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I said from the beginning that if there has or if there hasn't been a bid, not to get your hopes up. Atletico are looking in good shape, so really we are a step down. I am satisfied that we can get a quality attacking player in, who comes with goals. BR knows good quality, but I like his stance on not paying over the odds. IBWT
6th Aug 2013 9:21
6th Aug 2013 9:22
"were runnin out of options especially if luis goes,can see this season bein a rubbish one AGAIN "
6th Aug 2013 9:28
"It seems that his club needs the money"
6th Aug 2013 9:30
"Make an offer he cant refuse to let him stay!"
6th Aug 2013 9:34
"Please go for Bernard..! He's better than him"
6th Aug 2013 10:12
"No Thanks, for attacking football get Balotelli,, ha Saurez and Balotelli, what an beauty ofA LINEOUT THAT WOULD BE THAT WOULD PUT THE FEAR OF GOD IN THE OTHER SIDES DEFENCE "
6th Aug 2013 11:32
"This does not mean anything since Carroll was happy to stay at Newcastle but still ended up joining. The fact is that Liverpool have got over 20M to spend on a player if Costa does not join. "
6th Aug 2013 11:51
"Remember coutinho was happy at inter before we signed him,But if costa hasn't heard anything thru his agent then it probably means we haven't bid."
7th Aug 2013 7:07
"we're running out of options here, there aren't too many top strikers in the market right now (Quagliarella, Emenike, Postiga, Costa, Bendner, Gomis, Chamack, Matri, etc etc) "