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LFC is not paying £10M for this player ... no way are we and the fee agreed will remain undisclosed.
22nd Aug 2013 15:04
22nd Aug 2013 15:11
"Clough clams no offers have been received and next it says Liverpool are reportedly close to agreeing a £10m deal then Clough denies it again does the Express read it's own statement, or just looking to fill the paper with any old s##t "
22nd Aug 2013 15:44
"WE DON'T NEED THIS GUY ! we have ibe and sterling ! Waste of money !!"
22nd Aug 2013 16:28
"4get it rodgers, stated it clearly that he is only going to bring in a defender, so stop this rubbish of a story, we have failed in good transfers this summer."
Norfolk in Chance
22nd Aug 2013 18:11
"Oh well, if LuisSuarez07 says so, it must be true. lol Gotta love our xbox fans, they certainly know it all. Shame it's all in their heads.."
njero 8
22nd Aug 2013 18:28
"Rubbish all the time kids,fact kids dnt win you anything,jst ask any arsenal fan,we need quality to qualify for champs lge."
22nd Aug 2013 20:09
"Hope this deal does not go through he is not good at all nothing better than hendo or allen and to spend 10M on him???"
22nd Aug 2013 21:10
"10 million is really excessive and have to also ask is he better than what we currently have in the form of suso and teixeira"
22nd Aug 2013 21:29
"Some one once said u don't win out with kids and look wot happened lol and this lad must be rubbish he is not foreign or played in Europe and no 30mill plus media tag just a rubbish team from England so how can he be good hahaha"
22nd Aug 2013 21:45
"Read in 'i' that we had paid the 10 mill and were leaving him on loan with Derby for this season. Doesn't make sense when we sell Downing for 6 million."
23rd Aug 2013 0:22
"Don't waste 10m.. Save that and get lamela from Roma. "
23rd Aug 2013 7:54
"Say what you want about Downing but we've sold him and not replaced him... thought we were meant to strengthen the squad, we'll be playing kids all year again instead of gradually developing them... where are our first 11 transfers?"
23rd Aug 2013 16:01
"We've had enough "wonderkids" here including Sinama Pongolle, La Tellac, Pacheco, Traore, ... Lucas, but none of them turned out to be more than fringe players."
23rd Aug 2013 17:41
"CONIUS16.01 what a tool thinking lucas is a fringe player. he will be back to his usual best after 2 injuries and a full pre season. come on you reds. YNWA J4T96"
24th Aug 2013 7:22
"God forbid!"