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Nobody cares anymore! This news does not belong here...!!!
22nd Aug 2013 13:12
Markyd 1
22nd Aug 2013 13:13
"This hurts me as a die hard Liverpool fan To see players going to spurs ahead of us "
Top 4 for sure
22nd Aug 2013 13:14
"Clearly he wants the liverpool move but we will not pay that much money. Come on rodgers make that big name signing you were talking about."
22nd Aug 2013 13:16
"I'd comment,but some financial experts on this site are claiming he's not worth the they've seen him play!It's amazing when fans care more about the club's bank balance than finishing as high up the table as possible..let's spend 10 mill on a kid instead!"
22nd Aug 2013 13:17
"GOOD News For Us?? not sure...must be holding out for more coin?? Would still take him if we can get him!!"
22nd Aug 2013 13:17
"Maybe he got a look at their trophy cabinet! Second thoughts maybe? ? ?"
22nd Aug 2013 13:18
"spend wisely BR u know better which players will work in d system "
22nd Aug 2013 13:27
"Would like to see him at LFC, but price is a little high, he and spurs may be delaying the deal until bale goes to Madrid?? "
Kurra South Africa
22nd Aug 2013 13:29
"Why is he stalling now?? He must go and join Spurs... Let's continue to search the market for players interested to play for Liverpool, even if we sign them in January transfer window. He should have learned by now that joining a team because they offered more money doesn't always work, hence Anzhi project was a disaster"
22nd Aug 2013 13:30
"Maybe this why we never followed up on this transfer he was being unrealistic with wage demands. I think he would be on around 90-100k a week already if he was asking for 100k+ to come here he would be earning more straight away than Suarez & close to what we pay Gerrard. IMO I dont think its a wise move to give an unproven signing just coming in wages well over the likes of PC,DS,DA etc"
22nd Aug 2013 13:30
"Agree with Ronny-G, this news doesn't belong here on LFC website. ... unless he wants to come to Liverpool, and is stalling a move for reasons that is beyond his. ... Spuds may want to pay the £30m and LFC not but willing to meet his wage demands, now that puts us on a hell of a story if he turns round and comes here. Still, in BR I trust."
22nd Aug 2013 13:32
"Definitely he's holding out for more wages.. Another mercenary.!.! All about money.. That is why he join Anzhi at the first place.. "
22nd Aug 2013 13:35
"We don't need to know spurs transfers talk about rubbing salt in to the wounds Lets move on and target someone else get ericson Touran n the Greek centre back and il be happy "
22nd Aug 2013 13:36
"I just heard that Spuds are getting cold feet because RM isn't going to pay the £90+M for Bale. Now, RM may shop elsewhere and Spuds may have one very unhappy player in their squad. ... Good Luck AVB and Spuds! .... and Willain if you decide to go there."
22nd Aug 2013 13:43
"We still have time to get rid of rat-face to RM then? And don't give me the support the players c*&p. He lost that privilege this summer"
Norfolk in Chance
22nd Aug 2013 13:44
"Ronny-G: so according to you "no one cares" but yet here you are taking the time to comment. Many Liverpool fans do care who our club is signing or not, so maybe just speak for yourself? This could be an opportunity to sign a left footed winger, which is exactly what we need, in case you hadn't noticed.."
22nd Aug 2013 13:48
"On Subject of "Big signings....Chelkis didn't do too much v Villa last night..only saw second half BUT Villa Looking dangerous v all the "Big names... We Better be on our game on Saturday!!"
22nd Aug 2013 13:53
"35 clubs could have had bids accepted, it doesn't matter. What matters is the player and his advisor's. They can refuse Spurs until they sign the doted line. If our bid was accepted then that means we too are in discussions. There could be other clubs, how do we know? People read the media like it is the utter truth. Idiots."
22nd Aug 2013 13:58
"He is now a tottenham player , let's focus on our promised marquee signing : Christian Eriksen Please LFC sign him"
22nd Aug 2013 14:01
"Not sure how much of an impact willian could have in the league. For a 30M player we should be looking at a player to gel directly into the style of play but it seems like he does not have many goals(from stats) in him. "
Den Haag Greg
22nd Aug 2013 14:05
"Willian knows The Bale money is in the air and he is just looking for more money. I hope we wash our hands of him. If we do go for another similar play as BR has indicated we need then what about going all the way - Luis Muriel. We were linked with him 2 weeks ago. "
22nd Aug 2013 14:07
"take him now that would spurs fans off.."
Kurra South Africa
22nd Aug 2013 14:15
"Fellow Reds... Preseason and the world tour has given all of us a rude awakening wrt how massive the LFC brand is around the world. Now to come home and be made a mockery in the transfer market by mediocre teams probably half our size in world football standings is a very bitter pill to swallow. Liverpool deserves better to realize the dream of being no 1 again!!"
22nd Aug 2013 14:17
"So what, 30mil for a guy who looks like, dances like (but can't sing), boogies like the little guy in Boney-M, haven't even heard of him until this tripe started, are they mad or on the same stuff as Mr Wenger?"
22nd Aug 2013 14:19
"We don;t want Willian, there is much better out there, btw please stop all this Willian dribble."
22nd Aug 2013 14:22
"He will not be in LFC who cares! Need to now change my prediction for fourth as I think Spurs have bought well to edge ahead of Arsenal. Still think we can grab 6th spot with a higher points tally than last season...which is a positive!"
Kurra South Africa
22nd Aug 2013 14:29
"I think Tom Ince is a better option for us, though he plays right wing. He could hit ground running because he is used to the Liverpool ways of doing things and his goal scoring exploits last season (18 goals), though a lower tier club, will inch us closer to BR philosophy of signing players that will give LFC 20 Plus goals this season"
22nd Aug 2013 14:30
"Why this article is posted on LFC website ?? This dud is a mercenary. If he is worth 30 mil why on earth you go to play in Russia???? Sorry dud go to Spurs as you belong to them. Players playing for money only not pride & love for the club."
22nd Aug 2013 14:31
"He will join us and thats great news for a quality player you need to pay good prices Y.N.W.A."
22nd Aug 2013 14:37
"Harry Redknapp built a foundation for Spurs that is why unfortunately they do have a better potential than LFC and that is one more reason now Bales going to Madrid they do have the muscle to attract players because this season Spurs do have a better chance to finish forth than LFC that is the reality I am forever a LFC fan but I do accept this fact."
22nd Aug 2013 14:38
"Personally don't care care anymore, and as ronny-g states above,this news doesn't belong here."
22nd Aug 2013 14:39
"Hmmmm maybe it's Spuds who are stalling.... Unless Bale goes who says they need him? Lamela is clearly a better player & I'd rather see him come to us. Spuds are playing a dodgy game & it's effecting our ability to negotiate for players as they're linked to everyone we are! "
Kurra South Africa
22nd Aug 2013 14:49
"That's the strategy Dwarf Pig... You right on the money... They know that if we get all the players we want, then hey have a fight on their hands for 4th sport. Munich realized they can't compete with Dortmund on theflitch & started stripping them (Gotze and are after Lendownski), Real did with Figo"
22nd Aug 2013 14:59
"MARCO REUS pleassse"
22nd Aug 2013 15:04
"If ye cant find news that REALLY concerns Liverpool, don't bother! Give me the job, I could find some REAL news!"
22nd Aug 2013 15:11
" Maybe spuds are time wasting cos bale is not sold yet? Nice if madrid pull out! what a mess poor tottenwho? would be in "
22nd Aug 2013 15:17
"forget willian!!!!!!!!!! andriy yarmolenko is who we need!!!!!!!"
22nd Aug 2013 15:28
"I've heard arsenal are showing late interest that's why he still hasn't signed on the doted Line."
22nd Aug 2013 15:37
"weve had our discussions with him, he clearly said he would be happy to come here but then didnt...hmmm money by any chance? any player who moves to a mega rich high wage paying club in a poor league i would have my doubts about. Stalling cause Bale not gone yet simples!"
22nd Aug 2013 15:46
"this guy is taking forever to sign for spurs - he must be asking for a ransom - possibly dodged a bullet there and if he didnt wanna join us then sod him anyway he must be thick eh"
22nd Aug 2013 17:28
"Idiotic comments by idiotic fans. When we were close to signing Willian, the fans were happy and praising the lad. Now that he is almost a Tottenham player, he is rubbish? What if he did a U turn and decided he wants to join Liverpool?"
22nd Aug 2013 17:40
"this is no news to us. why put detailed news about another club here? ARE YOU BBCFC.TV NOW?"
22nd Aug 2013 18:05
"wheeeeeey another 1 bites the dust!"
red robbie
22nd Aug 2013 19:41
"This guy is now in talks with chelski. sky sports update.We do not need this mercenary on our books only players who want to play for the club."
22nd Aug 2013 20:24
"Can we hijack this deal, that would be great."
22nd Aug 2013 21:20
"Now is the time to act. Bring him to Anfield. "
23rd Aug 2013 3:48
"read Chelskit are in for him as well with a late bid.."
23rd Aug 2013 9:01
"We have a net spend of MINUS 10 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!And we can't buy decent players!!!!!!"
23rd Aug 2013 9:08
"Mata anyone ?? "
23rd Aug 2013 10:29
""From US to interest in spurs NOW Chelski?? Seems Money is The Driver here not wish to play for anyone!! changed my mind on him..NOW, MATA it is reported may not be in Joses plans...not regulars starts etc...WHY NOT MOVE FOR HIM?? Hed fit in and hit ground running I think!!"