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John Barnes is the most skillful player that has ever played for Liverpool or England. Along with Daley Thompson, Sir Ian Botham and Sir Viv Richards he was my hero growing up.
Norfolk in Chance
22nd Aug 2013 13:29
22nd Aug 2013 13:46
"Great Article. Barnes in his prime was magic. England teams archaic style meant gifted talents like Barnes, Hoddle, Waddle, even Stevie G, Scholes were not allowed to flourish at intl level. "
22nd Aug 2013 13:58
"Of all the players we ever had if I had to pick one to complete the present team it would be JB. Sturridge, Coutinho, Suarez and Barnes. If Bale is worth 85+ Mill. How much for JB in his prime at todays prices?"
Norfolk in Chance
22nd Aug 2013 13:58
"I disagree RedRiv.. Barnes, Hoddle, Waddle etc all flourished at int level. If you're old enough to remember Barnes' goal against Brasil or Hoddle's passing eg WC 1986 (hand of god WC) or Waddle's runs you'd never say that. Winning a World Cup does not correlate to skill. eg George Best vs Diomede. Or Kleberson... Or Guivarch... "
22nd Aug 2013 14:27
"John Barnes - Icon, Hero, Legend.... Along with Lawrie Cunningham one of the finest players of his generation."
22nd Aug 2013 14:38
"Norfolk in Chance.- good reply however Barnes form in 87/88/89, Waddle's for Marseille (where at one point he was the best player in europe) were worthy of having a team built around rather than being kept out wide. They were v good in intl fb but we could have got even more. "
22nd Aug 2013 14:38
"One of the very best players who I have been privileged to watch. Also, John is tremendously loyal to LFC. Thank you"
22nd Aug 2013 14:40
"physicality and cerebral brilliance in equal measure. Never really thought much aboput Barnes's strength (due to his amazing skill) but it's a good point-how many times did he ever get pushed off the ball? True legend."
22nd Aug 2013 14:40
"Norfolk In Chance - I'm not referring to individual flashes or necessarily a WC. I'm referring to the style and fluidity of the football which would have enhanced their game. i.e. Waddle's freedom to roam, Barnes freedom to raid w/o defensive shackles."
22nd Aug 2013 14:54
"John Barnes but for injuries would have played another 200/300 games for LFC and another 106 goals. AMAZING player who was a DELIGHT to watch. We should get him a role within LFC and help bring along the youngsters. Could also pass on some tips for Sterling, Ibe etc ..John Barnes LFC top 5 of all time"
22nd Aug 2013 15:47
"digger's a super nice bloke - met him once, and now he's sorted his fashion out too hehe ;-) "
Norfolk in Chance
22nd Aug 2013 17:25
"They were both wingers, so why wouldn't they be outside? a handballed goal stopped England's progress in 86 which we could have won. It's easy/popular to knock England & easy/popular to adjust history to suit an opinion. WC aside, trophies are not a barometer of anything. Gerrard will never win the EPL, Euros or WC. Does that mean he's not been allowed to flourish? Hardly."
Norfolk in Chance
22nd Aug 2013 17:39
"Very few players are not asked to do defensive duties as you suggest. Even Messi defends/presses. Yes systems have evolved since 1980s from rigid 442, but the game's the same. Barnes won the league twice scoring 80 red goals & got 79 caps for England. Hoddle won the French league, UEFA Cup etc etc. That's textbook flourishing mate. "
22nd Aug 2013 18:17
"What a wonderful piece of writing. How i loved the Liverpool team of John Barnes. Lovely to watch and very admiring team... YNWA "
22nd Aug 2013 20:02
"Great Article. Barnes has always been my favourite player, Gerrard a close second."
22nd Aug 2013 20:10
"Brilliant article, great insight to a truly wonderful and very underrated player."
23rd Aug 2013 0:02
"Barnes was a big reason why I'm a LFC supporter he and Maradona the best players in the world at the time (Mid 80's). I'd go with RedRivelino England didn't get the best from him "
23rd Aug 2013 0:05
"86 world cup the only reason we had a chance against them was Barnes of the bench.Why on the bench? was there more talented players ahead of him? His brilliance was seen fleetingly at its best for England"
23rd Aug 2013 0:09
"Englands style of play since I've been watching them has never really suited technical players our best chance of winning a world cup was 1990 with Gazza, Barnes, Waddle, Beardsley. We don't produce a vast amount of quality anymore "
23rd Aug 2013 3:34
"Great article, testament to a great player, great person and a great ambassador to LFC. Congratulations Sir John Barnes, for this renewed attestation to what we LFC fans all over the world have acknowledged for a long time!"
23rd Aug 2013 4:02
"man...this piece is an awesome read....and i have followed Barnsey since his Watford days feeling old now ...:)"
23rd Aug 2013 12:45
"True footballer. Intelligent, skillful, agile, strong, great vision, goal scorer...decent rapper too!...LEGEND."