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Good to see fan lobbying has seen the Bank of America logo no longer in LFC sponsor list, given that BOA has been fined for illegally foreclosing on active duty soldiers' homes and defrauding millions of mortgage holders, hospitals and schools (all reported fact). That being said MBNA is a BOA subsidiary and should be boycotted too.
21st Aug 2013 12:02
21st Aug 2013 12:17
"Do we want to be a BIG club or are the owners going to let us slip in to obscurity. We should be beating Spurs to get top players, not the other way around. The owners splash the cash on Red Sox, why buy LFC if not serious?"
21st Aug 2013 12:44
"starman - John Henry also spent $70 million of his own money in a cash deal to buy the Boston Globe two weeks ago. As you say, FSG, collective net worth of $28 billion, are willing to spend money on their other "franchises", but they view LFC as a cut price deal they are growing the value of, from £300 mill in 2010 to £420mill in 2013, by monetizing the brand, to cash in for profit."
21st Aug 2013 13:26
"12 Months ago Ian Ayres should have gone through the exit doors.This man is behind all the failed deals this club has entered into.We will not make the major signing while he is still pulling the strings.He has to go as this transfer window is as bad as last year. "
21st Aug 2013 13:45
"kopite - Ayre is a leftover from the Hicks/Gillette era brought in to do sponsor deals (with criminal banks such as Bank of America, fined billions for repeated fraud). Inner Circle who brokered Hicks and Gillette's takeover also brokered FSG's cut price buyout and were paid to headhunt a new world class CEO. They failed and suggested Ayre be promoted to a job he cannot do."
21st Aug 2013 14:36
"Thought this was going to be FSG asking us to have a whip round for our next 6m super signing.....even though they are sitting on 30m cash."
21st Aug 2013 14:56
"Liverpool are a Mid table club now. Nobody decent wants to sign. "