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no offense to lucas...but typical cover up by NESV and brendan from hiding the fact that they wussed out from buying proven world class players. lfc fans are not naive or stupid. as for lucas, keep playing well mate. YNWA
21st Aug 2013 10:36
21st Aug 2013 10:50
"Hope you get back into the brazil squad but more importantly stay fit and help us get back into the cl."
21st Aug 2013 10:52
"Lucas is an integral part of our team if we want to push for a compeive top spot and embodies the spirit I like to see in players wearing the Liver bird on the red shirt. "
21st Aug 2013 11:05
"The scouting department needs to look no further than Georginio Wijnaldum (PSV). 22 years old, can play att mid and winger. Technicaly gifted, speedy and scores goals. GET HIM NOW before the spuds steal him!!!"
21st Aug 2013 11:13
"Always feel better when I see Lucas on the field. He goes about his business in a quiet but so efective way. He´s also the one player that just keeps on improving year in year out. The Villa game comming up will demand him at his best. Godd luck Lucas and keep on being so possitive, we need more players with the right LFC atude witch you do bring to the game."
21st Aug 2013 11:15
"I dont understand that fact that y so many fans r desperate fr a big money signing? does big money signing guarantee success? why wud world class players join liverpool without europe? obviously we need signings but it should be wise signings not like spending 35m nd then find out its a flop, at the end of the day lfc hv to pay fr it if the signing is a flop not those stupid fans "
21st Aug 2013 11:20
"NOT even ONE marquee signing for this season. LFC Rival Teams buys best players in transfer market. Every year Good LFC Players leave, replace by Unproven/ Injury Prone/ Inconsistent Players. Brendan & NESV Owners, WAKE UP! LFC has incomparable trophy winning history. STOP showing interests/ approaches/ other imaginary talks, PLACE CONCRETE bids to buy Proven Young World Class Players soon. YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 11:22
"all loving devoted lfc fans cannot stand watching lfc becoming lame ducks in front of our rivals. even southampton are splashing cash to bring proven world class players and tottenham are buying as many world class players as they can to replace the loss of bale. brendan can never make excuses saying he didn't had time to buy players or the present squad is too little. ynwa"
21st Aug 2013 11:25
"of course, prudent managers will never spend euro 35 million just on one player...when the same amount of money can buy at least 2-3 proven young world class players. there is time till 02 sept 2013, brendan can never make excuses saying he didn't had time to buy world class players or the present squad is too little. YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 11:26
"allen and hendo watch and learn of lucas top man.also thank you fsg for making us a midtable team with your midtable buys norwich and southampton are buying bigg what joke people with money never want to spend it"
21st Aug 2013 11:27
"once again lucas, no offense to you...but all loving devoted lfc fans cannot stand watching lfc become lame ducks in front of our rivals just because brendan and NESV owners wussed out. our lfc's incomparable trophy winning history can attract any proven young world class players. so no excuses brendan and NESV. YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 11:32
"OZJamesQ8 your opinion is not needed so go and sleep, if you like post the same message 100 times LFC doesn't need your type, Liverpool FC is doing their business their own way if you don't like it go and wear Blue or Yellow jersey"
21st Aug 2013 11:33
"OzJamesQ8....Willian is not world class. He may be good but world class are players who get into their national team with ease and he hasn't. Aspas is far more consistent than Willian and has performed in one of the toygher leagues. Our rivals haven't splashed the cash besides Tottenham,City and Chelsea who are able to due to funds from owners and the sale of Bale... Wake up"
21st Aug 2013 11:34
"Again and again we missed out a marquee signing - Willian to Spurs. Why can't we be more productive in clinching the deal? Why are we behind teams like Spurs. If we are a big club, we should be ahead. The fans need answer from Ian Ayre and FSG. Will we be signing any marquee signing before the transfer window closed? Remember the Dempsey case. A sad one indeed. "
21st Aug 2013 11:39
"tottenham owners personal net worth 25000cr> liverpool owners personal networth worth 7000cr (indian currency) nd with ffp coming think be4 comparing lfc spending with spurs"
21st Aug 2013 11:43
"the gap between us and the top 4 will get bigger and harder every season unless we start spending on proven players."
21st Aug 2013 11:46
"OzJamesQ8 I think you should speak for yourself. I for one would rather have BR buy players who want to play for LFC. We are not in Europe and cannot attract the "marquee" signings but we did get Coutinho for 8mil imagine how good he looks on the ball compared with Downing, Henderson, and the all time "marquee" signing carroll. "
21st Aug 2013 11:48
""Marquee signings" A stupid phrase invented by the media which some fans have latched onto thinking that its a god given right that therie club should be making and if they do it means their team will be a success. Shame."
21st Aug 2013 11:48
"Lucas played very well against Stoke, if he continues to play like that he will get back in his national team for sure. Good luck Lucas, great to see you back to your best."
21st Aug 2013 11:48
"Was Coutinho or Sturridge a marquee signing? NO...Are they two of the best signings of recent years? YES"
21st Aug 2013 11:51
"Leiva had a Great game against Potheads"
21st Aug 2013 11:52
"Any signing that may be made in the next 10 days should be to add to the collective, not a big spend on one player to appease "fans". And, btw, Lucas you are a star...sorry for dissing your article with my opinion but really some of these comments get me mad!!"
21st Aug 2013 11:52
"debo - Independently valued net worth of entire FSG collective of investors is $27 BILLION. FSG have plenty of money. They just don't spend it on LFC. They spend hundreds of millions on Red Sox and other investments. John Henry spent $70 million CASH on the Boston Globe last week. LFC is just a monetization franchise for them."
21st Aug 2013 11:58
"totally agree with Jumpersforgoalposts. NESV owners has got loads of money but they spend only on boston red sox and peanuts on lfc. we should get carried away thinking 1-0 win last week will get us to premiership le this season or within the next few seasons. brendan brought up the promise of bringing exciting marquee signing. ynwa"
21st Aug 2013 12:00
"I think we have dogged a bullet on William, he's not all that. £35m Really"
21st Aug 2013 12:01
"OzJamesQ8 you are a norb, whta would you say to JH, dual won 29% aerial dual won ONE, Interception ZERO? ___ Lucas is a top player but would like us to add another DM as back up, incase any dip of form or injuries. get Diame "
21st Aug 2013 12:02
"as for nkem03 and his fella pip squeak alibies, i am not here to show case of my colloquial english or argue, but raise the concern of lfc turning to become into an lame duck when all the other rival clubs especially tottenham goes around to buy the best players. all loving devoted lfc fans will worry about lfc's current season's transfer activity. ynwa"
21st Aug 2013 12:02
"Stevie G, our captain. has said we need two "marquee" signings to break top 4. Two top drawer internationals. And yet many on here know better than Stevie and apologise for our owners. Support the club, not some bankers in Boston who prefer baseball."
21st Aug 2013 12:03
"lucas you played amazing against stoke, awesome play, great defending..."
21st Aug 2013 12:04
"for lucas, this is blog is about you...since you been at lfc, you worked hard and always given 100%. allen and hendo can look upto you for your hard work ethics. ynwa "
21st Aug 2013 12:09
"oz - Correct. NESV bought LFC at a cut price deal at £300 mill, 6 months after it was valued at £530 mill. It is now worth £420 mill - that's a big potential profit despite no Champions League, because of cost cutting and monetization of revenue streams. FSG don't need or care about football success as they will make a profit regardless."
21st Aug 2013 12:11
"FSG had zero interest in football, let alone LFC before 2010. The only reason FSG bought LFC was because it was available at below market value and because their advisors, Inner Circle of Wall Street, told them of the huge brand monetization and costcutting potential of LFC. Inner Circle investment bank also brought Hicks and Gillette into LFC. What a disaster that was. "
21st Aug 2013 12:17
"Inner Circle also advised and were paid millions out of LFC coffers for the disastrous New Anfield non-starter project. Inner Circle were paid big to find a world class CEO for LFC and instead Hicks and Gillette's lieutenant, Ian Ayre, was elevated to CEO after a global search for a top CEO failed. Inner Circle bring misers and cowboys to LFC and laugh all the way to the bank."
21st Aug 2013 12:18
"On a footballing note - good to see Lucas get back to good form and fitness. He has been slated by many of the fly by night fans who have little football knowledge and who turn on players after one or two seasons."
21st Aug 2013 12:24
"Lucas was one of the best players on the field on Saturday,he hardly put a foot[or head]wrong during the whole 90+ minutes.Well done lad and all the best,I really hope you get your wish and make it to the 2014 world cup.!"
21st Aug 2013 12:29
"JWH got LFC cut price, he also got Red Sox with a bid lower than rivals. This was because he was "Bud Selig's man". Selig was Major League Baseball Commissioner who benefited from sale of Red Sox to FSG because it enabled Marlins owner Jeff Loria to buy Marlins off JWH and Selig to buy Expos from Loria. Henry's annoyed his business contacts can't get him top footballers on cheap. "
21st Aug 2013 12:31
"You hit the nail on the head when you said neither him or Courtino have featured for Brazil ,reason being Lucas is never good enough to be a regular for Brazil Courtino needs to put on a stone in muscle then he may get in the Brazilian squad ."
Natural Poolie
21st Aug 2013 12:32
"Lucas you will have to be at your best mate, those in the offices above you have let the club down hugely. They make you laugh, cut cost, minimum investment, increased profits, and put it all down to "stabilizing the club!" What will they do when all the young Asians etc stop buying cos the LFC isn't a global brand anymore?"
21st Aug 2013 12:32
"As soon as his name is mentioned with Liverpool Spurs will sign him ."
21st Aug 2013 12:34
"8 tackles in one game. Lucas averaged the most of any player last season - about 4.7. Looks like he's looking to break that! Unfortunately, some Liverpool fans STILL cannot see what he does. There is no hope for them."
Natural Poolie
21st Aug 2013 12:34
"That's exactly what will happen if we're not winning anything or challenging at least! Which countries youngsters are gonna buy the shirt of an also ran?"
Red Machine
21st Aug 2013 12:38
notts red till dead
21st Aug 2013 12:48
"jeez, jumper and oz can defo talk some eh?? lucas your a great benefit to your profession, well done. as for william, im glad we didnt get him, an awful lot of money for a player who hasnt played in any of europes top leagues, he isnt a neymar. risky signing regardless if he turns out to be a great buy. we need some proven class as we cant rely on our kids just yet, pull a couple out the bag br!!"
21st Aug 2013 12:51
"All this crap about signing so called 'Marquee' players. How much did we pay for DS and mention but 2, not 30 mil!!! Have more faith in your team . If any of the team read this crap, you will be filling them with so much confidence."
21st Aug 2013 12:53
"scubanut - A key team member, Steve Gerrard, has repeatedly called for two marquee signings, including in his Liverpool Echo interview in July. Maybe you should take your argument up with a club legend like him?"
21st Aug 2013 13:02
"i hope the Villan s will get tired after the game vs chelsea ! "
notts red till dead
21st Aug 2013 13:05
"stevie g will say what the club asks of him, never the less all players want to play with better players. we dont need to make a statement with a big purchase but if it takes big money then so be it. at this stage of our development id much prefer two more coutinhos and sturridges to be fair, or at least one."
21st Aug 2013 13:06
" Jumpersforgoalposts, Not for me to contradict SG, but I say again, look at what we paid for DS and PC, you dont need to spend Big to get quality players. Its all about being able to spot cheaper talent. Don't forget, it wasn't that long ago LFC were looking at administration."
Munthe Gerrard
21st Aug 2013 13:06
"Come On ... Lucas .. YNWA ! "
21st Aug 2013 13:16
"scubanut, notts red till dead, Jumpersforgoalposts...all of you are right. given not too long ago lfc came close to administration so being prudent is important. at the same time, given NESV owners splash cash heavily on boston red it's peice of cake for NESV owners to buy any young world class players. YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 13:18
"furthermore brendan is the one that mentioned about getting at least one exciting marquee signing. we don't need marquee signings or waste 30 million euros on just one players. with 30 millions euros we can buy at least 2-3 young world class players. YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 13:19
"our lfc's incomparable trophy winning history can attract any young world class players. it's a dream for every young world class players to play for lfc. so we don't need champions league. best example: suarez joining lfc on 2011-12. we need more countinhos and suarez (minus poor pr). YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 13:24
"its strange we don't seem to bid for any players that can make a difference to the team,is it fsg or is it br lack of knoledge of better players this isn't Swansea I know we getting more like them since br came, but things have to change we have to challenge for trophies and be in CL."
21st Aug 2013 13:25
"Debt problems under H and G was more to do with leveraged debt used to buy the club (won't go into how RBS were bailed out/bankrupt themselves and said LFC would never go into admin due to good credit lines and many bidders available or how Mill Financial are summoning FSG to Supreme Court over bid rigging). FSG use FFP as smokescreen to run LFC as midtable club to grow profit before exit."
21st Aug 2013 13:26
"of course we need champions league football but not necessary to have champions league football to attract proven young world class players. 400 words with spaces limitation. for this transfer window, we just need any proven young world class players specially for left winger and central defender positions. YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 13:36
21st Aug 2013 13:46
"Keep working hard and surely you would make it to the world cup. Same for Phil"
Liverpool NY
21st Aug 2013 13:47
"we should support BR and the management and get into conclusions when the season end. This is 2nd season for BR and he would have to explain or pay for not making top 4 or higher. I think that success on the pitch bring revenue and more fans, see how many global fan Barcelona and Man united have...the mgmt knows that. Also splurging money on players not equal success...Torres someone? "
21st Aug 2013 14:04
"Don't why people are saying spurs are buying far better players than us, because from what i seen against CP...paulinho (even though was MOM), chadli, soldado...didn't look that good, capoue did though. Just because they are more 'high profile' does not mean they are better."
21st Aug 2013 14:06
"As for lucas i don't think he got enough credit against stoke...definitely one of the best players on the pitch in that game, he was everywhere, was very impressed with him, looks far better now hes had a few months back."
21st Aug 2013 14:08
"BR should stay at LFC even if we didn't qualifyfor the CL because i like the way the team play , but instead , I.ayre and J-W henry have to go out !! if we provide BR with quality player , Liverpool will challenge for the EPL le !! i'm sure !!"
21st Aug 2013 14:14
"Lol 'Liverpool Fans' demanding big money singnings... just because someone costs £30million + doesnt guarantee he is good enough. Some 'fans' need to wake up and play less Football Manager!"
21st Aug 2013 14:19
"It hasn't been long that we are able to sign high quality players. Now it become quite clear that LFC is incompetent under the current regime and officials"
21st Aug 2013 14:38
"YNWA!!!! Lucas, Have a hell of a year and help our back four as best you can. Going to be a long grind it out season and I am glad you are looking good so far. Keep it up and we will have success this year. Hope you get back into Brazil squad as well."
21st Aug 2013 14:44
"Dear Moderators, pass on the message - great job on #LFCWorld episodes! Seeing Ronnie Moran reinforces the desire for us to win les again. Step by step but we need to be winning league les as soon as possible. "
21st Aug 2013 14:51
"Lucas, continue battling and you will be back home feeding Neymar through balls this summer. YNWA 21 best of luck in making your dream come true."
21st Aug 2013 14:54
"A couple of years ago redsox brought in Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzales for a boat load of cash and failed to make the playo look it up. Those players were moved on and now Red Sox are in first place some fans post ignorant garbage about owners because their American."
21st Aug 2013 15:02
"Lucas had to completely remodel his game under the guidance of Rafa.He is a credit to himself what a class holding midfielder he has become.Possibly the best in the Prem at what he does."
21st Aug 2013 15:04
"Gerard was not marquee when he broke into first team. Torres was not marquee. Sami and Carra were not marquee. Dalglish was not marquee. Owen, fowler, Barnes not marquee. These players are legends of LFC because they were supported by great fans at a great club. You negative commenters should remember what being a Liverpool Supporter is about."
21st Aug 2013 15:05
"I have had serious reservations about BR and FSG and possibly rightly so with all the spin and downright lies they have told.However the way they have dealt with the Suarez situation has been superb thus far.They have also quietly bought the majority of the properties surrounding Anfield though the residents may not be happy with how they have gone about it..ctd"
21st Aug 2013 15:08
"ctd...I very much hope that FSG do want to restore the club to former glories and profit should be hand in hand with that success.I truly hope that they fulfill their promise to redevelop Anfield.I still believe we will finish 5th or 6th this year which will be improvement. "
21st Aug 2013 15:16
"My personal recommendation to Brendan would be Mathieu Valbuena from Marseille.Let's hope the transfer committee are making contingency plans for January."
21st Aug 2013 15:33
"Get Muniain, get him now!!"
21st Aug 2013 15:47
"A big NO to willain.. For 30+ mil surely he will have to better than Mata, Hazard and RvP.. I rather be disappointed by no more signing rather than seeing him flop week in week out.. "
21st Aug 2013 15:51
"No matter what our LFC does for many on this forum it is always wrong. If we buy players like Carroll for £35 Downing for £20 and Henderson for £16 Million they moaned. Then we got Sturridge for £11 and Countinho for £8.5 and Toure for free they moaned. And now we dont want to pay more than £24 for Willian they moan again. Support our Team or take a Bus down M62 and support them."
21st Aug 2013 16:00
"It would be irresponsible to let many supporters on this forum on a bus by themselves - especially to there..."
21st Aug 2013 16:02
"I see the pessimists are on again, NO BIG NAME SIGNINGS. "
21st Aug 2013 16:04
"Tell me was Rush SG keegan smith mcmahon MCMANNAMAN FOWLER souness the kennedys etc all big money buys NO.its a team sport not over priced individual sport."
21st Aug 2013 16:07
"Not long ago this site was full of we need a big name manager, TELL where did Shankly come from and was he well known ?, Paisley, Fagen, Dalglish, where they ? None except Shankly had any previous experiance and they didnt do too bad for us did they. Its still the same simple game game being ruined buy BIG MONEY BUYS AND BIG MANAGER SIGNINGS. "
21st Aug 2013 16:07
21st Aug 2013 16:08
"So we missed out on a 25yo Brzillian with 2 caps who 3 weeks ago most people had never heard of. 30 million way too much! All our summer signing look good sensible buys. I like the look of our team and what Brendan is moulding."
21st Aug 2013 16:28
"Marquee signings my ar se you mean like when Chelsea payed £50m for a striker that cant score, or us £35M for another that cant score (Carroll) So much big talk but its all hot air from someone who clearly knows nothing about football except what he plays in a fantasy league."
21st Aug 2013 16:31
"money money money thats all you lot go on about, you are worse than the players, you are worse than the owners who are the victims of so much bile on here. They stumped up the cash 18 months ago and got their fingers burnt big style and you wonder that they are more careful now. And do you seriously think BR has anything to do with how much many is spent, you know nothing "
21st Aug 2013 16:57
"we have literally earnt money this summer with our sales and purchases. not disturbing enough, with the increase in TV deals, the owners are pocketing a small fortune while the team is left to suffer. even spuds have spent! i just dont understand.. willian even said he wanted to come to us!"
21st Aug 2013 17:01
"Well done to Lucas and shame on the people who come on here to try and badger the management.. Who needs a Marquee signing. A lot of them take time to get going. Remember Dzeko's first season? I'm much happier seeing people who share the ethos of the club rather than money grabbers ."
Gerrard o ya beauty
21st Aug 2013 17:03
"Spot on Lucas, it was very difficult for him when he first came and took a lot of stick for not being able to cope with the premier league but thanks to Benitez he's turned into a very good holding midfielder. He looked so sharp on Saturday and won the ball back fast and set up the attacks. Keep working hard Lucas. YNWA Lucas, top man."
Gerrard o ya beauty
21st Aug 2013 17:08
"Some fans think they know better than stevie G "
Natural Poolie
21st Aug 2013 17:15
"There is positives, its not all bad. We have some excellent youngsters. Its the ready made talent we lack, PC hasn't proved himself and he can't do it on his own, even against Stoke if PC didn't have it we didnt look like doing anything. PC and LS cannot do it on their own, I'm not convinced Aspas is up to it. I'm sorry but am gonna upset a few here but I can't even see the point...con'd"
Natural Poolie
21st Aug 2013 17:22
"In Alberto, he's comfortable with ball, but neither skillful enough or quick enough, a PC but without any of the talent. The most annoying thing is we where so close to pushing on, Mkhataryan, Damaio and Toby or Llori etc would of made all the difference, we would of had a team for the now AND more importantly, when our youngsters mature....cont'd"
Natural Poolie
21st Aug 2013 17:24
"PC, DS, Aspas etc mature and develope, well just think what we could of been. Just a little bit braver, that's all it needed!"
21st Aug 2013 17:26
"dameric - Nothing to do with nationality as far as I am concerned. I respect plenty of Americans, just none of them are shadowbankers who cared not for LFC before buying it as a brand to monetize. max - FSG bought LFC on the cheap....value of LFC has grown from 300m to 420m with costcutting and no UCL...Their plan is to cash in within 3 years "max"."
21st Aug 2013 18:00
"max - Just another FSG fan who can only respond to reasoned arguments with ad hominem. LFC was valued at £530mill independently April 2010. FSG bought LFC for £300mill Oct 2010. They admit they got it cheap. April 2013 LFC valued at £420mill. ROI value of their cut price investment has grown due to monetization of the franchise and cutting costs, as Inner Circle advised them. Jog on."
21st Aug 2013 18:31
"Jumper so what are you trying to tell us? FSG got it cheap and they wanted to sell And make a profit..?? So what's the big deal? You wanted FSG out so good News for you.. "
Natural Poolie
21st Aug 2013 19:03
"MaxLTI - Its easy, cut costs, less overheads, bigger profit margin becomes a better looking business hence easier to sell, simples!"
21st Aug 2013 19:36
"do both sound like s to me"
21st Aug 2013 19:44
"Out is good, and no more American owners who own other sports ,fully focused owners on our club, and a owner, no consortium rubbish."
21st Aug 2013 19:49
"I have not read a lot of the posts but can imagine BR and FSG getting the blame for not getting Willians. We bid 30m and he still goes to Spurs. Look no further than RH and KK to see why even Spurs is now more appealing to top players. I am off out. Goodnight. "
21st Aug 2013 19:57
"Jumpersforgoalposts So FSG bought cheap, damn good businessmen, they want to build up profits and sell the club, that's what you do as a businessman, you don't buy to make a loss (capitalism). But as I have said before they know money is in CL.. cont "
robbo kop
21st Aug 2013 20:00
"Lucas you are a class act, hope you have a top season next to Stevie and take us up the table, we have enough quality in the squad without wasting money on expensive players, courtinio, Suarez, sturrige, aspas will bang in the goals, watch this space, let's get behind the team instead of being negative"
21st Aug 2013 20:00
"A brand without success is not a brand that will sell well, people realise that people will walk away from LFC if they do not succeed in returning to their past glory. The Mancs and Chelski have a massive following because of some success and make bucket loads as a result. cont.. "
21st Aug 2013 20:03
"I run my own business and I am in it to make a profit NOT a loss. If FSG make money good luck to them at least they would have put us in a better position financially by the end of it. Personally I don't care who they are backed by or what they do"
21st Aug 2013 20:04
"most bug businesses are bent and so are most governments (change that to all) it's life, deal with it "
21st Aug 2013 20:05
"If John Henry is considered such a good businessman, why has he been forced to shut down his Florida-based hedgefund after more than a decade of losses amounting to billions? In the shadowbanking world Henry is considered a busted flush who relied on cronyism and connections to MLB commissioner Bud Selig to seal his cut price Red Sox purchase. "
21st Aug 2013 20:07
"Natural Poolie how's kit going at it again I see. I really hope you are proved wrong by the end of the season. Not sure we will get top 4 but it is possible (realistic 5) but we are getting better year on year and we will get get there and remain there"
21st Aug 2013 20:10
"LFC is an anomaly and the anomaly is that despite lack of on-field success relatively speaking, the brand is still massive and growing. That is exactly what Inner Circle told Hicks and Gillette to monetize but they failed with their over-leveraged debt coupled with a zombie bailed out bank worrying about LFC as a distressed asset. "
21st Aug 2013 20:10
"Jumpersforgoalposts if he has money he is a good businessman. I do not care if he syphoned it out or how he managed it. He has a lot more than I do and it is because I have always played it straight, it doesn't work."
21st Aug 2013 20:11
"NESV were told by Inner Circle that the LFC brand was massive and would continue to be massive with or without UCL or trophies due to LFC's heritage and cache which has endured relatively barren years. My own preference is a Bundesliga style model where corporate interests are subservient to footballing interests. "
21st Aug 2013 20:15
"Jumpersforgoalposts I stopped dreaming about a straight forward equal world ages ago. As for club ownership it went down the toilet as soon as it was seen as big business. Many follow clubs because of success rather than love for the club, it's a shame for sure "
21st Aug 2013 20:16
"dan - You might not care - doesn't mean everyone shouldn't care. Deal with that. If you don't care you should just ignore what I have to say. Get over it."
21st Aug 2013 20:33
"Don't worry dan, you can go and post your shadowbanking propaganda on NESN and the Boston Globe websites once FSG sling their hook, which will be sooner than you think....."
Natural Poolie
21st Aug 2013 20:41
"Hi dan62 - did you get my thanks for the discussion on the other thread mate! I too hope I'm proved wrong, nothing would make me happier than eating a shed load of humble pie. Keep up the good work. Not all of us see eye to eye but at least we should keep it civil..."
Natural Poolie
21st Aug 2013 20:44
"Dan62 - at least we proved you could debate and discuss with getting reduced to ging each other off which seems to happen a lot! Happy debating (hows the headache? Lol)"
21st Aug 2013 20:48
"dan - There's a difference between capitalism per se and the sort of predatory, kleptocratic crony capitalism/cartelism you seem to be an apologist for. If you think that someone who follows what Max Keiser; Gerald Celente; Simon Dixon; Catherine Austin Fitts or Craig Paul Roberts says with interest is anti-capitalist then really you highlight a worrying lack of knowledge about "business"."
21st Aug 2013 20:49
"Natural Poolie yes mate, thanks. I see nothing wrong in a debate about the club we both support, differing views makes it more existing. In the end we all want one thing, LFC back at the top where it belongs. YNWA PS Headache just got worse, wonder why?"
21st Aug 2013 20:50
"PS dan - wash your mouth out. The only one with verbal diarrhoea on here is you and your potty mouth just because you are unable to debate intelligently."
21st Aug 2013 20:53
"Jumpersforgoalposts I said to you before I know everything there is to know and have lengthy debates on these issues with other mates and on other sites BUT NOT HERE, there is a time and place for everything. I still don't think you know what I am getting annoyed about "
21st Aug 2013 20:56
"This world is run by a group of obscenely wealthy elitists. We live in a neo-fuedalist system in which the super rich pull all the strings. But I don't give a damn when I am on here talking LFC (NOT THE OWNERS) the club, the players the history."
21st Aug 2013 20:57
"Football doesn't exist in a vacuum, you've alluded to this yourself. You might not want to discuss the business side of football of LFC on the official LFC site but that doesn't mean you can censor other people who have every right to do so. End of debate."
Natural Poolie
21st Aug 2013 20:58
"Dan62 - what you think of Arda Turan? Jumpers - I gotta say i agree with a lot you say but you do wander quite far into the politics side of things mate. Everyone is in it for the money, the lack of passion and ambition is what simply worries me. "
21st Aug 2013 21:03
"You're the loser dan - your inability to debate issues being discussed without resorting to feeble, ignorant abuse is really tragic. You're making yourself look very immature now. Best quit while you're behind."
21st Aug 2013 21:04
"Natural Poolie in all honesty I have only seen him play a few times, he seems to have a natural ability on the ball, I think he has played for the national team quite a lot. He seems like a guy who would fit in to BR's style of play, his stats are just above avg."
21st Aug 2013 21:07
"Natural Poolie problem is some players may look useless at one team and come into another and will shine and vice versa. That's why I am always saying the manager knows what he wants better than we do (I hope) Torres was good at LFC because of SG IMO"
21st Aug 2013 21:11
21st Aug 2013 21:13
"Tahnk yuo Mitser Hreny for al cisok singing greetin fron "
Natural Poolie
21st Aug 2013 21:14
"Dan62 - Turan does have ability but seems lazy on the ball to me, but with slow passing game we play under BR he may fit in. i agree about some people fitting better with one team than another,look at Aqualani, he looked useless but I actuall think he would fit in a lot better now...."
Natural Poolie
21st Aug 2013 21:18
"But i actually think he could do a good job for us now. Play is slower, more deliberate. A bit like the Italian national side in the Confederations Cup, in which Aqualani looked back to his best. I don't think we should go out and buy him, before people lynch me lol"
21st Aug 2013 21:18
"Natural Poolie he was too injury prone though. I did like him though he had a bit of flare but wrong place at the wrong time, you're right he may well have done better for us now. I was just looking up the stats for last year 5 goals 6 assists in all games "
21st Aug 2013 21:21
"DOn't worry dan.....No point discussing anything with you as you only seem able to offer feeble insults....#End of debate...."
21st Aug 2013 21:46
"Ozjames !! What "fact" would that be then??, were you sitting at the table??? you know nothing, keep it shut son, you sound stupid. I for one think 30m for Willian would have been insane."
21st Aug 2013 21:57
"dan - No worries........I have supported LFC for many, many years now and my support for the lads wearing the Liverbird on their shirts, especially once they enter the field of play, is as fierce and true as my beliefs concerning anything else in life. Nobody and nothing will change that, or change how I express my support and my opinions. That's the way I see football...the way I see life."
21st Aug 2013 22:11
"Dan62 and jumpers for goalposts...Geez cant get a word in edgeways. I hope U aren't Buddha and Ani road in different guise.....Mind you Ani would have lost it by now:)"
21st Aug 2013 22:21
"On a lighter note - If we had jumpers for goal posts (literally) in season 2011-12 we would have been top of the league. #Blasted top bar."
21st Aug 2013 22:22
"tank - Keep doffing your cap to the oligarchs....there's a good lad."
21st Aug 2013 22:23
"On an even lighter note - that may be the next step for money saving at Anfield:)"
21st Aug 2013 22:24
"Dan and imortal tech- is that it now lads... Can we have our say? Looool"
21st Aug 2013 22:26
"Centrecircle - Don't say looool please. I'm anxious now that you could be LDW in disguise."
21st Aug 2013 22:27
"Its ok now Centrecircle/LDW we can talk:)"
21st Aug 2013 22:31
"Redo- ok im in sches at those two - its going to be quite a hard game v villa only just lost to chelski"
21st Aug 2013 22:35
"If i was ldw id hand myself"
21st Aug 2013 22:37
"Lucas looked back to his best against Stoke"
21st Aug 2013 22:37
"Centrecircle - Its always going to be tough, doesn't matter who it is. It's 11 v 11. Look at the pressure Arsenal had at the weekend and look what they've done tonight. You should never under estimate any of your opponents.That doesn't mean to say you should bow down to them either though!"
21st Aug 2013 22:38
"Centrecircle - 'Hand' myself or was that a typing error? Either way its appropriate.LOL"
21st Aug 2013 22:48
"Redo-haha lol typing error on my i phone!!!! Hang myself but hand would have been ok too!!!!!!' Lol"
21st Aug 2013 22:49
"To those complaining about us not getting Willian s#t happens its dissappointing but not the end of the world. 30+ Million for Willian is expensive you could get Damiao and Erikson for a little more so yes we want top quality but is he really 20+ Million better than Coutinho? "
21st Aug 2013 22:56
"seeing tottenham on paper i see no hope in top 4 and here LUCAS is talking with all honesty if he is as good as u all talk most the top teams would have came for him "
21st Aug 2013 23:11
"For me, Lucas looked back to his worst on Saturday. I've read all the compliments paid to him on this site and am astounded really. Yes he played a good through ball and made a good interception but hardly exceptional and meriting lavish plaudits. I don't see the attributes of a world class player in him."
Buckie LFC Supporter
21st Aug 2013 23:28
"Lucas - I wouldn't say you are the complete CM yet. Just before injury under KK I would say 9/10 def duties, 3/10 attack (but starting to improve). Slipped last year, but looked a lot better against Stoke with def duties, but still need to improve in attack, Kolo & Agger did more attacks on Sat. contd"
Buckie LFC Supporter
21st Aug 2013 23:30
"for those you said you were everywhere on Sat, yes in def duties, but all over the pitch? no! that was Hendo (don't know how he lasted 90mins with that work rate) & Aspas."
Buckie LFC Supporter
21st Aug 2013 23:34
"Looks like the chavs will win the le again. Free kick every fall over, dodgy oide goal, & clear pen ignored for Villa. Villa will be very very difficult on Sat, Stoke created plenty of chances against us, I hope we can cope with AV & grind out a win"
Billy B girl
22nd Aug 2013 0:39
"Lucas you were awesome at the weekend! love you mopping up in midfield. FSG stashing the cash and BR not really knowing who to go for !!! what a sorry Liverpool we have become. My dream would be FSG to sell and new owners to bring in top manager like (you know who)"
22nd Aug 2013 1:34
"Enough with the marquee signing already please! Look at sports in general,does marquee signing guarantee success?.For me, Lucas have developed into a better player than Mascherano.There is still room for improvement for him to be the best. YNWA Lucas!"
22nd Aug 2013 3:09
"media mention marquee & suddenly we need to splash big £ to make it happen. As reds we need to be realistic and realise that we are not in Europe so attracting certain players will be impossible.Players want euro football and I think BR & owners are buying/selling well. Have faith in what our club is trying to achieve and we will get back into Euro and then the "marquee" signings will arrive. "
22nd Aug 2013 3:23
"Is Willian really worth 3/4 times more than Coutinho?? Over double the value of sturridge??over 4 times more than Aspas?? I don't think so but because of his famous well known name he apparently is 'marquee'? Huge money signings doesn't mean success,City last season= No silverware & goodbye Mancini. Have faith & trust our club. Keep playing Lucas,a true red warrior YNWA"
22nd Aug 2013 4:15
"Never rated Lucas...and so does Scolari .."
22nd Aug 2013 5:39
"Tank8, MaxLTI, nkem03 and his fella pip squeak alibies...calling people idiot or any other negative names shows your poor and immature nature. learn about constructive criticism instead of calling people negative names and make yourself look super when in truth you are publicising your ignorance in this site. read first and then debate besides this blog is about lucas. YNWA"
22nd Aug 2013 5:42
"this blog is about lucas and the way he improved despite his injuries and difficulty to settle in the beginning. keep up the good work, lucas. this blog is about you :) you richly deserve all the accolades for your sincereness and hardwork since you joined lfc. hendo and especially allen can learn a lot from you. YNWA"
22nd Aug 2013 8:27
"I keep seeing the words 'world class' being bandied about as in 'why are we not buying world class players?' It's very boring. Why not SUPPORT who we do have? United have one world class player in RVP but together all the others make a world class team. why not aspire to that because last time I checked football was a team game?"
22nd Aug 2013 12:20
"Interesting debate. Pity it fizzled out. As much as I have no particular opinion on the owners, I do agree with Immortal Technique/Jumpers regarding unscrupulous business activities and that the Bundesliga model is ideal. Also, Lucas is El Don. Comforting that he's back to his best (almost)"
22nd Aug 2013 12:25
"He was virtually guaranteed a start for Brazil before the catastrophic injury, but now that his zip has returned, I'm certain Lucas can play himself back into the squad. His finesse, vision and mean streak are a winning combo."
22nd Aug 2013 12:25
"...not to mention his leadership qualities, too. YNWA Lucas"