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Sakho is decent, get him. he can also play as left back
22nd Aug 2013 17:08
22nd Aug 2013 17:16
"evidently smokescreen for ilori, BR happy with toure and agger as starters and so am i"
22nd Aug 2013 17:17
"I have lost all faith in LFC signing any half decent player during the last few days of the transfer window."
22nd Aug 2013 17:21
"With Sakho defence is completed. All we need is one more winger."
22nd Aug 2013 17:21
"Sakho & 1 DM more Rodger. That's all we need now. Please!!!!"
22nd Aug 2013 17:24
"With Sakho defense is completed, all we need is just a winger (Julian Draxler). "
22nd Aug 2013 17:30
"I've heard players say that before lol. Won't hold my breath."
22nd Aug 2013 17:33
"9xcommander - smh this kind of comment is why i can't deal sometimes..."
22nd Aug 2013 17:34
"The transfer window will close and we'll get neither Turan nor Sakho. Then who'll be left to blame? Rodgers? Ayre? FSG? I'm really getting tired of seeing speculations and watching clubs snatch our transfer targets. If they think they can survive till january without a winger then they aren't ready for UCL "
Den Haag Greg
22nd Aug 2013 17:46
"This guy looks. Like a god buy. AND he has allegedly said he wants to move to us. Too good to be true, hope not. About the same price as Papadopolous, but has not had a major knee injury."
22nd Aug 2013 17:48
"today lfc rejected £10m bid fr skrtel by napoli so dont think this deal is happening "
22nd Aug 2013 17:52
"RedRivelino - am i saying that for every player? take a chill pill, yoda of transfers"
Den Haag Greg
22nd Aug 2013 17:54
"The Metro alleges that we have bid £8m. But the report also says we are looking for a left back,! They clearly have their finger on the pulse."
Super gerrard
22nd Aug 2013 17:56
"Nose to hear a player who desperately wants to come to us an we need a cb so win win I think he will giv his all plus 12 a very good bit of business I think how many players would take a pay cut to to us hay on Ian don't f£& this won up"
njero 8
22nd Aug 2013 18:22
"Typical ayre they want to offer 8mil for a france international,sign papa or sakho,willian wants lfc move but we haven't offerd wat spurs hav offerd,FsG should show us some ambitions"
22nd Aug 2013 18:33
"Willian also wanted Anfield move but guess where he is now.........and again suprise suprise Sbag Spurs are interested in Sakho aswel !!"
22nd Aug 2013 18:34
"SKY SPORTS BREAKING NEWS - willian in advanced talk to sign willian would love for Spurs to taste some of there own medicine"
22nd Aug 2013 18:35
"correction - Chelsea"
22nd Aug 2013 18:35
"We are 100% going to sign a CB but only time will tell when and who that is. Sakho would be a great signing. "
Natural Poolie
22nd Aug 2013 19:25
"Looks decent, flexible too, could even step into Agger shoes, let Agger step up into Carra's empty shoes. Remember Toure's age, Sakho could be a longer term solution."
22nd Aug 2013 19:46
"Apparently, Willian has a recurring hamstring problem, that is one of the reasons BR was hesitant in paying over the odds for an injury prone, unproven player. Maybe Chelski waited for him to pass his medical (with Hotsquirts stumping up the costs) before making their move. HAHAHAHA"
22nd Aug 2013 20:03
"Papa or Toby with Eriksen be all good :-))"
22nd Aug 2013 20:20
"Tottenham linked with him too so expect to see him in white even though he only wants to join Liverpool, but then again thats what Willian said, these reports are ridiculous, players been quoted as saying they want to go here or there then end up elsewhere you reporters are poop."
22nd Aug 2013 21:14
"We need to move fast. Toure and Agger will get terrorised with crosses, set pieces, mark my words. We need to strengthen defence and fast"
22nd Aug 2013 21:24
"Do a swap deal with him and skrtel"
22nd Aug 2013 21:42
"Same old, same old. We put in a low bid, they come back with a higher figure, FSG refuse to up the anti, BR and LFC left to hang out and dry. "
22nd Aug 2013 21:43
"If he says he wants to come, it shows he will be committed to our course. This is the type of players we should be pursuing and not those that will go for the highest bidder. it will be painful if we miss out on this one. He is not just talented but also wants to play for us."
22nd Aug 2013 22:15
"Willian going to chelsea take that spuds how does it feel ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . That's made my day :))"
22nd Aug 2013 22:39
"Baines was valued at 12M by Manure. Dont go above 8 for Sakho."
22nd Aug 2013 22:41
"agree with whelan r,we give teams a chance,couple more defenders wud be nice,maybe a wide man have to be careful of so called big players,remember veron?lazy .imo with the money spurs have invested they need to finish top 2 or three for to have a good season"
22nd Aug 2013 22:51
"papabobo ur right,you want a player to come and fight for the cause who wants to do well for the club"
22nd Aug 2013 23:07
"Shhhhh: Don't speak so loud or the robbing Spur's crowd will be after him."
22nd Aug 2013 23:21
"hope willian go to chelsea !! niahaha !!"
23rd Aug 2013 0:24
"The lad wants to be a red and play for our club... isn't that what BR wants?? Then defence is done."
23rd Aug 2013 1:30
"Would be a great addition as we would then have 4 top experienced cbs. Kolo and Toure for the right and Sakho and Dagger the left. Yes Willian now seems to be going to Chelski which is great as i think he will have even less of an impact there as he would have done at spurs...Overloaded in his position. Would have stood out here with our style of play but his loss"
23rd Aug 2013 2:27
"Good player that at least has the desire to want to play for LFC. .... Now if he is really a target, go get him. If not have the decency to let him know we are looking elsewhere and do not have the money to pay the £12M. "
23rd Aug 2013 4:55
" Some great options in there...Yarmelenko and Shaqiri on loan would be epic!"
23rd Aug 2013 5:35
"will b a good defender to compliment the defense. Skirtel has lost his confidence. I don't know y people are asking for a winger. BR Play 4-3-3 with ball on the ground. our team now has suarez DS, Couthino, Apas. compliment by Sterling and the up coming Ibe borini and Alberto. "
23rd Aug 2013 5:36
"IMO BR has already sign a few Marquee players like DS Couthino Toure Apas. just because we never paid more than 20 mil, means they are not Marquee??"
23rd Aug 2013 5:58
"Yarmelenko and Sakho would be great "
23rd Aug 2013 7:37
"Hopefully we actually land this guy. He's our best bet. We need a centre back that may be able to start."
23rd Aug 2013 7:48
"So what? Willian wanted Anfield, what happened, Henrique wanted Anfield what happened? Someone upstairs doesnt know the function and benefits of speed in transfer deals. Tjats why Tototo get all our good targets"
23rd Aug 2013 8:05
"I think willian shouldn't go 2 chelskei, stay at spurs, hear we moving in for the lelajic guy on this is anfield. he is spurs target, and if they lose out on willian, then they'll snap this guy up kwik, would like for us to snap him up. get our own back, not ride on chelskei getting them back, after all, they our rivals too"
23rd Aug 2013 9:03
"wattyred- exact same feeling my friend. AHAHAHAHAH HAHAH AHAH AHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHaaaaaaaaa. i feel like a pint just to celebrate. how ya like them apples now levy??"
Red Rum
23rd Aug 2013 9:08
"Sacko, Diame and atsu and I would be relatively pleased with the window. Ok we missed out on a few big ones but at least we identified and went for them"
23rd Aug 2013 9:16
"I doubt everything now, after loosing Willian. And we have the resources to compete with anyone in Europe, when Warner said this I knew his lying, what does competing mean to FSG : to loose out in compositions, not to be able to sign when we have to compete, especially with the likes of Spurs and Dortmund never mind Man U, Real, Barca, which is where we really belong. YNWA"
23rd Aug 2013 10:12
"Rumours say we lost Willian due to refusal to pay additional 5m in manager's fees. I say we did good. Willian is good but the total cost will be 40m. He is not that good. My hopes are for 2 positions. One defender and one winger. I don't mind marquee or not. Just good players to provide options."
23rd Aug 2013 10:34
" Come on supporters we have to show FSG that we are FED UP with broken promises. This is LIVERPOOL FC not red sox boston. FSG OUT OUT OUT. Even our manager seems fed up with the owners, his face yesterday shown everything. Do us another favour FSG, Please sell & if you are a true LFC sell the same price you bought LFC"
23rd Aug 2013 11:21
"Great that Sakho wants to come. Bring him on, I say! Top defender. Gutted for Coates, though. What a huge setback in his career."
23rd Aug 2013 11:46
"OMG 60,000 a week wages for a proven international! better pull the plug now and get a young unproven player that we can pay 30 grand instead! talk about ambitions lol. maybe its just bs reporting"
23rd Aug 2013 13:47
"lawlolu what are u going on about these owners have revitalised this club from them last 2 idiots.Panic buying gets u nowhere,we have made some really good early signings without getting our pants pulled down.We are in profit,yes we need cover at centre back and a a really good young,nippy winger."
23rd Aug 2013 13:53
"we had our targets but they rightly opted to join other clubs fighting for bigger things(champions league).Until we return to europe we have our clubs name,stature and history.well done Brendan Rogers really enjoying the football we play so far so good."
23rd Aug 2013 13:56
""bigjenko69 Everyone knows that FSG saved us from administration but let me ask you 2 questions: Are you happy that LFC can't compete for the LE & CL ? Do you think that FSG have the muscle as promised to rise us again? In my opinion and many million fans the answer is NO "
23rd Aug 2013 13:58
"bigjenko69. Do you think with this squad we can achieve 4?"
23rd Aug 2013 14:04
"lawlolui ts not all about how much the owners have anymore its all about business acin,spending what u earn so things are a bit different now in that department.We tried to jump in to the top 4 by buying Carroll who was the top scorer in the league at the time "
23rd Aug 2013 14:08
"then downing for nearly £20 mil,henderson for £16 mil.we lost half of that money in less than getting into the top four is going to take more than flashing the cash.Brendan rogers and the owners have a really differcult job."
23rd Aug 2013 14:14
"As for fourth its going to be difficult but hey lets get behind them and be positive.We have a really good young squad with plenty of room for improvements so COME ON THE MIGHTY REDS."
23rd Aug 2013 14:58
"SG322 ----CORRECT !!! Sorry that word was ever used, "Marquee" this years buzzword used oh so liberally now by the armchair management brigade."
23rd Aug 2013 15:06
"Wasn't he also quoted that AC Milan was his prominent choice if he was to leave PSG?"
23rd Aug 2013 15:27
"bigjenko69 Regarding the spend how much you own, we are one of the 10 richest club in the world with regards of merchandise. How can a club like southampton & spurs have more financial power than us. I will always be behind our beloved team but I can't take it anymore with these American owners. First G&H and now FSG "
23rd Aug 2013 15:35
"We are the biggest club in England and we deserve to be in a better position. It hurts to see Spurs,Chelsea,Soton take our targets & it hurts me more to see LFC being 6th & 7th. Our squad is very thin. If you seen the game against stoke, brendan don't have to much reserves to choose from. "
23rd Aug 2013 15:39
"so why selling downing,shelvey,caroll,speary, loaning reina,robinson,suso + retired carragher, ??? pacheco,assaidi. Were there any promises from FSG to Brendan and again they were broken? "
23rd Aug 2013 15:43
"we supporters don't want the fiasco (loaning caroll) of last season without any replacement. But as it looks we are going to have a thin squad again this season. God help our players to get no injuries as we have no adequate replacements"
23rd Aug 2013 16:39
"See we are interested in a 16 year old. When he peaks in 12 years time he can help get us out of the championship league. S.Tkt holders should wait before renewing to see if there are any marquee signings, as it doesn't look as if these owners are interested. Same enthusiasm for extending the stadium. Make a regular profit on LFC and spend it on Resd Sox seems to be policy."
23rd Aug 2013 18:12
"Sick of hearing how close we are to signing a player then no cigar? I hope FSG and BR are singing from the same hymn sheet? Too many times we are not matching other clubs offers and time is ticking on."
24th Aug 2013 7:25
"Tired of these stupid reports about players being 'desperate to join LFC' and in the end LFC owners would be hoping the player will pay his own buyout fee...stingy yanks!"
24th Aug 2013 10:05
"too much french star into the squad can lead us like please no more french player "