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Not sure if this is true, what do you guys think?
6th Aug 2013 16:52
6th Aug 2013 16:52
"Just get a quality player an dats all. pls"
6th Aug 2013 17:00
"Great addition. Still waiting for that signing of intent though. Let's do our best to keep our very best. Skrtel should not be sent away..."
6th Aug 2013 17:14
"Only hope glory round the fields of anfield road again."
6th Aug 2013 17:20
"You said Lorenzo's loan deal was a done deal now you saying this one done deal, how can we believe this rubbish. Just sell that cannibal our of the premier league any where as long he goes. FED UP with LUIS."
6th Aug 2013 17:22
"A solid player. Powerful,fast,built like a tank. need some tuning. welcome come to LFC aly. your boyhood club"
he could have killed the lad
6th Aug 2013 17:24
"This was reported last week that terms between the player, and the two clubs had been agreed. "
6th Aug 2013 17:25
"More media bs I bet. Don't think this guy has what it takes to be fair."
6th Aug 2013 17:26
"BR has said that he will not waste money on just any players, they have to be the right players, TROUBLE is the right players don't want to come to Liverpool or the ones that would will cost to much or wages will be to high, so where does that leave us, but look on the bright side the bank balance will be good, and if Suarez goes as well even better bank balance, "
6th Aug 2013 17:27
"Cissokho doesn't look bad going forward, nor defending. I'm not sure I rate him above Enrique, as I actually think Enrique is under-rated. Therefor I feel this is a smart move for LFC, gives us depth and cover, and most importantly like the gaffer said, competition. "
6th Aug 2013 17:27
"And understand its that competition which should bring out the best of both players. Because when Enrique is in form, he is one of the best left backs in the league. Not a massive make the fans happy signing, but a smart squad addition. I'm pleased with it."
6th Aug 2013 17:29
"I cant help but mention Suarez. It's getting old seeing his sulky face. Disappointed. Now I feel like the sooner he's out the better. Hopefully he's left out of the traveling squad for exactly that. A medical anywhere that removes him from LFC. He should of went about this a whole different way. Very immature and unprofessional. Especially with a signed contract and the money he makes"
6th Aug 2013 17:32
"Sell the cry baby and bring in Luis Muriel and Benard. Bottom line that makes us a team that can compete. If Skirtel goes, Papa in. If Downing goes, Capel in. It may just be a massive summer after all. Very difficult to be patient in all of this, but if the above happens, well.... 'aaaave at it then boys"
6th Aug 2013 17:49
" livefree I agree on most of what you say but I don't think we need anymore wide players even if we let downing go. We can play aspas, sterling, Alberto, sturidge and even coutinho in the wide areas. I'd like Bernard for sure but think we just need to concentrate on alderwiereld."
6th Aug 2013 17:54
"Hate to go on but Benard is in Europe checking out shaktar and porto. A quick sale of Downing opens space for Benard. i would like this but its not up to me. "
6th Aug 2013 17:54
"still same rumours flow for mkhty,eriksen,toby,papa,costa and melgaranjo.. first liv agree deal,liv player talk agremnt, next player happy at current club, then we searching another player.. This story has been post a week ago.. Tired with rumours, we are lack of time, epl fixtures coming!!"
6th Aug 2013 18:01
"Don't believe anything till you see it on lfc home page. .."
6th Aug 2013 18:06
"Bring in a bunch of the same position players, what's your intention BR? Buy or loan, obviously most of them will be on bench for long time, Sahin first, and then Lorenzo or Aly, this will do us bad more than good. Before Liverpool is notorious to foreign players, stop obsessed with that ing moneyball, it shows no respect to footballers."
6th Aug 2013 18:09
"top player for that sort of money"
6th Aug 2013 18:15
"if true it solves the left back issue. On loan is good deal giving Aly chance to get back to his best .Please BR go get Dzagoev from CSKA Moscow who can play anywhere in mid field attacking and is only 22yrs.Then get Eriksen and Toby from Ajax and lastly if Costa isn't coming then go get his Brazilian compatriot Damiao from International he is 23 and talented striker."
6th Aug 2013 18:37
"koptheluke101 - fair enough. Either papa or alderwiereld I suppose would do for me. Not sure whos better, but I feel alderwiereld and Erickson are overrated. I hope I'm wrong. I agree about Aspas in the wide area. I think he'll eventually be there full time. And very good there as well. Benard will be world class in the near future. "
coutinho star
6th Aug 2013 18:39
"livefree. i agree that Enrique is under rated hope this cissokho guy can push jose to be even better. hope we keep Skrtel too. even if we keep Suarez we still need a foward."
6th Aug 2013 18:45
"the dim red - Enrique in form is a beast. I agree. I think Suarez has to go now. Otherwise he's got a lot of making up to do. That to$$. he's really doing a number on all of us. I really hope he leaves very very soon. I dont even care if its for 45mil to arse. Arse has not invested and are not as good as LFC at the moment. Not sure if Suarez will get the same service or be the same player there"
Natural Poolie
6th Aug 2013 18:47
"Redrivelino - Am with you on the quick sale of Downing to fund Bernard move, now that would be an acquisition!"
6th Aug 2013 18:47
"Obviously he's world class, but matching his performance last season will be a challenge. Either way, the top teams have loads of talent as well, so we need to worry about strengthening LFC to compete with them. If Muriel or Jackson Martinez come in, in place of suarez, we'll be fine"
coutinho star
6th Aug 2013 18:54
"If Downing goes I think we need another wide man. Countinho is ace but sterling Ibe and alberto all are not ready yet imo. aspas and sturridge are fowards that can cover out wide but i want to see a real top class winger what creates and scores goals"
6th Aug 2013 19:00
"the dim red - I agree. Thats why I'd love to see Benard come in. Although I think Aspas will probably settle out there as well. Sterling and Ibe are not at the week in week out level just yet. Sturridge leading the line, with Continho in the hole behind, Aspas and Benard out wide. That for me would be very ideal. Or Muriel or Martinez in place of Sturridge"
coutinho star
6th Aug 2013 19:01
"live free agree suarez can go but to Arsenal im not sure m utd m city and cleski are top 3 i think and were figthing spurs and arsenal for that 4 place imo."
coutinho star
6th Aug 2013 19:09
" livefree agree again i see coutinho playing in the hole behind sturridge aspas on the right and that new big summer signing on the left i hope cant see Borini fitting in anywere hes not a bad player just dosnt suit us or the prem"
6th Aug 2013 19:24
"It's all over the net, and it's on the Sunderland site that he has agreed the deal too."
6th Aug 2013 19:28
"Would be a good signing. Hope Suarez hands in a transfer request and shuts most of these fans up. I do not want to see you playing for us this season. Your a disgrace and have bought shame to the club for 2 seasons yet there are pathetic Liverpool fans that still forgive him and want him to stay. "
6th Aug 2013 19:43
" X A B I A L O N S O"
6th Aug 2013 19:44
6th Aug 2013 19:45
6th Aug 2013 20:25
"Im sure i read this last month ? Great player so we would have 2 great left backs but we still need erikson (possibly) definatly anderweild and i hope to keep skrtel :)"
6th Aug 2013 20:32
"Luis7??9 How is it pathetic that we want to keep our top goal scorer and match winner on quite a few occasions ? He does love LFC u can see that in the game against zenit at anfield but hes just going about it the completly the wrong way!"
6th Aug 2013 20:49
"Check Chiriches out on youtube, he'd walk into our team. Quality centre back Bernard is a great player but we've already got that type of player. Costa would be a great addition as would a midfield hard man. #icouldtakeLucas"
6th Aug 2013 20:57
"Much was said about Bernard and Shakhtar and Porto last week but nothing has materialised, if downing does leave and Suarez( which to be honest I hope he does soon) we should get bernard and papa. Then we're pretty much done"
6th Aug 2013 21:32
"Not sure if true or just more BS"
6th Aug 2013 21:55
"We are apparently signing so many leftbacks soon we'll have too many"
6th Aug 2013 21:56
"Redgamer146th Aug 2013 20:32 - Your comment will be pointless once Suarez is gone. He has told the manager that he wants to leave so why keep him? Selling is the best option if Liverpool want top 3. "
6th Aug 2013 22:00
"Brendan needs to watch his words: "cover in the left-back position... it's not really about numbers, it's about quality" doesn't say we need backup for Enrique, or someone to challenge him, it says he's not good enough. How's that going to affect his morale? Poor management."
Afrika Kop
6th Aug 2013 22:03
""According to reports in Spain..." What dpes that mean? I think Sport journalism is the most unaccountable profession. People just write authoritatively and noone holds them to account!"
6th Aug 2013 22:04
"It helps, Jose needs pressure no doubt so positive"
6th Aug 2013 22:09
"Oward agree with you on Chiriches very good player we should be sniffing around very comfortable with the ball and a commanding centreback"
6th Aug 2013 22:22
"In regards to Suarez the club should keep him for one more season even if he wants to go cause its all about cementing champs league and attracting quality players to the club. Once we qualify then sell him if he wants to leave the club need to qualify this season to be able to build a squad to win the prem the longer we are out the harder it gets to compete"
6th Aug 2013 22:27
"Luis7??9 How will it be pointless maybe theres a slim chance he wont leave ? Granted hes made it hard for himself but have u personaly been there when hes said im going now end of ? I didnt think so abd who can we get to replace him ? Costa ? Only about 10-15 goals, not bad but not as good, i can only think of lewandowski and thats just stupid"
6th Aug 2013 22:37
"Redgamer14 - What makes you think Suarez will score over 15 league goals this season? Fact is he will miss the opening 6 games. He will probably do something stupid and get banned again. Liverpool already have over 20M to spend on a player for now. Selling Suarez means we could sign another top player and challenge for the league. "
6th Aug 2013 22:43
"I know hes banned for 6 games but i still think he could get 15 either at most or at least, i understand where your coming from but i feel right now upfront there isnt any real quality to replace luis, not even costa :/ but in midfield there is a alot of talent like bernard, erikson and so on but the main thing is striker ( if suarez leaves ) and left back and cb, maybe a winger"
6th Aug 2013 22:49
"Also costa has said he doesnt want to leave atletico so even if we do get him itl be abit awkward already with him saying that"
6th Aug 2013 23:03
"Liverpool have plenty of options in that final third. Sterling, Coutinho, Alberto, Gerrard, Assaidi, Ibe, Aspas and Sturridge. I would love to see Eriksen or Bernard signed and I prefer having Liverpool players that want to actually be here and play for the club. Suarez wants out and I want him gone too. "
6th Aug 2013 23:07
"Redgamer14 - fair enough, to be honest I'm Not sure about Costa either. But I do think their are players still available to replace Suarez. mainly Luis Muriel and Jackson Martinez still on the market. We can get either probably for around 30mil give or take. Best case scenario, Suarez out, Martinez and Benard in. "
6th Aug 2013 23:10
"This team would get us 3rd of 4th spot, and after one season, could compete for league in my opinion: Johnson, Papa, Agger, Enrique - Stevie, Lucas - Aspas, Continho, Benard - Jackson Martinez"
6th Aug 2013 23:21
"iluis wants out why hasn.t he handed in transfer request? 1 more season then look to replace him. we need to keep our best players. thats why he.s No5 in PTSTK. wait $ see. come on you reds. YNWA J4T96"
7th Aug 2013 0:02
"good point but realistically i can only see sturridge as a 20 - 30 goal a season man but even then its injuries that are worrying with him BUT with coutinho, sterling gerrard and other knwoing were the net is it does kind of balance that out. i agree with muriel and martinez actually, the only thing im scared of with muriel is that he came to napoli and had big issues with his weight."
7th Aug 2013 0:02
"And i havent seen martinez linked with us for a while unfortunatly"
7th Aug 2013 0:04
"And i will also say i will back suarez for now while he is still wearing our clubs colours just like i did with fernando BUT the moment hes gone then its fair game and i can maybe let abit of anger out"
7th Aug 2013 0:15
"Actually after reading what ive just read on the bbc sport website and sky sports about suarez i cant be bothered anymore im tired to hell of this, just take the money and ..... Put a cheeky bid for bale in ;) or martinez like livefree said"
7th Aug 2013 1:20
"Hope this goes through~ there is not much quality LB around or too pricey for LFC. I hope LFC could still get this guy Lorenzo Melgarejo next season. he has the quality and mentality to be good LB."
7th Aug 2013 2:49
"Lb cover is needed and since Jose has said one is welcome it will happen soon enough. On Suarez, he is a disgrace! if he hates the media why does he seem to speak with them everyday. Get him out, i already prefer DS as a goal scorer anyway. the club can not say they will sell tho as that would instantly reduce his price. "
7th Aug 2013 2:53
"we can not keep a player who acts soo childish and disrespectful. Legal action? he does not have a leg to stand to..if he wants out so badly someone will have to pay up...that is over 50 mil. he can buy himself out of his contract but if our value is not met he is going nowhere so should shut his trap."
7th Aug 2013 2:58
"seeing Luis Suarez on LFCTV joking and that with teammates i thought he was a decent man and so his actions on the field could be overlooked somewhat, as competiYiveness. But the way he now seems to be acting is unforgivable. He has lost every ounce of respect i had for him. Not even 40 goals next yr would get that back."
Kunle Oj
7th Aug 2013 5:30
"On point."
7th Aug 2013 6:32
"Will accept when l see him smiling with Ian "
7th Aug 2013 8:21
"This can't be true - NOT GOOD ENOUGH! A waste of everyones time!"
Save us Kenny
7th Aug 2013 9:13
"Watch this bloke on youtube, he can barely run and just hoofs the ball anywhere without looking. Poor."
7th Aug 2013 20:15
"Guys, if Suarez wanna go, get him a jet and fly him off, we don't need a liar here. Nobody is bigger than the Club"