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Congratulations Daniel and thank you for your commitment.
21st Aug 2013 17:05
21st Aug 2013 17:11
"You're the right man for the job Daniel! We are proud to have a Danish Scouse! Not many imports will have the same kind of pride and loyalty that you have for Liverpool! YNWA Daniel Agger!"
21st Aug 2013 17:18
"Great player. Great man. LFC's great Danish Viking warrior."
21st Aug 2013 17:22
"Well done Daniel, truly committed to the cause of getting us back to where we need to be. Barcelona, a great club has been in for him & he chose to fight for us, true loyalty. Thanks mate YNWA !!! "
Gerrard o ya beauty
21st Aug 2013 17:25
"Absolute quality defender when he's fit, we need to keep Agger fit this season, but he gets injured sometimes cos he puts his body on the line and to the limit for the club. So glad to here he and his family are happy. YNWA Agger"
21st Aug 2013 17:26
"Daniel Twang Eriksen and get him to come "
21st Aug 2013 17:30
"Thanks Agger. Have always been assured of your commitment. Now lets do something big this season."
21st Aug 2013 17:35
"Agger = class act"
21st Aug 2013 17:36
"in agger i trust !! "
21st Aug 2013 17:44
"If Carlsberg made football players..."
21st Aug 2013 17:45
"well done, you deserve it!!!"
21st Aug 2013 17:48
"FSG & BR must not put too much load on the lads. Bring additional players or let the whole Liverpool fans know we are here to make profit."
21st Aug 2013 17:48
"congrats a loyal servant, soonest you will lift trophies both as the team captain and vice captain.... reds funshow from Nigeria +234-8032448788"
21st Aug 2013 17:52
"Daniel is gonna be a great captain. Just needs to be a bit more vocal like Kolo"
21st Aug 2013 18:38
"Daniel + Skrtel = Good, very, very good. Daniel + Kolo = Probably the best partnership in the world."
Norfolk in Chance
21st Aug 2013 18:39
"I'm sure he'll appreciate the advice Nazim.. "
21st Aug 2013 18:45
"Very loyal and great player for us. However the partnership with Toure or Skrtel wont work as not good enough to defend the high ball. We need to bring in a Sami Hyppia type player urgently to partner Agger/Toure. Stoke game proved that. Roll on Villa, will be a lot of goals in that one, just hope we come out on top!"
21st Aug 2013 18:58
"thank you agger for your loyalty..we love you here!!YNWA!!"
Natural Poolie
21st Aug 2013 19:08
"Well done Daniel, we need some spine in our camp, keep up the communication across the back four!"
21st Aug 2013 19:14
21st Aug 2013 19:43
"one of my favourite Liverpool players,YNWA DA"
21st Aug 2013 19:46
"one of my favourite Liverpool players,YNWA DA"
21st Aug 2013 20:00
"Apologies for posting off topic, but when are LFC going to announce the news that Coates is staying in his homeland to receive treatment on a serious knee injury that he has just picked up. I have read this elsewhere but not as yet on this site. If this is true then surely now we must go shopping for a CB."
21st Aug 2013 20:13
"Agger to Daily Mail: "Barcelona are obviously a big club, but I have never thought about leaving Liverpool, unless they want to sell. Frankly I don't mind if we don't finish in the top four, I love the club." Those are not just empty words like we have heard from others. Gotta love that guy!"
robbo kop
21st Aug 2013 20:14
"Great choice BR, Agger deserves the vice captaincy, keep your eyes off barca, he's a red and always will be "
21st Aug 2013 20:28
"Great choice and massive respect for Agger for his love for the club and how he conducts himself, makes me proud to be a red. YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 20:45
"Agger is a great pro and rightly deserves the vice captain's role. On the issue of under-performing, you ve got the opportunity to impress us this season and improve on the position on the table. we are all fired up this season. Congratulations our vice captain. YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 21:13
"Top man "
21st Aug 2013 21:14
"OK great, DA is a great choice for VC and a true LFC talisman. Still doesn't hide our inepude in the transfer market and the farce that is the LFC website rumour page. It's just asking for fan unrest. From a frequent Anfield hospitality attendee!"
21st Aug 2013 21:44
"I see Chelsea got away with a blatant handball in box ( worse than Aggers)- As we're not a top club at moment we won't get these gift decisions. So makes it more difficult to compete with the teams at top."
21st Aug 2013 22:01
"Only Liverpool can produce such loyalty. Agger, Carra, Stevie, Lucas, Pepe in our hearts. YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 22:26
"I think Daniel will be one of the last to retire at LFC for a while, right before Johnson and Lucas. The closest to Lucas might proberly be Henderson, (If he Improves to around Gerrard standard) Skrtel only if BR plays him more, anyways, congrats Agger, and thank you for your loyalty! YNWA!"
21st Aug 2013 22:59
"this issue is raised in order to turn us from willian disappointment. well tried, but we don't forget your incompetence's ... still disappointing!!!! "
21st Aug 2013 23:35
"A legend to be"
22nd Aug 2013 0:07
"Great seeing Dan get his rewards but stop the smokescreen news items to cover Ayre's incompetence. Where is our top signing? Why is a Mickey Mouse small club like Spurs outbidding us? We want news. We want top players. We want success."
22nd Aug 2013 0:24
"The last point Daniel makes regarding Liverpool's relatively low position and yet there is still dedicated support and loyalty from our fans is an interesting one. I wonder if Chelsea lost their billionaire Russion godfather whether a position of 6,7 or 8 would keep the same support? Methinks .. not a cat's chance!!!"
22nd Aug 2013 0:28
"Like his predecessor Damiel is not only a really good footballer, but a great man. Another LFC overseas footballer would never be invited to my home, but I would be honoured and priviliged to introduce Daniel to my family."
22nd Aug 2013 0:51
"Deserved, your commitment and desire for the club rates you up there in my books... and a solid performer, Daniel Agger for ever red. YNWA viking vice captain."
22nd Aug 2013 2:12
"Brendan don't sell Skrtel! YNWA Daniel"
22nd Aug 2013 4:12
"DAGGER the legend ..congrats and a huge thank you for turning down Barca.."
22nd Aug 2013 4:24
"This is the example for one that have a taste of success with the LFC. Will fight through and through for the cause of the club. It is not loyalty but commitment! The supporters definitely appreciate all his doing. Totally deserve the VC status. "
22nd Aug 2013 5:08
"This man loves the club as much as us scousers do. Gerrard is liverpool born and bread, Agger has made a conscious decision to put this club first. If ever a foreigner deserved our praise its this man.YNWA Dagger NEVER EVER."
22nd Aug 2013 6:36
22nd Aug 2013 6:44
"Good lad ! Who are Barcelona anyway aye Dan ? Not Liverpool are they ? YNWA "
22nd Aug 2013 7:30
"DAgger ynwa! Go for Kaká BR. With Bale, Isco, Ozil he will not play at Madrid. He still a good player and always wanted to play in PL. He and Coutinho = Monster Criativity for Suarez/Sturridge goals."
22nd Aug 2013 8:01
"I love Agger, amazing player. He really loves BR's system and loves getting involved in the build up play. Keeping our players this season is massive and bigger than any Willian could be. YNWA Agger, top bloke."
22nd Aug 2013 12:14
"Dan the Man! We love you."