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Welcome to LFC, Aly. Let show us your ability on the field soon. YNWA.
20th Aug 2013 17:32
20th Aug 2013 17:33
"Show us what you got, we'll be cheering for you in your debut!"
20th Aug 2013 17:33
"Welcome to LFC Aly."
20th Aug 2013 17:37
"Two footed left back - about time! "
20th Aug 2013 17:39
"Welcome Aly. We are all behind you, so hope you have a good season. YNWA"
20th Aug 2013 17:48
"Welcome Aly! Hope you show your skills and win a permanent deal at Liverpool.."
20th Aug 2013 17:50
"Luis can learn from Aly. This is a man who has desire to play for the club and wants to wear the shirt with pride. I am really liking this signing. Glad to have you Aly!"
20th Aug 2013 17:51
"Welcome to the greatest football club in the world Aly. Work hard and the fans will love you. YNWA."
20th Aug 2013 17:55
"Welcome to Liverpool FC... I'm sure you will do well for us Aly Cissokho. YNWA"
20th Aug 2013 17:59
"Welcome Aly, you are the type of player we want.. Excellent.. YNWA"
20th Aug 2013 18:02
"Welcome aly hope ya hit the ground running with that pace 4 us mate #YNWA & now pls sign up Eriksen & Toby!"
notts red till dead
20th Aug 2013 18:02
"again, il reserve judgement on a player i know little about but in br i trust. we need competition for every position to make every player work as hard as possible to stay in the team. now who else will we get???"
20th Aug 2013 18:03
"Bonjour Aly et bienvenue. "
Gerrard o ya beauty
20th Aug 2013 18:04
"Welcome to LFC hope you have a good season with us, give your all and good luck YNWA"
20th Aug 2013 18:10
"Welcome to l.f.c...hope u do us proud..anyways could someone plz plz plz plz tell me what has happened to our target willian?????? has spuds again hijacked us...plz tell me its not true"
20th Aug 2013 18:11
"Hope you can produce your best form from porto in liverpool aly"
20th Aug 2013 18:13
"cool..lfc - maybe it's a rumor . I hope !"
20th Aug 2013 18:13
"YES long time coming!!! Since Daglish days! Hope to see you rock and roll! But what's the matter with our so called Marquee signing! does it mean World class players are reluctant signing for us? We still need that Midfield dynamo! Something Gerrad used to do! Anyway good luck!!! "
20th Aug 2013 18:20
"Fits prem style- can play football but is also a top athlete with pace and power. Roll on this season."
20th Aug 2013 18:22
"We need someone who can work with Coutinho in midfield. Gerrard is working with Lucas right now, so Coutinho needs someone with whom he can produce goals for Aspas, Sturridge and Saurez. YNWA"
20th Aug 2013 18:28
"Greetings and welcome to Liverpool football club Aly. You are definitely a welcome site and addition to the LFC family. I wish you all the best in your time here and hope we can achieve many things while your here."
20th Aug 2013 18:31
"Im so sad right now to hear that our target is going to tottenham what do we have to do to attract world class players im gutted. Welcome aly to lfc hope you can convince our manager and the fans that you still what it take to suceed at this wonderful club."
20th Aug 2013 18:34
"welcome to liverpool fc glad to see you in in red army YNWA. . ."
20th Aug 2013 18:35
"Finally...! Now Enrique can decide to either improve his passing and crossing and be consistent in his defending, or sit on the bench and watch this guy play instead. LFC need another signing or even 2... one quality player up front and a DM as back up to Lucas."
20th Aug 2013 18:36
"work hard play well and then play CL with us next season, welcome to lfc"
20th Aug 2013 18:38
"Welcome Aly. Now all we need is a new target in a winger because willian is in London for talks with Tottenham. "
20th Aug 2013 18:39
"Good to see another face , on a day when our rival signs the player we wanted to sign. Still no big name signing , beginning to believe we will not see one , I dont think its a case of money , I think its a case of Spurs being a London club with a better chance of winning things. Clock is ticking Ian and Brendan , were is our big signing ?"
20th Aug 2013 18:39
"This guy is a liabilty mark my words"
20th Aug 2013 18:42
"Hopefully a loan which will work out for both sides."
20th Aug 2013 19:02
"Welcome to LIVERPOOL FC!"
20th Aug 2013 19:04
"Good luck Aly, Don't know too much about Aly to comment. Tend not to take any attention of 'how it's a dream to play for Liverpool' and all that. Heard the same from Torres and Suarez (Suarez sayig how even is daughter knows the words to YNWA)... All PR, telling fans what they want to hear, bit like our owners and manager. contd..."
20th Aug 2013 19:05
"Had a good football chat with a red recently and we both cited how ruthless they have become. The sneaky way they got rid of Kenny, selling/loaning Pepe and Downing behind their backs even after telling Downing he's part of his plans. They have treated some 'real reds' appalingly. It is not what I am used to, also the constant lies, and PR. contd"
jimmy liddel
20th Aug 2013 19:05
"once again pipped at the post by spuds, why ndoes this keep happening.history counts for nothing in todays game money does.if fenway don't have it I hope someone comes along who cant win the league on the cheap."
20th Aug 2013 19:06
"That said, we did agree that to be a success, you got to be ruthless and sentiment plays no part. For me I feel the romance and ethos of LFC has changed dramatically but if success comes with it, I won't complain. "
Gerrard o ya beauty
20th Aug 2013 19:08
"Pleased with this signing but it's only a loan so he's not even are player so still hardly spent anything, maybe a few million. We still need an attacking midfielder, a major signing who will walk straight into the first 11, Brendan knows this but weather it will happen or not remains to be seen, but all the top players are signing for other clubs, times ticking."
20th Aug 2013 19:10
"You can be fairly ruthless in football but be fair, honest and respectful. God knows Kenny was ruthless in his day. I remember him dropping Whelan for FA Cup final in 1988. A big mistake as it happens but he did it none the less. LFC is about respect, fairness and a will to win. We lose the day we lose our ideny"
20th Aug 2013 19:10
20th Aug 2013 19:11
"Its a bad day when we start losing players to Spurs"
20th Aug 2013 19:13
"Welcome to the greatest club and city on earth!"
20th Aug 2013 19:13
20th Aug 2013 19:21
"He seems genuinely excited to be here, Welcome Aly. Now go get Willian, and top 4 here we come."
20th Aug 2013 19:23
"Hopefully for everyone's sake he won't be turfed out halfway through his loan signing as happened to Sahin...."
20th Aug 2013 19:30
"Mushroom - Have you ever thrown a sausage up an Aly? P.S. Greatest Club in the world but I told you the other day what the greatest city was:) Welcome aboard Aly! "
20th Aug 2013 19:34
20th Aug 2013 19:36
"Is he d major prblm we are having? i pitty fsg d end of d season."
20th Aug 2013 19:37
"Legendary franchise with ever-increasingly legendary owners. FSG are rebuilding the LFC brand in their desired image of thrift and infinite wisdom. Just because FSG have billions at their disposal, why spend it all? This is the correct path. Applause should be given to Mr Henry."
20th Aug 2013 19:40
"Buddha666 - U even fooled me then lol"
20th Aug 2013 19:42
"welcome to ANFIELD ....YNWA"
20th Aug 2013 19:43
"Good, strong player with pace! Good player to make the squad stronger! Why not bid for Diame aswell? "
20th Aug 2013 19:46
"Seriously - Even if the door slams shut now - I'm more than happy. I trust our strikers/midfielders/goal keeper and to some part our defence now Kolo has arrived. A bit sparce but we can make up for it with spirit."
20th Aug 2013 19:55
"Redahendo, I'm still chucking my sausage up Oxford Street. Before it was more like Carbnaby Street. That's kids for you. Anyway, Aly looks strong, quick and brave. A very good tackler with great pace. He just needs to improve his first touch. A good back up player."
20th Aug 2013 19:56
"Apllaud.....applaud for Mr Henry and Tom Weener for there prudence and wisdom!"
20th Aug 2013 19:58
20th Aug 2013 20:00
"This is the type of players we should be bringing in. He is highly talented and has the experience too. Kudos to the guys in the scouting department, though I think they seem to be working more for spurs than for Liverpool. This is because we seem not to be fast enough to complete deals after their great effort. "
20th Aug 2013 20:10
"We dont want this guys thanks to FSG we lost Willian, not these nonsense signings."
20th Aug 2013 20:13
"Can't believe yet again spurs have jumped ahead of us with signing Willian.what are Brendan and co at???? Looks like no top 4 this season yet again.where has lfc hunger for success gone??"
20th Aug 2013 20:15
"wellcome to lfc ynwa hope ur loan goes ok and youre here to stay aly ynwa"
20th Aug 2013 20:15
"welcome to the greatest football club in the world. YNWA!"
20th Aug 2013 20:16
"If we don't get willian which looking likely i still feel we will get another wide attacking player in before the deadline then well be done. The annoying thing is how much Tottenham are getting for bale, looks like there getting 90m plus coetrao who only joined real for about 30m and is one of the best left backs in Europe. "
20th Aug 2013 20:17
"buddha666, I know many fans would have celebrated this signing if Liverpool had paid 12 million on this guy. Watch Man (dis)united vs Porto if you have the cl clip and you will appreciate this signing, though I have not followed up with his game at Valencia."
20th Aug 2013 20:18
"Although its a loan signing, its still a building block to success - hes much bettet than enrique lads"
20th Aug 2013 20:19
"However we always seem to do well against the bigger teams so hopefully this season we can change those draws and loses we got from the lower teams into wins and we'll be we'll on our way to top 4. I really see this season as a huge battle for top 4 were about 5 or 6 teams will be competing for the top spots."
20th Aug 2013 20:23
"Hester, we have a very talented starting line up, why do u think we always give Man U and city a tough game everytime we play. The reason we haven't been getting top 4 and higher is because when we get injuries or players get tired we have terrible replacements meaning our consistency is lacking. Only place we need more quality is wide attackers as we only have youth in those positions."
20th Aug 2013 20:27
"Welcome to LFC and I wish you all the best."
Billy B girl
20th Aug 2013 20:30
"Welcome Aly for the season long loan. Looking forward to seeing you play although Enrique pretty fab at the moment for me! I am not too worried about Willian going to spuds as lots of cash for unknown in prem and Paulinho hardly hit the ground. Luis must be sighing with relief at the Arsen goings on. Let's show Willian what he's missed !"
20th Aug 2013 20:30
"giving his all already in the final part of the interview. Hope we can make good things Aly, Welcome to our beloved Liverpool, YNWA ALY."
20th Aug 2013 20:38
"Fantastic signing. BR is creating more depth in to our squad, and with hopefully one more defensive signing and hopefully willian, or someone like willian, we could have a very full and complete, deep squad. As of now, I am still very excited YNWA"
20th Aug 2013 20:43
"Billy B girl - well said"
20th Aug 2013 20:53
"I hope he has what it takes. His size should help on set pieces and on defense. I hope we get to see him soon on the field maybe in the league cup against nottingham."
20th Aug 2013 20:55
""Champions League nights at Liverpool are the kind of games that are really special for the players in any away team coming to Anfield, and that's why Liverpool very much deserve to be a part of that competition." Well said my friend now help us get there! YNWA!!!!"
20th Aug 2013 20:56
"Seems like a great lad, and a good sort of person to have in the squad and the dressing room, whether he will add much quality to our first XI is another question. Still think we need a marquee signing and a top CB like Sakho, can't believe we've let Willian go to spurs, can't see us finishing ahead of them now unfortunately "
20th Aug 2013 21:21
"Him and Kolo will finally clean up at the back. And Aly is a giant, believe he will head everything out of the danger zone. And the kid looks like a second Ursain Bolt moving forward up the left side. YNWA and let Stevie get his first League le"
20th Aug 2013 21:34
"welcome to lfc aly i think u will be fantastic for us u will do u'r job ynwa"
20th Aug 2013 21:43
"Welcome aly, good loan deal and provides competition for the LB position so that can only be a positive now for the big signing? "
20th Aug 2013 21:47
"Welcome to LFC. I am sure that you will do us proud. Just wear the RED shirt with pride."
20th Aug 2013 22:17
"coates to have knee surgery after injury in japan game last week, get well soon seb co."
20th Aug 2013 22:23
"FSG don't seem to understand we the fans make the club and everytime we appear to be in talks with big players we the fans are bigging the club and the players up to our rival fans/friends and are made to look stupid cos they won't budge on there stubborn valuation."
20th Aug 2013 22:25
"Think he can come in and give us some strength and steal. He is two footed, always a great strength but it is known his first touch can let him down. But, he is strong, pacey and can defend as well as go forward. BR needed strength in the FB position and he got it; what more you want guys?"
20th Aug 2013 22:26
"A big signing isn't just for the good of the team its owed to us loyal fans who spend our entire lives in love with this football club. So just once FSG should decide to take a gamble and pay the asking price because us the fans deserve that for being the loyal dedicated fans we are. Just give us more to be excited about PLEASE."
20th Aug 2013 22:31
"The transfer window is not closed is it? Or is everyone over reacting about the Willian news and not giving Aly here the welcome be deserves? It is not his fault he came in on a loan to buy; that he wasn't 'marquee' and that fans are utterly ignorant and impatient. There is 11 days remaining in this window and rivals like Arsenal have STILL TO BUY; but we have problems? Come on lads get real"
20th Aug 2013 22:33
"Or, do the club, whose bid that was accepted for Willian which is showing an effort to buy surely; need to then postpone this bid because it isn't 'marquee' and the 'marquee' signing should be done first, before these other pointless signings? OF COURSE NOT. You see how stupid that sounds though? It isn't our faults Willian chose another bidding club; THIS IS FOOTBALL MOVE ON."
20th Aug 2013 22:57
"Okay I'm starting to get really sick of this negativity. People moaning at FSG. They have given Ayre and BR money to spend but they have only done that to some degree. Also they saved us from administration a couple of years ago; a lot of you seem to forget that. Just looks at Leeds, Portsmouth, Rangers to name a few."
20th Aug 2013 22:58
"Cont.. It's going to take time and all of you berating the owners are not helping. Also, Aly seems a good signing; we don't need a world class left back because we have a very talented one in Enrique already. Cissokho is there to challenge him for a place as Jose has seemed a bit too comfortable with his guaranteed place in the last couple of games."
20th Aug 2013 22:58
"Cont.. Also, I remember people being critical and laughing when we signed Kolo Toure and look at him now - he was a monster at the back on Saturday. Now is the time to stick together and get behind the team. We were all on a massive high after the win against Stoke and now it seems like the season is over because we haven't signed Willian."
20th Aug 2013 22:59
"Cont.. So what? There are plenty of other players in the worldâ"
20th Aug 2013 23:00
"Cont.. I truly believe that this could be our year to mount a genuine top 4 challenge, so let's get behind the players we have, and forget about the ones we don't. YNWA"
20th Aug 2013 23:01
"Edit. So what? There are plenty of other players in the world. James Rodriguez, Clement Grenier, Eriksen, Lamela, even Cabaye. And these are just players off the top of my head. We have so much to look forward to this season so let's forget about that guy from Anzhi and move on*"
20th Aug 2013 23:04
"I get the feeling recently that some are like ungrateful kids at Christmas. Apparently its all about bragging rights, who spent this-who spent that nowadays. Its shocking anyway to think that some players should be treated like stars. Its a TEAM game and we've been buying equals recently.(cont) "
20th Aug 2013 23:08
"We've got relatively unproven players that can work together for the greater cause. Give me that any day over a Primadonna thats arrived for 30million+. Im sure if Ibe was at Milan and they wanted 30mil there would be 'GET IBE!' posts daily. (cont)"
20th Aug 2013 23:09
"Lets just welcome this lad and see how he turns out.If we get a so called marquee signing then don't be disappointed when they leave us high and dry in a couple of seasons when Barca or Chelsea call. "
20th Aug 2013 23:25
"Hello Aly! (From Ali G lol)"
20th Aug 2013 23:34
King G
20th Aug 2013 23:59
"Bale in disguise.... play him on the left wing with Enrique behind him they wud be amazing, mark my words!!!!"
21st Aug 2013 0:09
"All this OUR RIVAL signs OUR TARGET. 1 Who said Willian was OUR TARGET and 2 Who says he's signed for Spurs (I'll give you time) ........................... Times Up THE PAPERS. Get a Grip"
21st Aug 2013 0:11
21st Aug 2013 0:25
"Welcome to LFC mate, do your job well and be proud of the uniform you wear and you will be loved. As for Willian everyone is saying its because the spuds will win something??? Bales gone and the spuds relied on him, they're "winning" chances will now become non existent"
21st Aug 2013 0:46
"Going to be a cracker of a year ... watched the Stoke game and made me even more confident of year to come, will be watching the Villa game at 2am this weekend .. 1 more midfielder and should be relatively set .. Although watching the stoke match I think we maybe a little short in height in defense... What do you guys think of Allen playing as a Holding DM to help Lucas ??"
Papa Syed
21st Aug 2013 0:56
"Welcome mate! Top4 will be ours! YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 1:11
"A great signing, can cover for Enrique and can help with our set piece defending problem! If he has a good season, I will give an even bigger welcome! YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 1:27
" I think he will be a solid addition."
21st Aug 2013 1:40
"marquee signing is the last thing BR has to do and he's know that, at the moment BR try to build quality and strong squad teams..that's what resent champ's team doing look at barca and manchester..don't want liverpol be like chelsea and cont."
21st Aug 2013 1:54
"real and chealse spend double the amount barca and manchester had in transfer market..but they are still in the shadow of the champion..and manager factor is the next big thing, to have a very strong football team in a very long reign..cont. "
21st Aug 2013 2:03
"just let BR bought his own player either it's marquee signing or not as long he get's what he need to build his team..BR really different from other manager, he seem very confident with what he's doing..and it's seem going positive at the moment "
Natural Poolie
21st Aug 2013 2:24
"Another nonsense signing, a guy who in his whole career has had one good season...thank god its just a wonder he really wants to be here...can't believe his luck! The worst player we've been linked with this window and we actually sign him, what a joke!"
21st Aug 2013 3:19
" Natural Poolie and others like you . HOW MANY GOOD SEASONS HAVE YOU HAD ? Just shut up and leave the guy alone .it was muppets like you that gave Sturidge a hand full before he played a game. just give the lad a chance, "only had 1 good season" well at least he can say he had a good season as a Pro Footballer . "
21st Aug 2013 3:22
"Please mr henry fenway sports group can you please sell and leave "
21st Aug 2013 3:23
" gerres98 :- amen mate .. well said .. SOME of these people dont understand that . they play Fifa online and believe its that simple to build a successful team, I sure am happy we are not like Chelsea or Man City, the team BR HAS AND IS building is good and will be a fantastic on "
21st Aug 2013 3:36
"We will not go higher than 7th in the league this season.very dissapointed with fsg ! "
21st Aug 2013 3:56
"welcome Ally and pls get up to speed asap..need u to take over our LB position soonest possible"
21st Aug 2013 5:32
"stop being idots.. saying we are signing 2nd rate players... the club is trying to sign top targets too, this is real life with many factors not just a simple outright value. if we do lose Willian to spurs and they pay £30 mil pound. would yous want us to pay more for him? is he worth that even, has he scored/ assisted many goals ever??"
21st Aug 2013 5:45
"Can you please stop all the moaning all the time. Just because a player is rated at a stupid high price like Whillian does not mean he is good and we should get him. Real Madrid buys all the most expensive players all the time and when was the last time they won the CL cup believe it was in 01 (and have played since then in the CL and won nothing anymore) while we won it in 05. "
21st Aug 2013 7:10
"A warm welcome Aly and make us some good memories "
21st Aug 2013 7:23
""mpfhahahahahaha....I'nm enjoying our transfer policies and the fans reactions....slapstick comedy at its best haha:)Long may it continue...oh but wait, Im certain it will-ian hahahahahahahaha""
21st Aug 2013 7:25
""Oh as for all this nonesense about not having CL at LFC, well spuds dont have it either do ob its not that factor alone so lets stop harping on it.Its all about delivering the right pitch and closing hard and fast on the deal.LFC pron need an american to replace ayre, they know all about that stuff:)" "
21st Aug 2013 7:26
"As for me willian would have been a wasted of cash.WHAT WE NEED IS A STONE COLD, sturridge aint it.DAMIAO=stone cold finisher. But again our team dont have a clue how to land these big money names, because its a tough battleground out there and we dont have enuff seasoned pros to reel these guys in. So its all moot right now anyway" "
21st Aug 2013 7:46
"Let's face it: this is a big "signing" and perhaps after a year he will sign a real contarct. I think LfFc management is doing a great job and thankfully doesn't spend money uselessly. £109 mil for a player? Ridicilous. Let' s keep our heads cool and take only those who want to pay for us, have the richt atude and commitment. Like Aly does. Aly, bienvenue á LFC et bonne chance!"
21st Aug 2013 7:49
"- seconds2hell: "We need someone who can work with Coutinho in midfield. Gerrard is working with Lucas right now, so Coutinho needs someone with whom he can produce goals for Aspas, Sturridge and Saurez. YNWA" ----> do you mean LFC will play with 12 lads on the field? Braining before comment please!"
21st Aug 2013 8:22
"Now you are cursing each other on signing players which is not any of our responsibility. Our job is to support the team and coach no-matter our feelings on the players and coach"
21st Aug 2013 8:48
"I cant agree more with your opinion that Liverpool desserve to be in CL but we also have to have the personnel to get us there and not miss out to the likes of spurs every time we look for a player, Its sad that we cant compete with them financially. Anyway welcome to LFC I hope your Loan period goes well for you and for us!"
21st Aug 2013 9:08
"Welcome :) It's great to have you on board, Aly. He and our new signings seem to grasp the gravity of playing for LFC and it's wonderful to see him excited about it. This is the kind of player we want. Best wishes and YNWA!"
21st Aug 2013 9:12
"Welcome to LFC as you remains me of my beloved Momo Sissoko.YNWA "
21st Aug 2013 9:27
"Welcome Aly. We've been waiting for a left back with your potential for a while now. I hope we get to see the Porto Aly quite a lot this year."
21st Aug 2013 9:27
"Great Interview Aly Welcome YNWA!"
21st Aug 2013 9:28
"Welcome Aly to LFC. The greatest club anywhere, anytime. The immediate task is to skin Aston Villa alive which I'm sure Mr Rodgers would have informed you about. You've just arrived, but please, if you in any way whatsoever - can contribute to destruction of Aston Villa it would be much appreciated. Pay no attention to the many descendants of Nostradamus you may encounter either here or the media."
21st Aug 2013 9:38
"Natural Poolie: that is an awful comment. Have a word!"
21st Aug 2013 9:49
"The team is no better than last season. Cant see this season being any different im afraid. There are some players you need to push the boat out for ( e.g Willian) and some you don't (Carroll, downing, Henderson). It's about having the knowledge to know when to do this - not being stingy from now on. If we sign eriksen and damiao then we might break into top four."
21st Aug 2013 10:30
"its no wonder we cant attract top players we been downgrading big time,fsg got burnt last summer with 30m spent on poor players who contributed nowt to season,spuds paying higher wages and playing in Europe,if you were a player where would you go,"
21st Aug 2013 10:37
"I am getting more nervous each day due to a lack of quality signings.Our signings so far has been to strenghten the squad and thats Rodgers word.I do think that our starting XI is very good and can beat any team in the leage but what happens if couthinio and sturrige goes out for a couple of months. "
21st Aug 2013 10:37
"If we miss top 4 this season again then suarez is probably gone and if couthinio will have the season most of us thinks he will you can bet your arse they will come for him,what then.Rodgers will not be able to hold on to his players if wee dont show we mean business. "
21st Aug 2013 11:04
"Welcome YNWA Aly!"
21st Aug 2013 11:07
"ausliverfan, Allen shouldn't play at all same for Borini"
21st Aug 2013 11:30
"quality player if we can get another couple in on loan then why not cos its obvious the owners dont have money to burn "
21st Aug 2013 11:37
"Welcome Aly Cissokho, hope you will be a hit. But, again and again we missed out a marquee signing - Willian to Spurs. Why can't we be more productive in clinching the deal? Why are we behind teams like Spurs. If we are a big club, we should be ahead. The fans need answer from Ian Ayre and FSG. Will we be signing any marquee signing before the transfer window closed? "
21st Aug 2013 11:42
"if we cant attract marquee signings then we have to make do with the players the manager is allowed to bring in. if we get players in on loan the so be it or players that fit the budget "
21st Aug 2013 12:13
"Looks like we've been kidded again. No marquis signings. Making a profit on transfers again. Surely we can top the price Spurs are paying to secure the player. WE keep missing out to Spurs because allegedly they are in Europe. Most players would rather not be in the Europa Cup."
21st Aug 2013 12:58
"Welcome Aly. Welcome to the greatest club in the world. However, our management does not seem to be living to that level. Spurs again, really?? Dempsey, Sigurdsson, Soldado and now Willian. It is unfortunately the truth that money nowadays brings success and if we do not wanna spend then we can forget about the CL"
21st Aug 2013 13:02
"We are surely a joke to the Spuds because everytime we go for a player, we are outbid by Spurs and the player ends up there. Times have changed so much that players prefer spurs to us. Why is it so difficult to spend knowing that the kind of talent they are buying will enhance the chances of getting back to the CL? So why cant we buy these types of players?"
21st Aug 2013 13:10
"Seeing reports about Will Hughes linking him to us. Here's a video: Let's hope spurs don't beat us to his signing as well..."
21st Aug 2013 13:31
"Three clubs in four years? Hmmm. Good luck."
21st Aug 2013 14:49
"goldengerrard: sterling and ibe are both better than him !"
21st Aug 2013 15:04
"FSG turning us into a mid table club. Having to sign cheap players and players on loan. With the fan base liverpool have around the world how can this be acceptable?"
21st Aug 2013 15:22
"Corporalofasia 21st Aug 2013 15:04 I beg to differ. This LFC side is definetly better that 3 season ago.. I wonder what makes you think liverpool a mid table team? Kindly enlighten me.."
21st Aug 2013 15:31
"Corporalofasia - you are definetly not a LFC fans.. You just come here to troll and wanna say LFC is a bad team.."
21st Aug 2013 16:12
"Moan moan moan. I hope all the moaners will eat their moaning words after we will lead the table after the MoanUnited game. Be happy what we got and start supporting our LFC or move over the Mersey and support blue or even better drive down M62 and stick to them. We have played one game and have three points just like all other ones who spent millions and millions for new players."
21st Aug 2013 16:31
"POOR SIGNING! Really disappointed with this one from Rodgers, he'll play a few games and be on his way next season - WASTE OF TIME!"
21st Aug 2013 17:08
"Glad to see a number of true LFC fans on, supporting the club, the manager and the players. Those who only moan, or moan about FSG forget (a) the got us out the (b) they have spent over £100m on players and (c0 2nd half of last season we were the 2nd best club in the league. "
21st Aug 2013 17:09
"If you look at how we played 2nd half of last season, look at the game against Stoke, who if their GK hadnt had a game of his life Stoke would have lost 3,4 or 5 nil. "
21st Aug 2013 17:10
"We are playing a style and quality of football not seen here for years. If you want to spend £30m on a player get your hand in your own pocket and feel free to buy a player for the club. It isnt a computer game, where you JUST go out and buy hm or him like that, there are many things that affect a buy."
21st Aug 2013 17:12
"I would only ever want a player who wants to come to LFC and play for them than some one who is just a mercenary and after the money. So lets keep positive, look at how far we have progressed i last 12 months and get beind the club, manager and players or go and support another team. "
21st Aug 2013 17:14
"We all have views on who we should sign, who should play etc, however if we were all so good, we would be the manager at LFC and not BR. He is there on merit now, having seen the progression. Lets support him and look at where we are now compared to nearly being bust, players leaving and in total downward spiral. I for one am pleased with the progress and I think GENUINE fans are too."
21st Aug 2013 17:47
"Welcome Aly."
21st Aug 2013 18:00
"Give lad a chance, he's LFC player now. And How you all saying spurs signing will be great yet ours is not.. really baffled me.. I see where you guys are coming from, ours is a loan deal and theirs is a 30m buy. Absolutely is all about money is not about who we sign..! "
21st Aug 2013 19:53
"ffoivetimes - Mate, if you are such a hotshot at spotting talent why not go talk to Mr. Ayres about a job?"
21st Aug 2013 20:21
"Danny1966 Spot on kid!"
21st Aug 2013 21:04
"Any signing is somewhat of a gamble regardless of the transfer fee . Players you would think were dead certs to do great can be total flops and bargain buys can turn out to be brilliant .Its obviously gonna take a season or two to sort out the mess left by dalglish and commolli . I think the team is well on track and is playing great football so chill out and stop being so negative ."
22nd Aug 2013 0:44
"He will fit right into this league. I am already liking his temperament; the is ready to fight for a place and that can only make both him and Enrique better players. Welcome buddy, YNWA!"
22nd Aug 2013 4:17
"Love the tude!"