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Get him get him!! Don't let the s get there first, this bloke is class, can't believe we ain't already gone for him, he wants to come to us and now looks like we are getting rid of skertel we need him
6th Aug 2013 9:49
6th Aug 2013 9:52
"BR is not serious about this guy.. He wouldve help the back line..!"
Den Haag Greg
6th Aug 2013 9:56
"The advantage of Alderweireld and Eriksen is that they have played together in a successful Ajax team. Alderweireld more or less said come and get me. Now we have competition. We need player in both positions. Just go for it "
6th Aug 2013 9:59
"if we were interested he'd be here by now"
6th Aug 2013 10:05
"It will be a shame if we are beaten by them to sign toby especially if Skertel is leaving as rumored."
6th Aug 2013 10:14
"Is this a joke? Why havent we got him"
6th Aug 2013 10:20
"Well just goes to show it is not only who Liverpool are interested in BUT are they interested in coming to Liverpool, Costa say's he is happy where he is, so WHO next i wounder, we should pull all the stop's out to land Toby, ASAP, "
6th Aug 2013 10:23
"No one else is coming into LFC! Stop all this we should get him or him! We have not gone in for them because we don't want them and will not get any big name players! I am not a negative Liverpool fan at all, I am just being a realistic LFC fan! Even if we don't get anyone else in, we WILL have a better this season! YNWA"
6th Aug 2013 10:24
"Well if BBC's transfer gossip can be believed, Costa has turned us down, Downing is set to join Newcastle for £5m and Skrytl will join Rafa on loan. BR claims we have money and Eriksen and Alderweireld seem to be of the right quality and price as well as willing to join so what are we waiting for? "
6th Aug 2013 10:27
" COMMON BRENDAN MAKE SOME MARQUEE SIGNINGS and lets start the league like bulldozer sell coates, downing,skertle,assaidi,spearing GO FOR eriksen, ,toby,papadoupolus, j.martinez or costa or morrata"
6th Aug 2013 10:28
"Just read Skrtel has gone and joined Rafa, so need someone, this getting rid of big wage players looks like they rather balance the books and get 6-7 spot than spend some money and try to get top 4 spot, need to bring in a couple of players soon or we can forget it, season be over by Christmas, for us , and no time again to find a Coutinho or Sturridge then"
6th Aug 2013 10:30
" my dream team mignolet johnsn,papadoupolus or toby agger, enrique eriksen,gerrard,lucas martinez or costa/sturrige/aspas(till suarez banned)"
6th Aug 2013 10:36
"Stop hoping guys. We will not sign anyone who expects to be paid more than 60K per week. We will get rid of them and that's the fact. Last one will be Suarez towards end of transfer window and BR will be left stranded AGAIN."
6th Aug 2013 10:39
"Get him quickly, even if we have to raise our bid to 8 or 9 million. We need him badly even though we haven't conceded any goals from our pre-season tour. "
6th Aug 2013 10:45
"Liverhinter have you forgot we have Coutinho? You want to replace him with Erikson a player unproven in the EPL after seeing what Coutinho can produce? To me Coutinho should be one of the first names on the team sheet. As for the defence our central pairing will be Toure & Agger,if Skrtel leaves then we need a replacement but only if he goes. Id rather sell Coates I dont rate him."
6th Aug 2013 11:15
"scotty78YNWA.... & if Coutinho gets injured who comes in, we can't expect him to play 65 games a season & need quality to cover all positions. As for Eriksen being unproven so was Coutinho 8 months ago & wasn't even playing at Inter. We got a bargain & BR did very well to get him but we need more like that & Eriksen could be that player."
he could have killed the lad
6th Aug 2013 11:17
"LFC - FSG are on a crusade on cutting players wages. I can't see many more signings unless we get rid of a few "HIGHEND" earners that are still on our books. Skertl and Downing are surely next to go along with Reina and Carroll off the books already. "
6th Aug 2013 11:21
"If Skrtel is heading to Napoli then Alderweireld is a good option as for Costa LFC do already have 4 strikers so what for a fifth one unless Suarez/Borini leaving."
6th Aug 2013 11:30
"Quite sure BR has him on his list. At £5m, and below 26 of age, this one will happen if he fits in with the style of our play. ... We have a solid young defender in Wisdom too, which costs us nothing. "
6th Aug 2013 11:35
"Dwarfpig my point was replacing Coutinho & taking a player that has shown utter class & a vital cog in our team not having a replacement for him if injured. Im well aware Coutinho wasnt a proven player before coming here but he has proven himself more than enough to not be replaced by (Erikson) as a first pick like what liverhinter wants by his selection. You think Erikson would come as a sub?"
6th Aug 2013 11:45
"We also have Luis Alberto who plays in that position we also have the option of Hendo who IMO has been showing his worth then we have players like Sterling,Ibe coming through not to mention Aspas or Suarez can play the wide left/right position or behind the main ST. Borini IMO is a central ST but isnt ready to be the main ST yet but is another option we have. "
The great 1
6th Aug 2013 11:50
"Don't rate this guy that much we should get papadoplois from schalke"
6th Aug 2013 11:51
"LFC seem to be caught in the same old rut of wasting time doing deals for scouted targets.Lfc need left and centre backs ,an attacking midfielder and another top striker with 27 days left they need to act fast otherwise these targets will go to other clubs.Eriksen,Toby,Damiao and a leftback"
6th Aug 2013 12:35
"Come on!!!! 5M? We can afford to get Alder for 5m and Papa on loan. Sell Coates and if Skrtel is going sell him as well. For that price Alder is a bargain!"
6th Aug 2013 12:54
"let him join everton please"
6th Aug 2013 13:10
"The lad looks quality and is definitely a bargain, but it looks like Papadopoulos is top of the wish-list to be integrated as the enforcer in a partnership at the back with Agger, who'll be here for a long time to come hopefully. "
6th Aug 2013 13:14
"don't sell skrtel wel soon have a team of softies no physical players comming in all leaving we were bullied many times last season we much weaker now,"
6th Aug 2013 13:28
"Get Eriksen & Toby Quick need them LFC "
6th Aug 2013 13:34
"As always we get linked with every man and his dog but for some reason we won't buy anyone decent. We probably get 2 decent players out of 10 and then pay the earth for some awful player. The transfer selection team at Liverpool needs a complete overhaul and I'm sorry to say that unless we buy players who are game changers we won't win anything ever again!"
6th Aug 2013 13:44
"We all know we will end up with players like Danny Simpson and Steve de ridder then pay 20 mil each for them and then the Liverpool staff will rave about them. Pull your fingers out Liverpool and buy some top drawer players fast. "
6th Aug 2013 13:46
"We pursuing Alderweireld & Eriksen for long time, if eventually we can't get one of them, I will doubt what can FSG or BR help? They can't even signing some famous player whos our long term target. Their incompetence can't make Liverpool a top four team."
6th Aug 2013 13:46
"We pursuing Alderweireld & Eriksen for long time, if eventually we can't get one of them, I will doubt what can FSG or BR help? They can't even signing some famous player whos our long term target. Their incompetence can't make Liverpool a top four team."
6th Aug 2013 13:46
"We pursuing Alderweireld & Eriksen for long time, if eventually we can't get one of them, I will doubt what can FSG or BR help? They can't even signing some famous player whos our long term target. Their incompetence can't make Liverpool a top four team."
6th Aug 2013 13:50
"FSG get out!"
6th Aug 2013 15:11
"This Moneyball way of running our club is good on paper but not good for us. If all these young players become stars then all we have to look forward to in a couple of years is trying to fend off clubs who pay big wages and watching FSG cash in on the transfer fees."
6th Aug 2013 15:14
"And of course if it fails to work then FSG have the luxury of selling up and moving on. I have no such luxury. I've been here for over 40 yrs and hope to be around for a lot more to come. I'm just not stupid enough to bury my head in the sand and say its ok."
6th Aug 2013 15:24
"Since when did players or managers or owners become more important than this club. In fact ask any supporter who the manager was or the captain who lifted any trophy and they'd tell you straight off but ask who the owners were and no one would know cuz no one cared. We won trophies."
6th Aug 2013 15:25
"We talk more tripe about transfers and wage bills. We need football to discuss and not all the financial wheeling and dealing. Whats next? a free spreadsheet with every Liverpool shirt? I never thought i'd see this happen to Liverpool Football Club."
6th Aug 2013 15:38
"Should definitely grab him. Double swoop. Eriksen Alderwireld and 20m for Surez back to them"
6th Aug 2013 16:29
"The reason why LFC haven't come in for Eriksen or Toby is that BR is not interested in buying them! It's the media who have led you all a merry dance to the point where you work yourselves into a mucky sweat about the fact that we haven't bid for him! They are not wanted by LFC or they would have put in a bid long ago!"
6th Aug 2013 16:32
"this is bs or we would have him already same as erikson"
6th Aug 2013 22:32
"get him righ this second,why can you not place a bid now,ian air head hurry up he`s cheap imo.if youve got no credit to ring ajax use your reserve tank"
7th Aug 2013 15:48
"l dont know if we are serious with him but if we are, then we are moving TOO slowly"
8th Aug 2013 18:30
"PLEASE DONT BE STUPID PEOPLE, WE DONT WANT SUAREZ ANY MORE! Do you really want someone that that don't want to play for us? By the way fans complain about Torres and Suarez wanting to leave, but why not complain about or club not making the buys they promissed thoose players!!"
8th Aug 2013 18:33
"I understand why Torres left, we did not sign any of the players he was promissed and had to accept it, the same goes for Suarez... That is a problem our club created, that makes them not being trusted by players we might want to sign now, it's a huge problem, because newspapers write about it daily!!!"
8th Aug 2013 18:36
"Lets get 1 - 2 good players and then let all know that they are the ones we put our trust in this seasson and stand by that coise... Or tell the players we got, that you are the ones that should take our club to where we belong, we trust you... Just don't pretend we are buying someone, or not buying someone, give the onse we have a chanse to prepare propparly insted!"
8th Aug 2013 18:39
"Is that not what we want and need? If we only want one player, the perhaps XABI ALONSO should come back? By the way Samuel Eto is for sale for about 20 million, just a thought!!"