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We need the winning mentality, this guy looks decent. YNWA
20th Aug 2013 17:32
20th Aug 2013 17:33
"Welcome to LFC Aly, finally deal has been announced, wooooooow! YNWA :D"
20th Aug 2013 17:35
"Good Luck, bring us back to the top ...YNWA"
20th Aug 2013 17:43
"Hmm Where is Ian Ayre, hopefully somewhere negotiating another deal."
20th Aug 2013 17:48
"You make me remember about Dimi Traore. "
20th Aug 2013 17:57
"Welcome to LFC Aly! Hope you do well, YNWA! "
20th Aug 2013 18:07
"welcome! ynwa..."
20th Aug 2013 18:14
"Now this Cissokho dude with Toure and Agger in Defence that Means a MONSTER DEFENCE which we didn't have last season.. BUT we need ONE MORE ATTACKING player,, anyone who fits the bill to make a statement.. PLEASE LFC Do something about it. It pains to go into the weekends in the season knowing you might play well and fail to score."
20th Aug 2013 18:16
"whats the latest concerning Willian? and if he comes good, however if he doesn't great,what a wonderful start and the seasons started,come on you reds. "
20th Aug 2013 18:17
"We have been linked to him for the last few's finally a done deal. Good luck this season Aly"
20th Aug 2013 18:23
"Terrible photos, half his face is in complete shadow! Get a proper photographer!"
20th Aug 2013 18:26
"Interesting there is no Ayre or Rodgers about, hope it's a positive related to other new signings, or were they having a bacon sarnie for lunch?"
20th Aug 2013 18:32
"Welcome any new player to the club, he's only on loan, if it doesn't work out then what have we lost? All the very best Mr Cissoko YNWA "
20th Aug 2013 18:39
"Welcome to the team mate, hope you help achieve our ambitions. YNWA"
20th Aug 2013 18:45
"is that all were getting,loan signings?wots happening with willian for sake getting ed off with spurs out bidding us all the time "
20th Aug 2013 18:45
"Viet.Kop that statement is a massive kick in the balls for Aly. Give the guy a chance ."
20th Aug 2013 18:53
"Poor Djimi, he has a champions league winners medal, do you?"
20th Aug 2013 18:56
"not avin a go at him,fed up with hearing about all these players wer'e being linked to and then they go elsewhere.willian was supposed to have been a done deal."
20th Aug 2013 19:02
"perfectpasser turn the brightness up on your screen!!!!"
20th Aug 2013 19:04
"Ian Ayrs is missing ... hope he is lurking around a corner off White Hart Lane with a blankety blank cheque book and pen"
20th Aug 2013 19:21
"Ian Ayre took a wrong turning on his way to Donetsk on his tricycle and he's now stranded in Ulan Bator. FSG have told him to hitchhike back to Liverpool - gotta keep those costs down and get that profit margin up."
20th Aug 2013 19:36
"He looks like a nice guy and seems to be really happy to be joining us. Hope he's mean on the pitch, though."
20th Aug 2013 19:37
"Djimi Traore, Champions League winner!"
Vosta Lee
20th Aug 2013 19:42
"Djimi Traore played in the final and helped win us a Champs League Trophy. He always gave his all. A show of respect does not cost anything."
20th Aug 2013 20:00
"Can he keep defending, when there are no good strikers to bang in goals. 1 thing is 4 sure,there stronger teams than stock,"
20th Aug 2013 20:07
"The first photo tells us he remembered to bring his shoes. This bodes well....a sure sign of a top player."
20th Aug 2013 20:30
"He is very confident, and seems to be very experienced for a payer of only 25. I like this guy already, I hope he does well and he can be a very good signing..He's a beast too..good luck here Aly YNWA"
20th Aug 2013 20:37
"dav12, how do know we were outbid, the player has a choice and its looks like he chose spurs, he's clearly a fool."
20th Aug 2013 20:39
"Welcome.Aly!We add experienced and muscular player in defense.I expected Willian,too-but Spurs grabbed him...Little bit dissapointing.Anyway,good luck,boy.YNWA>"
20th Aug 2013 20:46
"Recall he ran us ragged at Enfield but has dipped a little in form I hear. I am a fan of Cissokho, so hopefully he will do us proud."
20th Aug 2013 20:50
"Don't know much about the guy but as long as he can play defense and contribute on set pieces he should be a good addition because of his size and hopefully his ability."
20th Aug 2013 21:17
"Love the photos of our signings leaning on a variety of objects!!"
20th Aug 2013 22:15
"This is a great signing, hopefully get him permanently at the close of the season, should be good to see him play!! Lets just hope we can add one more defensive midfielder + (hopefully a classy attacking player, if they can sign one that is) and I think our transfer window would have been successful!!"
21st Aug 2013 0:52
"Solid defender that can play with both feet. Great piece of business and nothing else matters as long as we get decent players that can get better, improve sell on value, and help the club avoid buying costly flops. ... Willian has only two international and that isn't what I call good enough for 30M."
21st Aug 2013 6:44
"Welcome m8"
21st Aug 2013 9:45
"The man arrived with his playing boots in hand, NUFF SAID!"
21st Aug 2013 10:09
"Welcome Aly to Liverpool FC the greatest football club in the world. From me and me lad. YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 11:06
"The scouting department needs to look no further than Georginio Wijnaldum (PSV). 22 years old, can play att mid and winger. Technicaly gifted, speedy and scores goals. GET HIM NOW before the spuds steal him!!!"
21st Aug 2013 11:09
"Jumpersforgoalposts: Funniest comment ever! LOLOLOL! Welcome Aly to the family...all the best! YNWA"
21st Aug 2013 11:33
"If the first run of an article doesn't produce positivity about an unrated loan, run the article again, and remove the all the comments relating to Willian signing for Spurs!"
21st Aug 2013 14:39
"Hope this guy is gonna help us get to the top"
21st Aug 2013 14:43
"OMG his muscle is so big.. Is he a footy player? I believe even ronaldo will fly away against his muscle... Lol. Welcome aly YNWA "
21st Aug 2013 15:39
"welcome to our team. YNWA "
21st Aug 2013 17:10
"I cant believe some ppl moaning here and trying to destroy the winning mood!!! So what if we dont get Willian??? I bet most of you didnt even know him like a month ago... Let BR and the Board take the care of the Transfer Window and you take care of the tickets if you even planning on to watch any match. Leave the expertise to experts!!! YNWA"
22nd Aug 2013 12:20
"Wilko-uk Exactly what I was thinking!!!! Just heard on SKY that Willian is still considering his options! Uhmmmmmm!"
22nd Aug 2013 12:24
"Welcome Aly! Good luck...we're behind you all the way. I fear for the strikers who will be in front of you though! Big strong lad; excellent!!! YNWA"