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disappointed that suarez has gone totally quiet, cheer up man
22nd Aug 2013 9:47
22nd Aug 2013 11:00
"There is still a huge dount over Suarz staying, I dont care if he has apologized, that is purely to keep the media quiet and allow the lads to focus on the season, Mark my words,RM are still a big possibility to sign him!"
22nd Aug 2013 11:40
"Supporter power got shut of H&G we now need to remove Ian Ayre from this club before we get to a point of not being able to attract third rate players to the club.He has failed to complete any recent major signings.So get on your harley Mr Ayres and ride off into the sunset."
Norfolk in Chance
22nd Aug 2013 11:59
"I don't rate Ayre, or the structure that BR wanted, which didn't include a DoF, but it's laughable to say supporter power got rid of H&G and could get rid of Ayre too... Fans are seriously deluded if they think they have that influence, particularly through the internet.. "
22nd Aug 2013 12:45
"luis Garcia a true red good to see him still following us! and I think suso should have been loaned to a team in England tbh, but good luck to him! have high expectations for that lad"
22nd Aug 2013 13:35
"debo012 - totally quiet for Suarez is just fine - every time he opens his mouth recently he puts his foot in it! No news is good news although to be honest I would rather this was resolved now rather than waiting until Jan when the chance of getting someone in is less"
22nd Aug 2013 14:14
"kopite- WE DON'T HAVE EUROPEAN FOOTBALL, can you understand why top players might not come here, regardless of how much we offer? No? Thought not. "
22nd Aug 2013 14:51
"Lius Suarez is doing the right thing by keeping quiet. ... Let his footballing do the talking. The press are just dying to get some thing to spin on him. Lets support him, and the club by respecting the silence, which is always golden. "
22nd Aug 2013 14:52
"when win win the next 5 league games without Suarez; with 18 points, jockeying for position with a couple of other clubs, he will realise his ambitions can be fulfilled with us! YNWA"
22nd Aug 2013 15:31
"Don't understand people slating Ayre. I'm not his biggest fan but surely when negotiating a deal for a player its the owners who dictate how much he can spend. So if the selling club want more than Ayre is allocated to spend then his hands are pretty much tied. "
22nd Aug 2013 19:12
"Anneallred- I meant to speak abt appreciating lfc wins nothing else what wl media get by that? "