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Scouse Phil is gonna be an Anfield legend.
Norfolk in Chance
21st Aug 2013 14:36
21st Aug 2013 14:42
"Our #10 is going to be a legend as I think Henderson will if they continue their careers at Anfield. BR and FSG, we still need on more winger with loads of pace.YNWA!!!!!! Off to Aston Villa"
21st Aug 2013 15:17
""Dear Moderators, pass on the message - great job on #LFCWorld episodes! Seeing Ronnie Moran reinforces the desire for us to win les again. Step by step but we need to be winning league le as soon as possible. ""
21st Aug 2013 15:17
"We cant always rely on him though as he will be double marked, kicked etc by the big teams. A wonderful talent."
Norfolk in Chance
21st Aug 2013 15:28
"Lamela playing alongside big Phil would be incredible. Erik can do John Barnes level runs with goals at the end of them.. He reminds me of Ronaldo when he first joined manure: still a bit flashy, but produces end results (15 goals in a season). Lets nick one off Spurs for once.."
21st Aug 2013 15:44
"Fans want marquee signing so they would be happy for a few days and suffer for one whole season to see another big flop at LFC.. Really? Marquee signings equals to big names and big price tags? RvP 22mil and willain is 30+ mil definitely he have to better than RvP Or else A big NO to Willain.!.!"
21st Aug 2013 15:53
"Coutinho is a great player but can be quite useless against more aggressive teams such as stoke and united just as we saw in Saturday. "
21st Aug 2013 15:54
"But still a hell of a player. Anfield legend to be"
21st Aug 2013 17:11
" Nazim7860.A survey has revealed that Phillipe created more chances than any other player in the first PL games of this season and in joint 2nd was Iago.Now as Max said...did you really watch the game."
21st Aug 2013 17:14
"For all the love we give him and for BR ressurecting his career I hope he stays committed to LFC. "
21st Aug 2013 17:37
"pretend to be hi, everytime play football with my friend.... haha can i"
21st Aug 2013 17:48
"Stats dnt tell the whole story u idiots"
Norfolk in Chance
21st Aug 2013 18:43
"Nazim, Every comment from you demonstrates how little you know about Liverpool or football. Don't embarass yourself mate, you're just making yourself look foolish... "
21st Aug 2013 18:45
"I thought Philippe had a great game versus Stoke. He created chance after chance, and could easily have scored himself. I honestly can't think of many players in the Premiership with so much natural ability."
21st Aug 2013 18:49
"Suarez could be Philippe's evil twin. It's good to have balance in the team after all."
21st Aug 2013 19:10
"Ist a miracle that the Totts did not go for him. Their Google Liverpool Scouting was probably down and not connected. Phil will be fantastic. So now we have Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde on our Team. And we all know who Dr Hyde is in our Team."
21st Aug 2013 19:32
"Oh Oh Oh He's Magic...You know-o-o-o, Our Phillipe Coutinhho -o He's Magic You Know-o-o, Our Phillipe Coutinho -o !!! Let's give him a song already!!!"
robbo kop
21st Aug 2013 20:07
"This boy is going to set the prem alight this season and win young player of the year,this is how to spend money, top quality at a good price, aspas will be the same, we don't need so called marquee signings, just hungry young players with passion and skill, well done BR "
21st Aug 2013 22:07