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22nd Aug 2013 13:24
22nd Aug 2013 13:24
"He will stay at Derby, but as a Liverpool player on loan!"
22nd Aug 2013 13:25
22nd Aug 2013 13:27
"There ya go...clubcall wont be getting another look at.....ever! in fact I am not looking at Media watch again, too frustrating."
22nd Aug 2013 13:41
"If we did by him best thing would be to loan him back anyway. "
Norfolk in Chance
22nd Aug 2013 13:47
"Even if this was true and we did buy him, imo he'd be better off being loaned back to them as he's obviously developing well by playing week in week out. "
22nd Aug 2013 13:57
"forget Ben Arfa never do business with Newcastle again!!!"
22nd Aug 2013 14:02
"Ben Arfa is a decent player but too injuy prone"
22nd Aug 2013 14:03
"anyone see turan playing last night he looked very good..."
22nd Aug 2013 14:27
"why we are linked with this youngster !???? we don't need him !!!"
22nd Aug 2013 14:32
"If he's not a super gem not belong to LFC. Anyway FSG wants cheap gems."
22nd Aug 2013 14:37
"I think we should get him. Not what we need for this season obviously. but has the chance to develop into something special in a few years. We still need to get one speedy winger and I will be contempt with the squad for the rest of the season."
22nd Aug 2013 14:45
"ben arfas too injury prone."
22nd Aug 2013 14:47
" LFCfan0987654 - totally agree with ye mate, I think he would be greta for us out right and his favourite position. Who else goes there as a first 11 choice, Sturridge doesnt like it there and uor other options are Ibe or Sterling, will be class but not just yet first 11 starters every week! "
22nd Aug 2013 15:06
"Never do business with Newcastle ever again. .... they screwed KD and LFC with a dud. ... hope they get relegated. "
22nd Aug 2013 15:07
"Sorry if I wasn't clear in my earlier comment, but it was directed to those calling to sign Ben Afra from Newcastle. "
Natural Poolie
22nd Aug 2013 15:35
"Benzema would be a better option, rumours are that he is willing to leave Madrid, obviously wanting first team football in world cup year.Coentrao would a been a good addition but Aly in now."
22nd Aug 2013 16:22
"with LFC fan on that get Ben Arfa"
22nd Aug 2013 16:43
"I cant believe this joke!!! We need marquee winger go for : Di Maria when real sign Bale or Jeremy Menez from Paris S-G. We're becoming a baby-sitter club we already got Alberto & borini signed by BR whom I'm sure will not having more playing time and we're adding another midfielder for 10millions. No any marquee signing only average babies. How can we get into the top4 like this? "
Saufi Agger
22nd Aug 2013 18:58
"What we need is a penalty box specialist n anor creative midfielder.. The goals will start coming for us.. Pls BR, FSG n IA"
23rd Aug 2013 1:24
"please sign lukaku."
23rd Aug 2013 1:26
"romelu lukaku luis suarez daniel sturridge philipe coutinho raheem sterling. at least 80 goals in one season"
23rd Aug 2013 3:49
"Nigel should give some thoughts about LFC since he is an ex player .. come on Nigel...dont jack up the price "