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First team or U21's? Increasingly difficult to tell the difference. Cost cutting and the pursuit of profit for ya.
21st Aug 2013 8:30
21st Aug 2013 8:42
"mushroomscouser356A That is the stupidest statement I have ever heard consider that our entire starting 11 against Stoke was over 21. I hate fans like you who make up complete tosh to whine about. How are we cost cutting? FSG and Rodgers wanted underachieving high earners out, there is nothing wrong with that."
21st Aug 2013 8:43
"We need a DOB with reputation and connection Ayre have none of these."
21st Aug 2013 8:59
"Like Joe Kinnear? Ayer hasn't done anywhere near as badly as some suggest. Minglonet, Toure, Aspas, Alberto and Cissokho is a good bunch of signings for themoney spent. Add to that keeping Suarez and getting Coutinho and Sturridge for a great total I'd say he's doing a decent job."
21st Aug 2013 9:06
"See Kelly as Centre Back material potentially. Not really convinced he is a full back. Important season for him if he can stay fit."
21st Aug 2013 9:10
"ElPapaDiablo 21st Aug 2013 8:42.....if getting "high earners" out, as you say, isn't cost cutting, what is? Don't be an aggressive super fan all your life, and desist in answering your own questions in a single comment, otherwise you will come over as a twerp! What a clown."
21st Aug 2013 9:12
"First team or under 21s - so much quality at a young age that it is getting increasingly difficult to tell the difference. A successful Academy and youth policy for ya!!!"
21st Aug 2013 9:15
"scubanut 21st Aug 2013 9:05..instead of asking of irrelevant questions about my name, why not intelligently counter my point, obviously made at about Sterling and Borini playing in the U21's? Another super fan. Another imbecile. Business as usual. What a beaut."
21st Aug 2013 9:22
"Hope you get your full fitness back, MK. I've just read that Seb Coates also suffered a torn ACL on international duty. Terrible for the guy. It's a painful injury and even more painful recovery (Martin, Lucas and Yesil would know). Keep strong, big guy."
21st Aug 2013 9:23
"mushroomscouser356A - what are you talking about? What a stupid comment to write. Clueless springs to mind."
21st Aug 2013 9:28
"If both doing well then it will what the Great Shankly vision of Liverpool team of Merseyside."
21st Aug 2013 9:32
"jayboy918 21st Aug 2013 9:12.....could well be mate. Good point! "
21st Aug 2013 10:18
"Keep working hard Kells, you reward is sure....YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 11:01
"There has to be a reason why we are getting so many of these acl injuries, perhaps we need to up the flexible exercise's such as yoga."
21st Aug 2013 12:24
"mushroom scouser has apoint these guys are buyig average buys im digusted we offering player 5 6 million for players"
21st Aug 2013 12:41
"Best wishes to Martin Kelly. A great talent. Nevertheless, overplaying talented youngsters invariably causes them to pick up more injuries. This is just one damaging off-shoot of billionaire misers FSG's refusal to supplement the squad with the marquee signings Steve Gerrard has repeatedly called for."
21st Aug 2013 13:16
"watched game the other night, very impressed with kelly, ibe and borini. could see the difference in level of these guys and the value of a reasonably compeive match. these guys need games especially kelly after injury last year. great future"
21st Aug 2013 13:23
"compeive match i meant:-)"
21st Aug 2013 13:30
"tbh mushroomscouser has a point! we have cut out the big earners and pretending were serious about bidding for big name players! its about time we added some proper quality or suarez and coutinho will be wanting out"
21st Aug 2013 13:44
"we need players that suit our system of play. coutinho and sturridge couldn't get a game before they came and just think of the season we could have had if we had them for the full season. trust br to unearth a few more gems before window closes"
21st Aug 2013 16:27
"your target is right on, game time no matter what team is all you need , you will return to international standard, capable of playing either position"
21st Aug 2013 17:24
"Mushroom stop making yourself like a fool. You pay high wages you get quality results.. The problem we pay high wages to these player yet we can miserable results.. Surely they have to go.. "
21st Aug 2013 18:48
"MaxLTI 21st Aug 2013 17:24....your comment makes no sense whatsoever. None. "
21st Aug 2013 18:57
"Nice to see u back Kelly :-) ull soon get back to top form and be pushing for a regular place "
robbo kop
21st Aug 2013 20:11
"Kelly had a good season last year until he got injured, could be used as centre back cover, defo has the presence and skill, anyone else think so? "
22nd Aug 2013 11:39
"Jay boy- That's too much positive atude-stop now! No, exactly, we're blending Kelly with the U21's to get game time and fitness. EVERY CLUB DOES THIS! Do people want 'big names' and to spend a lot, they want us to buy the correct players who will help us win games E.G. Countiho- not Veron?!!"