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What a player
24th Aug 2013 10:19
24th Aug 2013 10:20
"Yarmalenko for the left wing? YNWA. "
24th Aug 2013 10:27
"Benitez had no doubts. No one has doubts. Coutinho is in a good league and club to give him exposure and experience to compete at the very highest level. One has to expect to see him at Real or Barca in a couple of seasons. "
Papa Syed
24th Aug 2013 10:29
"Good luck for today lads! 3pts should be ours with a goals galore and no against! YNWA!"
24th Aug 2013 10:32
24th Aug 2013 10:33
24th Aug 2013 10:53
"Best player at LFC at the moment. ynwa the prince"
24th Aug 2013 11:04
"Talk is cheap..!just sign the damn winger!"
24th Aug 2013 11:07
"Good thing he is in our squad or else I bet Totts would be bidding for him. Lets try getting three points today."
24th Aug 2013 11:13
"Coutinho great BR a B... s...We have lost Willian now Erickson chatting with Spurs these guys cant close a deal for a top player we are a joke this transfer market , "
24th Aug 2013 11:19
"Is this website going to just repeat articles over and over and over again? Are we going to get any fresh news & articles that affect the club, etc? Or is this site only going to release articles about Coutinho's class ever 3 days or so? This site is basically just a marketing tool to get fans to buy shirts, etc it seems."
24th Aug 2013 11:24
"Future world player, only if fsg add some good strikers 4 him,"
24th Aug 2013 11:24
"Future world player, only if fsg add some good strikers 4 him,"
24th Aug 2013 11:28
"We did not lost Willian we get rid of him thank God.Buy Adem Ljajic he is better than Willian.Coutinho is a BIG for future just like Stevie-G...for future..Y:N:W:A."
24th Aug 2013 11:31
"Ehimwema-- so Suarez, sturidge and aspas aren't good strikers then?? Thats news to me! "
24th Aug 2013 11:54
"Buddha1934 - Agree completely(for once)"
notts red till dead
24th Aug 2013 12:12
"15 assists minimum, i should have a bet. match day, come on youuuu reds!!!"
24th Aug 2013 12:14
"Just hope we sign a good left winger. Why can't we just stick Sterling or Assaidi on the left? "
24th Aug 2013 12:18
"If Sturridge picks up an injury whilst Saurez is banned, we can all rest easy as there are plenty of options on the bench."
24th Aug 2013 12:34
"If His ideal position is in the No.10 role, then why you were trying to sign Mkhatiryan instead of left winger??! and if you can not find/sign your target winger, then why you sold Downing??!"
24th Aug 2013 12:35
"Zzzzzzzz same old drone zzzzzzzz"
24th Aug 2013 12:50
"Good luck today lads! I'd like to see Alberto come on at some stage. He can play with both feet, so we might see him pop up on the left? Coutinho appears to be just as effective on the left as he is in the middle anyhow. It'll be great to see the front 3/4 players all interchanging again, running rings around the Villa defence and scoring just for fun."
24th Aug 2013 13:51
"No player coming in?"
24th Aug 2013 14:05
"Why not play Sterling on the left?"
24th Aug 2013 14:17
"For now his best position is on the left as it is harder for centre halfs to get out there and do him some damage. He takes two players out from their comfort zone and creates space for others, fantastic player!"
24th Aug 2013 14:25
"Don't take him off against the big boys this season,"
24th Aug 2013 14:31
"top class player!"
24th Aug 2013 15:07
24th Aug 2013 15:35
"We definitely love Coutinho but where are the players that are going to help us move to that CL qualification spot? Sick of just making up the numbers! And before you start blowing wind up our rear...we were lucky to get away with last weeks win after dominating the game (reminiscent of last season)."
24th Aug 2013 16:48
"Philippe Coutinho looks like Roberto Martinez's kid brother, they look very similar but both of them look like Horst Bucholz (Chico)who acted in 'The Magnificent Seven'. "
Norfolk in Chance
24th Aug 2013 16:59
"Certainly a good player, but he can't be expected to do it in every game and may get injured. So what's plan B? Sorry, I forgot Brendan doesn't do plan B. lol"
25th Aug 2013 4:37
"What he need just experience and training, he need to be mature.. YNWA"
25th Aug 2013 5:46
"this might sound impossible but if we get juan mata..."