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so when will Spuds unveil their new defender :P lol
LFC since 1975
22nd Aug 2013 9:15
LFC since 1975
22nd Aug 2013 9:16
"so when will the Spuds unveil their new defender?? :P lol"
22nd Aug 2013 9:25
"Him and Diego Capel for £10m will be a good deal... "
22nd Aug 2013 9:25
"Get Papadopulous!!"
22nd Aug 2013 9:35
"according to sky sports news text yesterday the transfer news was that, Papadopulous!!" is very close to a move to anfield mind you he was spotted in a london hotel just hours after lol "
22nd Aug 2013 9:37
22nd Aug 2013 9:40
"again spurs r linked with us ,it has become a fashion niw"
22nd Aug 2013 9:54
"And here go Spurs again .Why is it that Spurs and Arsenal are always after LFC transfer targets,is it that all 3 clubs do their transfer deals late and therefore have to scramble for the same players or is it that they let LFC scout players then jump in for them and since they have money to spend they get the players "
22nd Aug 2013 9:57
"i prefer a winger rather than a defender"
22nd Aug 2013 9:59
"I would prefer Papadopoulos since he can play in multiple positions but Ilori for 6M sounds good and we can always use Gerrard as a CDM if Lucas gets injured. "
22nd Aug 2013 10:00
"Hope Liverpool go for Eric Lamela of Roma..Another Spurs target.."
22nd Aug 2013 10:01
"please sign Konoplyanka, talented winger from ukraine"
22nd Aug 2013 10:03
"I am just wondering what spin will be put outwhen the press conference happens to explain why not one first choice target was obtained. Wait. Who am I kidding, that won't happen. BS from BR or IA about it being a successful transfer window and how BR is looking forward to working with superb squad. Pity you are not so superb BR you are unproven with small ideas and lots of excuses. "
22nd Aug 2013 10:08
"(cont) BR was 3rd or 4th choice and FSG are now stuck with him and have to put on the smilie face. NOT ONE first choice signing and I will bet no "marquee signing" either. I will admit it and apologise if I am wrong but it just won't happen. We are not a preferred choice for quality players and until we have CL football we will stay that way and we will not get there with BR at the helm."
Natural Poolie
22nd Aug 2013 10:11
"Papadopoulos looks a much more accomplished CB and still available, cant understand why we haven't took that approach any further, oh yeah look at his price tag, oooo god its over £10 million, would mean another week of negotiations trying to get him on the cheap!"
22nd Aug 2013 10:14
"imascouse - Define 'small ideas'."
22nd Aug 2013 10:15
"If shalke fail to make cl then papa will be ours...."
22nd Aug 2013 10:27
"for everyone talking about spurs taking our potential signings.... will I an was there's from the start, abv scouted him when at chelski and spurs tried to get him in Jan... if we could get lamella then we'd be nicking one Offa them!! watched Arda Turan against barca last night and he looks pretty good as well! YNWA"
22nd Aug 2013 10:29
"With Aly now on our team, a full international that wants to get better, and will cost us just £4m if we take him on a permanent, thats a real bargain. His value would surely double half way through the season, and our sell-on value for each of this new signings are going to be enormously healthy. ... Spurs on the other hand, might have to sell off players at a massive discount. ... smile."
22nd Aug 2013 10:32
"There is still no news on Willain being unveiled as a Spud player .... London is having second thoughts about this one when BR threw in the towel and said you can have him .... Good one BR! ... we have multiple targets and all of which will play well around LS and DS."
22nd Aug 2013 10:33
"Imascouse get a grip its not all about signing marquee players its about signing the right players that fit your system also finding players with the right atude & a real desire to play for LFC. Look at our 2 signings last january DS & PC those 2 were far from being what anyone at the time would call marquee signings but look at the difference they make in our team for a combined price of 20m"
22nd Aug 2013 10:33
"Kingwillis, sure. He is one dimentional. His blind faith in his version of possession football is too predictable and easily defended against. There seems to be no 'plan B'he doesn't seem to be playing to win just not to lose. It is not bad luck but the wrong playing formula with not enough emphasis on challenging players in their defensive third. (cont) "
22nd Aug 2013 10:39
"I also think BR & co are doing the right way, we are giving out the signal that we're not going to pay "over the odds" for a player.... spuds are banking everything on getting in the CL, can you imagine their wage bill this season!! we are rebuilding, it took city a few seasons and they really did have money to burn! YNWA "
22nd Aug 2013 10:40
"The centre third needs to be owned by strong creative midfielders and he is not allowing that to happen with his current plan which to me seem the same each game. Hoping for a breach of an opponents defence by trying 20-30 passes is small thinking and at times leaves us trying longish range pot shots when we can't breach an organised defensive pattern"
22nd Aug 2013 10:42
"Imascouse, you clearly think there is no talent on the team and that the football we play is ugly. Five new players is a bad transfer window? Money spent does not equal quality nor does it equal wins or mean a higher place. Our brand of football is awesome and we will move up. How far is the question. "
22nd Aug 2013 10:46
"(cont) eg see sturridges' shot between legs of Huth on Saturday. It did not come from pass pass pass it came from individual creativity. The small stature players he seems to prefer just can't compete physically with larger stronger defenders. I dont believe he was ready for a club the standing of LFC and his strategy for Swansea isn't transferrable to LFC "
22nd Aug 2013 10:49
"A team needs 4 healthy CBs, and Ilori is good for the future. But for now, I believe we need Papa or Toby."
22nd Aug 2013 10:55
"Gator you dont know what I am thinking. There is talent just not enough of the right stuff to challenge for top 4. The players we have brought in are a gamble except KT who is a short term fix. Scotty, the right players for the system is fine but I believe this system is basically flawed. Toby A just about said sign me I dont care about CL he would've been a better fit"
22nd Aug 2013 11:00
"Gator, with no PROVEN quality players signed so far it is not successful, SO FAR. We may yet get the 'marquee signing" but I don't think so. Hope I am wrong. Players need competition for their positions but from proven quality players and we are gambling on some of the ones brought in SO FAR."
22nd Aug 2013 11:06
"Whether you believe it or not I want us to be challenging not just for top 4 but for 1st. Being 'part of the discussion' is aiming a bit low for mine. I will never not support LFC,I have the full version of YNWA tattooed on my arm and it is not just there for show. i just believe we need better quality squad than we have and dont think that BR is the man to do it. PLEASE BR PROVE ME WRONG."
22nd Aug 2013 11:07
"imascouse your so smart and brilliant and u know so much bout football.. u should manage our club.. (being sarcastic)"
22nd Aug 2013 11:14
"I was hoping for intelligent discussion here pity live2pawn turned up to spoil that idea... (being honest) if you cant join in the discussion and express your feeling without being insulting just don't bother. "
22nd Aug 2013 11:15
"we might as well all support Spurs as our whole team will got there soon BR and Ian Ayre to Spurs is next"
22nd Aug 2013 11:19
"fans here should really get a grip on themselves.. the season has just started and we got a win, the team playing some nice football and are entertaining to watch.. why is there still so much negativity.. if u want to moan bout something then go moan about your pathetic life.. jeez"
22nd Aug 2013 11:22
"At 6m Ian Ayre will be dithering again its time he walked.So many targets and not one has been signed.Deadline day is looming and it could be same as last year shut up shop at 4.0pm with no chance of signing anyone thats worth having.MR AYRES cannot close down big deals Oh for a Peter Robinson in his place."
22nd Aug 2013 11:28
"Being realistic when the squad is so thin is constructive criticism.We only need a couple of injuries and suspensions to see the quality in depth is shallow.Good experienced back up in all positions will give us a chance to maybe gain a CL place this season."
22nd Aug 2013 11:28
"Well if we get hm for 3-4m good if not , play a 3-4-1-2 Cissokho,Agger,Toure,at the back Eneique,Luacs,Gerrard,johnson in the middle, Coutinho in front of them and front two of Suarez and Sturridge, means, Enrique and Johnson can drop back for 5 at the back or push on as wingers but also help to hold the midfield "
22nd Aug 2013 11:28
"Live2pawn Why with the insults again. We did win at home V Stoke.. just... took a great save to do it and in a game that should have been put to bed by half time.. again. You don't get improvement from yes men who blindly agree with everything. It come from constructive criticism and dissecting and rearranging and coming up with the best product. "
22nd Aug 2013 11:49
"imascouse- theres two weeks left in the window so hold your rants for after. we missed out on willian because they wanted an extra 5 million for his agent so thats brilliant business by them. supposedly theres been a bid for lamela, 25 million. i do however would like you to explain how we wont move forward under br?"
22nd Aug 2013 11:50
"Seriously its getting ridiculous. Beside count&sturidge we have not improved the squad from last year. while every other potential top 4 team except for arsenal have strengthening their squad. we finished 7! yet we continue to be link with low budget players. I'm sorry but 4th place is spurs spot to lose."
22nd Aug 2013 11:51
"were playing better football, scoring more goals, all round more consistent. respond to this because a healthy debate on your opinion of br and mine could be interesting!"
22nd Aug 2013 11:52
"The EPL is a top league and unfortunately with modern futbol if you want to compete you have to purchase top players. Iago, alberto are not top players yet. "
22nd Aug 2013 11:58
"So ilori spurs bound . I hate spurs but ye have to admire wat they do if Liverpool want a class player they out bid us to insure we don't get better so makes them stronger to fight for Europe a head of us, try keep us weak at all costs that's there game "
22nd Aug 2013 12:02
"all of you are raving about spuds, bar the fact they steal our targets, why? your forgetting that they signed or will have signed 6, maybe 7 players. all whol have to gel immediately. you cant reshape and rebuild your whole team and expect them to instantly click, cont,"
22nd Aug 2013 12:04
"Willian was a big loss but for 30 mill I think diame ,mc carthy, Toby alderwield, and James Milner would add depth and quality and experience we have money just not the right people dealing with transfers"
22nd Aug 2013 12:04
""Shhuuuush" dont reveal any targets as i think Spurs scouts are employed by Liverpool. "
22nd Aug 2013 12:04
"Not sure if you all have noticed but we are the cool big brother that spurs look up to and want to be like us. Tiago will be a good signing for the future and later in the season cover mind bearing Agger is injury prone."
22nd Aug 2013 12:05
"your also forgetting they CANT replace bale. he got them points last year where they had no right to win. you simply cant replace that quality. its early days yet. watching spurs vs palace they were ok, certainly not as dominant or threatening as people make them out to be imo. i wouldnt be writing us off yet. keep the faith"
22nd Aug 2013 12:16
"I think it is pathetic for Liverpool fans to even have a debate regarding players. That debate should only start after the window has shut, then we will know what players we have. I will leave my thoughts after the Villa game on Saturday. "
22nd Aug 2013 12:32
"coutinho10?9- what on earth are you talking about? its pathetic to have a debate? why? isnt it better to debate wheteher you think a player is good enough fo us, worth his money, wages etc than come on here and slate people for wanting to debate? to bad you didnt keep that awful opinion for after the villa game."
Norfolk in Chance
22nd Aug 2013 12:33
"As Spuds are in for him too, are in Europre and will finish higher than us in the league, I don't expect him to sign. AVB commands more respect in the market than BR as he has won things. Rookies are of course cheaper though.."
22nd Aug 2013 12:45
"Spuddy1892 your right keep the faith we are in a very good place now with experience and young quality players we should just look to villa game and sack the whole transfer debates just can't wait for Suarez to be available I think we can fight for top four when he's back "
22nd Aug 2013 12:48
"decent backup tbh and very quick!"
22nd Aug 2013 13:03
"BR out Jurgen Klopp or Jupp Heynckes please"
22nd Aug 2013 13:06
"Spurs won their first match 1-0 on a penalty. This is what many here fear? Yet our 1-0 score line is woeful? We created tons of chances and without our best scorer on the pitch. 100 mil in spending and it takes a spot kick to win. Hilarious!!!"
22nd Aug 2013 13:12
"Maybe we should get a restraining order against Tottenham"
22nd Aug 2013 13:13
"We played substantially better after January when we added options beyond Suarez up front. We added more options and competition in this window proven or not (DS&PC) were unproven as well. I disagree iamascouse that BR's brand of football isn't working. After Jan, it has worked phenomenally. Additional quality is always helpful. "
22nd Aug 2013 14:16
"Our first 11 of SM, JE, DA, KT, GJ, LL, SG, PC, IA, LS, and DS on paper is a strong team and capable of beating anyone but our problem is strength in depth. The best 2nd team I can pick is Jones, Cisshoko, Wisdom, Skrytl, Kelly, Allen, Hendo, Sterling, Alberto, Ibe and Borini. Plenty of potential but how many of them have the required quality now to challenge for a 1st team spot (Kelly? Skrytl?)"
22nd Aug 2013 14:16
"Cont. And more importantly how many of them are game changers, say we were losing 1-0 to Man U with 20 minutes to go who would you take off and bring on? Sure without European football we do not need a big squad but I expect us to challenge on 3 fronts, the PL and both domestic cups, sadly I just do not believe we have the quality in depth to do that."
22nd Aug 2013 14:26
"Can BR pull in a marquee signing...or not???"
22nd Aug 2013 15:03
"Not gonna believe any more "rumours" till a concrete statement by the club.Transfer window still open,we need players who buy into what Lfc are trying to achieve,not just chasing the big bucks.How rich d,ya wanna be? "
Natural Poolie
22nd Aug 2013 16:03
"Imascouse - I'm with you buddy, I know how you feel. The tactics, the exciting football are all good, we where looking great at the end of last season. But the level of outfield players brought in just isn't good enough. They have no proven potential, we're just hoping that a bunch of rough diamonds shine. Kolo is looking good but he's only a sticking plaster over a problem!"
22nd Aug 2013 16:16
"natural poolie- how can you say theyre not good enough when, for one youve only seen aspas play one compet.itive match along with toure and mignolet. if you think kolo and simon are un proven then what do you know? cont"
22nd Aug 2013 16:18
"cont.. since mignolet was one of the best keepers in the league last year and fair enough kolo might not have been great with city but hes a proven winner, winning the league with 2 different teams. basically your saying aspas and cissokho are un proven and judging all the signing on your short sighted point of view.. judge them when theyve played more than 1 league game."
Afrika Kop
22nd Aug 2013 17:14
""Big-spending Tottenham have also been interested in the English-born centre back, but the Reds are at a more advanced stage in proceedings and Rodgers is confident of getting his man". We have heard this three times and Spuds come and get the guy!"
22nd Aug 2013 17:15
"spuddy189222nd Aug 2013 12:32 - It is pathetic since the players you fans talk about end up joining other clubs. What's even more sad and pathetic is that you big up some of these players and when they end up elsewhere, these fans change their mind stating he is rubbish and we have better in our team. "
22nd Aug 2013 18:57
"sick of hearing all this negetivity lets see what happens after the Villa game ,if we get a win will all these negetive posts turn into positive ones? or do you all like to troll just to see your names get mentioned lets just see YNWA"