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Please go for Bernard..! He's better than him..
6th Aug 2013 9:34
6th Aug 2013 10:12
"The way its going I think we will probably not sign any more players this season:-("
6th Aug 2013 10:19
"Enough rumor about him. He is not coming and we're not bidding."
6th Aug 2013 10:26
"redcrusader I have been saying that since we signed the squad players early in the window. We are done in the transfer market!"
6th Aug 2013 10:29
"We will not sign anyone who expects a salary of more than 60K. So don't put so high hope on marquee signing. No good player will come here to get paid that much."
6th Aug 2013 10:31
"The only up side is the fact we have been winning our friendlys so far and that sturridge is back to full fitness. I believe this and our ability to keep rat boy is vital to get a top 4 finish."
6th Aug 2013 10:33
"And if rat boy does push through a transfer I believe that BR should hold him in a kneck lock and the rest of the squad boot him up the backside....."
6th Aug 2013 11:05
"redcrusader i told you that when i told you i would eat my socks if we signed Mkhitaryan when you were convinced we would of signed him within a couple of days .The only other transfer we can expect now is Suarez out on the last day of the window"
6th Aug 2013 12:02
"This was reported by As who I would not believe a word they write,As the saying goes money talks and if lfc offer to triple his wages he will come out and say its a dream to sign for lfc.Most footballers are fickle apart from Stevie gerrard."
6th Aug 2013 12:55
"Downing going to Newcastle?? according to Dutch media "
6th Aug 2013 15:05
"We aint any stronger this season than we were last season so please hurry up and sign 2 proven quality players.Stevie G has pleaded for more quality signings.We've actually spent just 4m this summer so far so get a move on or we will struggle to make the top 6 let alone top 4"
6th Aug 2013 15:30
"Optimusprime83 im sorry mate but dont expect anything to happen in this window"
6th Aug 2013 16:14
"its clear we need new investors,ones that are actually going to splash the cash.Signing players for 6 and 7m in the hope that 1 day their price will treble if they make the grade isn't good enough"
6th Aug 2013 22:37
"dzeko would do nicely,"
7th Aug 2013 11:14
"Don't rate costa move on should have got Soldado but to late now,need to show Suarez the door so we can get 2 big names in,Suarez is showing nothing but disrespect to LFC now so put a price on him first to meet it just move the Grinch on,"
7th Aug 2013 11:26
"Sad to see all of this. LFC struggling to buy players who can really make the team, what is once was. "