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There is a difference between tabling a bid & getting him. This club is getting to become a bigger joke week in week out. The quicker FSG get out !! the better this come will become the promised us the earth but only provided mounds. We all know the have spent the cash in the past & KK wasted millions on some bad signings.
6th Aug 2013 11:28
6th Aug 2013 11:38
"Bored now. "
6th Aug 2013 11:42
"I think we are just short of two players to make a challenge for the le. .... We are the silent contenders and that's the advantage. We don't need marque signings, just solid team performance like the second half of last season and we'll achieve what we set out to without spending an arm or a leg. "
The great 1
6th Aug 2013 11:53
"We have got four players in and I believe that's it and if Suarez leaves then we will see activity but until then we won't see anymore players come in"
he could have killed the lad
6th Aug 2013 11:55
"Atletico Madrid have denied that they have received a bid from LFC, or any other club for Diego Costa. More made up media stories?"
6th Aug 2013 12:01
"So we got 4 "squad players" to have a longer bench and now we might sell downing skrtel and spearing and our bench will be even thinner than last season with suso going out on loan. I cant understand what are we trying to build cause we do a step forward and then two steps backwards! That's not building at all..."
6th Aug 2013 12:19
"Shame, looks ideal for the prem and the first-team. There's goals and trickery in the squad but perhaps what we're missing is a more tough, direct option to complement the attack and help break down teams that are happy to sit back and swamp the box with bodies."
6th Aug 2013 12:25
"last week they denied there been any bids ,all these rumours are just that rumours = bul-cr-ap "
6th Aug 2013 12:25
"I could be wrong but it seems Fsg are more interested in cutting the wage bill than adding to the squad.500k cut from the wage bill if skrtel leaves and then downing might be on his way.Maybe Fsg are selling the club after all? We need at least 3 top class players to challenge for 4th! Plus I still think Suarez will be on his way."
6th Aug 2013 12:28
"The_Cout - you badly contradcited yourself there, along with not really making sense. Anyway, Costa is one player in a massive pond of talent. I think BR has many players with his eye on them, he knows good quality and the right atude. I fully trust him to get a quality attacking player, with goals, before the window. IBWT"
6th Aug 2013 12:28
"Have to agree with most peoples sentiment, far too much bull being touted about Liverpool prospects but I honestly beleive we wont buy anyone if Suarez stays even though I do think we need a replacement for Downings position even though we have Sterling and Ibe, we need someone with more experience. We could possibly fall short again if we dont add experience and talent???"
6th Aug 2013 12:29
"personally, I am not getting over exited. If we lose Suarez and I think we will, the new players we have will need time to settle. Nothing great there. Apart from 2 or 3 positions we wont be any stronger than we were last season, if he stays then we have a great chance. "
6th Aug 2013 12:31
"seriously this is boring. dont think we'll sign anyone:(((( "
6th Aug 2013 12:32
"Why did Falcao leave them for Monaco???? Money talks...double his wages and he will be a Liverpool player."
6th Aug 2013 12:34
"The_Cout - clearly ur a bit of a donut. A bids been made, athletico are reluctant to sell & the player reluctant to go. This happens in football. If the club & player can't be persuaded we move on to the next option. Grow up & Grow a set. "
6th Aug 2013 13:05
"The cout, terrible comment. Just be patient it's all speculation on speculation!"
6th Aug 2013 13:07
"The_Cout: this must be the 1st time you've followed football. If you think a club allegedly putting a bid in means they have bought a player immediately, then you have a lot to learn. Costa is only an option (& a rumoured one at that). Every club & player denies this initial media speculation because it club business not media business. Still weeks to go & most deals will be done on 2nd Sept."
6th Aug 2013 13:10
"RedRevelino The_Cout (11:28)thinks sorting out a transfer deal much easier than buying a bag of potatoes from his local supermarket."
6th Aug 2013 13:13
"There's a lot of talk on this site about selling Luis ASAP. Would that really be clever? NO. Why, firstly because he's an incredible talent, secondly, imagine we sell him for 55+mill now, everyone will know we have that money & will be asking the same price for whoever we decide to replace him with. Currently, LFC look as if they wont spend much, but its a better bargaining position to be in, no?"
6th Aug 2013 13:16
"I hope you all still remember the first few statements from FSG after takeover. The main one was 'unbelievable wage' bill which they will cut to a manageable one. What they meant was no wage more than 60K per week same as mid and lower table teams. That's what businessmen do, turning our club into a joke."
6th Aug 2013 13:25
"Hope he don't come doesn't suit us and is worth too much."
6th Aug 2013 13:33
"Last year the top 4 teams had the biggest wage bills,is that a coincidence? We had the 5th biggest wage bill yet finished 7th,the old saying you pay for what you get is true.fsg have done a great job trimming the wage bill which is great for the shareholders but maybe not for the fans."
6th Aug 2013 13:39
"The only joke here is the fickle fans who constantly the club off that they claim to "support"."
6th Aug 2013 13:48
"FSG get out!"
6th Aug 2013 13:57
" We should also put our feet down on Suarez if Atletico wont budge on Costa, manure-Rooney, Barca-fabregas. We will talk if real offer £35 mill + Morata, or £35 m+ wilshere frm e smokers"
6th Aug 2013 14:01
"I knew this was too good 2 be true, every bid we make always go agaist us.or maybe they are waiting 4 d second half of d season to get players,after we fail in d first half.den we cant pick our self up."
6th Aug 2013 14:10
"Tiresome negative comments... there are still almost 4weeks left! Also, I've been really impressed with our recent signings. Mignolet is a beast and I really like Aspas so far - iron will and slippery. Joe Allen and Lucas seem to be back in top form. The team looks unified and VERY well coached. Lighten up!"
6th Aug 2013 14:16
"After 4 seasons without CL football I think this is a massive season for LFC. Selling so many senior players and buying cheaper players with potential in such a short time scale is a huge gamble by FSG. A fair comparison of this expensive quality v cheaper potential debate can be Spurs Soldado and Paulinho v Aspas and Alberto. Just hoping it will be our duo that has the bigger impact this season."
6th Aug 2013 15:06
"ajp81 6th Aug 2013 14:16 Also worth comparing Coutinho, Sturridge vs Dembele, Sigurdsson, Dempsey, Podolski, Giroud, Oscar, Nasri, Garcia, Kagawa. Plus Soldado & Paulinho are unproven in the PL yet, as are our new Spanish boys. Its always a gamble with new signings in a new team/league. Expensive quality in one league/team can easily become expensive flops in another."
6th Aug 2013 15:13
"Maybe LFC don't have the money behind them? Maybe we just don't need much more? We finished last season strongly and this pre-season has gone so far. If we can keep the current squad and add some depth, as BR is doing. 'Stick' don't 'Twist',and stop blaming FSG."
6th Aug 2013 15:15
"Teams nearly ready, that kinda was my point. All four are new to the prem, it will be interesting to see if the Spurs more expensive duo or our cheaper [potential] duo flop or have a successful season helping their team get a top 4th finish."
6th Aug 2013 15:20
"No problem.This lad is worse than Suarez.Youtube shows him gobbing in his hand and flinging it at Pepe and Sergio Ramos 3 times when they played Madrid.He'd be banned as much as Suarez!In hindsight we should have gone for Van Wolfswinkel or Bony."
6th Aug 2013 15:21
"Sign up Eriksen & Toby Quick!!!!"
6th Aug 2013 15:36
"Well then let's go for Eriksen."
6th Aug 2013 15:39
"Either nobody wants to play for Liverpool anymore or we haven't been tabling any of these bids at all... hope it's the latter... i think."
6th Aug 2013 15:43
"ajp81 6th Aug 2013 15:15 If that was your point, then I can only apologise. However, by posing the question of expensive quality v cheaper potential, your post did read like you were saying Spurs are buying better than us without anyone having kicked a ball this PL season. I too hope all our hungry signings turn out like PC & DS, its certainly an exciting gamble, let the games begin."
6th Aug 2013 15:44
"I Have to say im disappointed in some of our fans on here they only support us when winning but when we lose or are in the transfer window they constantly put the club down SUPPORT THE TEAM NOT THE REGIME! "
6th Aug 2013 15:47
"L-MAN07 6th Aug 2013 15:20 The same youtube vids also show Ramos spat in his face first & Costa retaliated with the same disgusting act. As much as I like this players ferocity & hunger for his team, I too fear for his discipline on the pitch & how many yellow & red cards he'll get, but he would add that steel we're missing - difficult one to call."
Red Yank 1969
6th Aug 2013 15:47
"reading that Suarez might take legal action...getting frustrated by Luis's selfishness. He will miss a total of 19 games during his LFC career...put him on the hot seat and make him answer to that. Sell him to Arsenal for all I care at this point...break his legs when we play him..this guy is ungrateful to the supporters of this club"
6th Aug 2013 15:52
"Red Yank 1969 6th Aug 2013 15:47 Not one quote has been produced by any media outlet that this is what Suarez is intending to do. The media's whole objective to not let this story die, so any misdirection will keep the embers glowing. I'd wait for an official announcement mate."
6th Aug 2013 15:53
"If we are to get back in CL,it's imperative to make at least a couple of marquee signings. I know it could be difficult as it's a vicious circle - no CL, no big names but LFC have to pull out all stops. Spurs have become stronger, it'll be difficult to finish above them especially if Suarez leaves. FSG, whip out that cheque book."
Red Yank 1969
6th Aug 2013 16:11
"BBC Sport has produced the story. Bottom line, Luis has had ample opportunity to come out an address this matter since getting back to Liverpool..he hasnt. He obliged the media quite a bit in South America...why so quiet now? He owes it to the club and supporters"
Craigus Maximus
6th Aug 2013 16:25
"He is ok but only 10 goals for a striker and with the physical of the EPL he prob score less not right for lfc"
6th Aug 2013 16:51
"The_Cout? Your post doesn't make any sense. Stop moaning and get behind the club. The whole transfer market is a joke at the moment so the situation with Costa is hardly a one off and the fault of FSG."
Tatenda YNWA
6th Aug 2013 17:12
"We need same seriousness from fsg or they must sell the club "
6th Aug 2013 17:30
"I don't know how some idiots link the refusal of Athletico to accept a 21M bid with FSG...clueless. "
6th Aug 2013 17:42
"The mere fact that LFC triggered a release clause with the first bid indicates that they were given encouragement to make an offer. Likely from Costa's agent. "
6th Aug 2013 17:42
"FSG is not the problem, rumours are the problem linking us with a player every 12hours as I have said in the past. If we were in CL we would have got all our targets and even our double cannibal wouldn't be talking leaving."
6th Aug 2013 17:48
"The_Cout why are you (and others) constantly gunning FSG, they have backed both managers. It wasn't KK who made the signings, it was Comolli. Get your facts straight before you rant and focus on backing LFC!"
6th Aug 2013 17:48
"We haven't even started the season and there's already complaints. Get a grip people."
he could have killed the lad
6th Aug 2013 19:09
" KL-red. Tom Werner wanted to INCREASE the wage bill not decrease it. But It's clear to anyone what they want to do now."
6th Aug 2013 19:46
6th Aug 2013 19:55
"I don't think want him to go to LFC because of his bad behavior+ sell suarez to a team not in the bpl because its better for him and buy a descent defender "
6th Aug 2013 21:31
"I can see why they want to keep him, a very good player, maybe they are angling for more money, lets wait and see what happens, there are other options our there!"
Afrika Kop
6th Aug 2013 21:59
"THe real problem is us supporters. We read some rumour made up in media that want to sell papers by mentioning Liverpool, then we go overdrive in expressing our views, emotions, and dissapointments. "
6th Aug 2013 22:06
"Offer £25m and if no move then move on quickly, cant afford to waste any more time"
6th Aug 2013 22:07
"I actually think Downing put in a decent shift last season. Selling him for £5m is laughable"
6th Aug 2013 22:27
"im wondering wether we are ever gona be able to get a high profile signing with rogers in charge,rafa gets his players no probs,i actually really like rogers and his targets but getting them is another thing"
6th Aug 2013 22:52
"He could have killed the lad - all high earners were forced out : Caroll.Reina.Downing.Skrtel and that'sthe fact everyone can see. We only signed 4 players with wage of 60k or less. We failed to get marquee signings because we offer lower wages or we never bid them because of expected higher wage to be paid. "
6th Aug 2013 23:01
"Continue... Suarez will be the next one out towards the end of the window and it's not FSG fault, never was and never will be. It's all on Suarez himself. BR is a very good manager, but he will be left stranded and disappointed again."
7th Aug 2013 6:16
"Hmmmm.... Again we should put in a higher bid £24 million and he would be ours. We also need -Erikson(world class midfielder). Papadopoulos(world class defender)= Mignolet, Enrique,Agger,Papa,Johnson,Sterling,Gerrard,Coutinho,Erikson,Suarez,Costa = Prem le and Champions league, next season !!"
7th Aug 2013 8:40
"KL_RED: Exactly right and to be honest the way i see it no matter good LS is, if he has so little respect for this club then he can duck off!! hateful lying wee sh*t!"
7th Aug 2013 10:02
"The_Cout - I don't understand what FSG would have to do to earn your approval. Carroll, Suarez, Coutinho, Sturridge, Aspas, Alberto, Mignolet, Allen, Henderson, and clearly another 21.8 million available recently. They have invested heavily and backed their managers right or wrong. Remember Hicks & Gillette? What did they do?"
7th Aug 2013 13:58
"If the club don't want to sell then lets move on! like we are asking Arsenal to do."
7th Aug 2013 15:52
"It seems like every player is being watched by our scouts. Do we have that many on the payroll? Seriously we need to get whoever we want in quickly and then tell the media we are done. Also get this Saurez situation resolved as its becoming a fiasco. More twists and turns than a roller coaster."
8th Aug 2013 9:05
"Personally speaking I have had enough of so called fans criticising the club concerning transfer activity. Support the club or don't post negative comments. I trust how the club is handling the finances and the Managers long term vision. The transfer window should come with a health warning to some people. Please calm down."
8th Aug 2013 12:37
"We Champions League qualification. Shame players think like that nowadays.. I'd bend over backwards to play for Liverpool!! Regardless whether in Champions League or not? I am like Gerrard, committed to Liverpool "
8th Aug 2013 14:04
"It's amazing to see how many people still believe any old codswallop that's printed in the daily rags. The club isn't what is becoming the big joke here, it's a good section of the fanbase..........."
10th Aug 2013 3:19
"The cout.mThey havent even kicked a ball yet and your moaning. Its not fifa sunshine. They dont just come after 3 bids unfortunately this is the real world. "
10th Aug 2013 3:34
"Massive respect to Brendon for the way he has handled the suarez situation. Hopefully this will also show the rest of the players that there is a standard at this football club and those who dont follow the work ethic and commitment to the cause will be dropped, regardless of the name on the back of the shirt. A really good test tomorrow against celtic. Perfect warm up for Stoke. "