of 2 but we need 2 kill of games when we r on top as utd next weekend will not let use of the hook like Stoke an Villa "
24th Aug 2013 19:23
"The invincibles 2013-14 season."
24th Aug 2013 19:23
"we needed to see out the match, ofcourse Allen on for Coutinho. Lucas looked tired 2nd half, henderson too. great win, these 2 first matches would have been draws 1st half of last season. Mignolet flippin neck!!!"
24th Aug 2013 19:24
"A good win"
24th Aug 2013 19:26
"I think it was a good performance considering Villa should have got a point against Chelsea when Terry handballed in box. So did better than chelsea if refs were even."
24th Aug 2013 19:26
"great way to introduce cissokho to the pace of the premiership by giving him experience but playing further up on his debut! Lets all hope we get a top class centreback and a left winger before the window shuts! even if I want cover for Lucas too, but some say Toure can cover there ??"
24th Aug 2013 19:27
"Nail biting 2nd half. Thank you another 3. "
25th Aug 2013 4:01