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we need, AWAY support to be loud. makes a lotta diff
Red Machine
23rd Aug 2013 15:58
23rd Aug 2013 16:00
"Great idea, but what about free away coach travel like Stoke City are doing as well ?"
23rd Aug 2013 16:06
"About bl##dy time! -bags. "
23rd Aug 2013 16:19
"It would be good if you could get tickets for away you can build up a history when you can't get any......"
23rd Aug 2013 16:36
"Rubbish reducing ticket prices, latter u start complaining there is no money 2 sign players. fsg are u in sane?"
23rd Aug 2013 16:37
"Only relevant to those in the closed shop. No chance of the ordinary fan going to away games"
23rd Aug 2013 16:46
"We have the highest away support but unfortunately we have the lowest owners"
23rd Aug 2013 16:51
"Ehimwema - Why are you always negative. Here is a story on something that is good for fans and all you can do is complain again. Why not just say well done for doing something for the fans."
23rd Aug 2013 16:59
"Just rang up the Grand Hotel in Swansea to see if their reducing our b/b booking by £2/4 LOL "
23rd Aug 2013 17:02
"I agree with NACNUD! Getting a ticket is a nightmare!!"
Norfolk in Chance
23rd Aug 2013 17:06
"Wow a whole 2 pounds off. That'll make a big difference.. What a pathetic gesture. "
Denza Red
23rd Aug 2013 17:30
"Just to get an away ticket would be a better option than a few quid off!!"
23rd Aug 2013 17:41
"Pounds make differences in regards to transfers.... We saw that with arsenal's bid for suarez"
23rd Aug 2013 18:27
"Now sort out the allocation method. The present system is grossly unfair."
23rd Aug 2013 18:28
"Great news, the travelling kop is brilliant"
23rd Aug 2013 18:36
"Hard to get away tickets.."
23rd Aug 2013 19:03
"Liverpool Football Club has the highest away support following in the Premier League -read and weep money-bag clubs! Taking credit but this is from-ironically-man city fans not going due to high arsenal prices last season. I saw LFC away about 10 years ago-£23! Won 2-0 too :)"
23rd Aug 2013 19:06
"we need to make it easier to go to away games without havig to apply for home games.I know we all want loyal fans going which is fine but i got home games but i rather go away games. "
23rd Aug 2013 19:15
"In the absence of trophies and sustained success it appears that whinging and moaning has become the pastime of choice by some of our supporters. Some of you need to just get a life. "
23rd Aug 2013 20:21
"nice gesture... for the 3,000 or so that can actually get hold of away tickets"
23rd Aug 2013 22:18
"Yes it's diffficult to get away tickets but that just shows the strength of our support. The prices have been reduCed zo that has to be good. Not by much but a gesture at least. YNWA"
23rd Aug 2013 23:10
"Should be available at general sale so people who live near villa park can go watch the game if they are not a member"
23rd Aug 2013 23:11
"£2 reduction? Pointless! £20 for an away ticket and we might say well done. Talking of away games, why are you persecuting your own fans by campaigning against pyrotechnics?"
24th Aug 2013 2:02
"To be fair I was thinking along the same lines as dibbydoo2001. However, with the massive support that we have, it would be impossible to get all the fans over to an away game, let alone all of them having a ticket. I'm not too impressed with a £2-£4 reduction on ticket prices, but... NorthernPete, are you being serious about pyrotechnics? How many beers have you had mate?"
24th Aug 2013 4:20
"god the negativity on here is just sad... believe me if you are even trying to get an away ticket there are many people in this world a lot worse off than you are! If liverpool could get more tickets for away matches they would take them, not how it works unfortunately"
24th Aug 2013 5:21
"It's not LFC who control the number of away tickets available to them! How can you blame them for not getting a ticket?"
24th Aug 2013 8:17
"I fully understand that it's not the club who determines how many away tickets we receive...what I think most are saying is that it would be nice to be in with a chance of going to one.maybe they could do something like a ballot for two or more tickets for all members who have EG. a certain amount of home games for previous season just to give people who really want to go a chance...."
24th Aug 2013 8:29
"Stop moaning, this is just the start of it, great gesture!"
24th Aug 2013 8:54
"Well done... :)"
24th Aug 2013 9:09
"That good news prices are coming down. But how do you get away tickets. I can get home tickets but not away. I would love to go to away games."
24th Aug 2013 10:09
"All POSITIVE comments are from the priveliged few who regularly GET away tickets...a case of f u Jack Im alright !!!!"
24th Aug 2013 10:27
"Great news - if you can get an away ticket. While its great we have super away support it would be better if we could all get a chance to go."
24th Aug 2013 12:02
"It's always the same groups that get the away tickets,I've stopped trying to get away tickets years ago.still it was a nice gesture,they didn't have to give the discount you know."
24th Aug 2013 23:31
"This is great for loyal fans!"
24th Aug 2013 23:38
"Brilliant stuff!"
30th Aug 2013 12:41
"They should have used the money to reduce the over-priced London games."