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5th Aug 2013 18:54
5th Aug 2013 19:09
"Is there really any truth to this?"
jimmy liddel
5th Aug 2013 19:17
"have heard reports about this player from people who have seen him all accounts he is one nasty piece of we need another one? as to that other ungrateful one why cheer him on Saturday when he is doing his utmost to leave the club.should have been greeted with total silence. get the most we can for him and get shut."
5th Aug 2013 19:18
"Diego Costa, Chriastian Eriksen and Xherdan Shaqiri! YNWA!"
5th Aug 2013 19:31
"yess.. please make it.. "
5th Aug 2013 19:35
"Hope so... Real competition for places up front for the first time in a long time."
5th Aug 2013 19:40
"Yes there is truth in this and Liverpool have placed a bid of just over 20M for him. Diego Costa will be a Liverpool player within 2 weeks. Spearing will also be going to Bolton. "
5th Aug 2013 19:42
"Like any supporter of any team I am always happy to see my club linked with buying new players but I am worried that we are going for squad size rather than squad quality. Too many mid range signings and not one (marquee) signing at all yet after we were promised at least two. Costa Scored 10 last season, hardly a Suarez replacement. Where is Eriksen?"
5th Aug 2013 19:51
"He may be a nasty piece of work but then again so are 99.9% of UTD and it aint done them any harm;-)"
5th Aug 2013 19:52
"We need depth, and quality in our depth. I'm not sure about Costa, I dont know much about him. What I saw on youtube with Ramos was disgusting. Either way I'd prefer Benard, I'm really hoping that one happens. He'll be world class one day. Suarez, Sturridge, and Aspas call all lead the line. "
5th Aug 2013 19:53
"buy costa but not at the exspense of suarez"
5th Aug 2013 19:53
"Cotinhno, Alberto, Sterling, Ibe, Downing? I think we're thin in the wide areas. The youngsters are promising, but not week in week out level yet. I think Aspas will play there and end up doing well and becoming a regular wide player. I wouldnt mind seeing a winger in ahead of a striker. "
5th Aug 2013 19:57
"I also feel we very think in the holding mid field area. Stevie and Lucas and??? Alan and Henderson really have to impress this year, if anything by Jan, or they may be off. With that, I'm still at the opinion that Suarez can leave, and we should bring in Muriel (30mil) and Benard (22mil). That makes us contenders in my opinion."
5th Aug 2013 20:06
"Go get him bht lm honestly worried about us not signing a DM and a keeper coz l really doubt Brad standing-in in case of an injury to Simon.l just cant see him against mancity man u arse chelski etc. l think these ar two areas which we have somehow neglected ths window"
5th Aug 2013 20:10
"According to Wikipedia and sky sports Diego Costa scored 20 goals in 44 matches played for Atletico last season + he did wear the Brazil shirt twice so he is not a bad player."
5th Aug 2013 20:24
"seems to be half decent-20 goals in 44 matches last year aint bad"
5th Aug 2013 20:25
"You are 100%right "
5th Aug 2013 20:27
"Jimmy Liddel-I was thinking the same way "
5th Aug 2013 20:28
"I was watching the match Nacional Montevideo vs Atletico Madrid (0: 2)today. Costa is not impressed me today. Technically, it is good but the work is quite nonchalant and there is almost nothing to run and fight."
5th Aug 2013 20:35
"The last I heard he played 44 games, scored 20 goals and got 15 assists. To me that sounds pretty damn good! And he plays up top or behind the striker. Him, Suarez (if we keep him) and Sturridge would be a great combo, and Coutinho and Aspas cuttinn in from wide with goals and assists sounds promising too!"
5th Aug 2013 20:45
"Diego Costa is the type of attacker we envisioned in Andy Carroll, with the added bonus that his work rate is tremendous and he's rough on opposing defenders. He's a streetballer in the mold of Suarez, but he's a HARD man, and unafraid to get his hands dirty (pun intended). He would frustrate the PL defenders and make chances for Suarez, Aspas and Coutinho. I think it would be an excellent signing"
5th Aug 2013 20:49
"While he didn't score that much last year, keep in mind Falcao was the center striker and he played out on the right. He also had more assists than goals and was the top scorer in the Spanish Cup with 8 in 8. He lacked fundamental awareness early in his career, but Madrid invested a lot of time in him and he's improved. Now is the time to sign. "
5th Aug 2013 20:58
"gemboy, is you remove Erikson and put Benard in that list, we could win the league. I feel Erikson is over hyped after watching him play a couple of times. "
Vosta Lee
5th Aug 2013 21:14
"If Costa does come to Anfield I hope he has resolved his spitting challenges. El Hadji Diouf did enough work in that department."
5th Aug 2013 21:40
"Hm.. I`d say worth the 20 mil. Will press well in combination with suarez and sturidge or borini... but would not pay over 30m"
5th Aug 2013 21:50
"Costa -Capel - Papa -and Loan a LB Move out Skrtel-Downing-Assidi - Spearing "
5th Aug 2013 22:09
"Bored of transfers now, drag on and on. Just read when the window closes."
5th Aug 2013 22:14
"I am scratching my head at fans turning their noses at this guy; for the first time we might actually get a talented, flair player, WHO IS BRAZILIAN. For years under Rafa 606 and The Kop were flooded with blogs crying out for a young flair player or better yet, a talented Brazilian. Yes he is rough, tough and aggressive but that SUITS THE EPL! God dammit!"
5th Aug 2013 22:19
"Hopefully this goes ahead and shows Suarez how much we mean business, with or without him! preferably with! :)"
5th Aug 2013 22:34
"Barnes lamented Reina's atude: "You should want to play for LFC & nobody else, or u should go. U can't dictate which clubs come in for u. "It was made clear to him that he wasn't going to be the number 1 & now that the Barca move didn't come about, he's spitting his dummy out.""
5th Aug 2013 22:49
"Well said JB. I was disgusted how so called fans were quick to take the word of an individual over the club. Whether their a Legend or not, no one player is bigger than the club."
5th Aug 2013 22:57
"kinwillis10... first time? so phillipe coutinho isn't a flair player then?? "
he could have killed the lad
5th Aug 2013 23:23
"NOOOOOOOOO. Honest, he ain't coming."
5th Aug 2013 23:51
"Goox point about costa getting 20 from a wide position given falcao was the main striker. Perhaps thatz how he will be used. To be fair we need to strengthen the wide area first."
6th Aug 2013 0:07
"If Downing is going to Newcastle as rumoured, this might be true. "
6th Aug 2013 0:07
"Naaah, we cant make a bid, he is not sold to Another club yet ;) That is the LFC way lately, right ;) Then again, we don't know if the rumours are true at all..."
6th Aug 2013 0:17
"Kingwillis10 - get a grip. You always think you know everything, right? If Costa comes, someone may leave and that most probably be Suarez. "
6th Aug 2013 0:20
"this guy has just come back from south america and hasn't heard a dicky bird about any of this, he said he is happy where he is and has no intentions of moving to iceland."
6th Aug 2013 0:25
"diego says; if any body call me aggressive he will cut off their ears, drill a hole in their head and suck out their brains, on your mothers face, nobody can make me go anywhere. "
6th Aug 2013 0:31
"To be serious, why don't we make a bid for Rooney, just to provoke United! There are not many strikers out there, but SUAREZ have to go, he is trouble for us, even TORRES would be better then him now. Diego Costa (24) is deasently young, John Guidetti (21) from City is another (if he is free from the injurie), Alvaro Vadillo (18) playing for Real Betis is a third young possibillity."
6th Aug 2013 0:49
"Get a top class striker already. We need to let Suarez go as it will be pointless to have an unhappy player onboard the team. Will he even score goals for Liverpool if he was made to stay? He may suffer the same fate as Torres when he switch to Arsenal. Goal droughts and further unhappiness. Karma has its way of coming back. Let's get someone who's worthy of the red shirt. YNWA"
6th Aug 2013 0:58
"we need luis to stay,we are keeping the media circus rolling,he is a liverpool player and should get support untill he leaves wether that is tommorow or when he`s 30 odd.we are unique fans,well at least i thought we were,the papers tell us a story then WE make it happen,luis YNWA"
6th Aug 2013 1:48
"From much more valuable sources; Sky sports news, we haven't even bid for the player, and if we did - he's not interested and if we're going to be honest why would he be? He's a at side competing for les in Laliga, in Champions league football to then move to us? 7th place finish last year, no europe and not compeive in the wage department. Come on people... THINK."
6th Aug 2013 2:25
"Decent player with loads of aggression in his play. He could make the brutal difference to an already nippy forward line. ... One player that is capable of bulldozing through to set up others. Exactly what we need. LFC has spent well, and now has a team that will work for each other. We are the silent contenders. "
6th Aug 2013 3:16
"Not as explosive as suaerez, but very effective and complete player. Great heading, body balance and real fast. And he is an assist maestro. Worth 30M imo."
6th Aug 2013 4:18
"You're right livefree 5th Aug 2013 19:53 and Capel would the man for tha position, is good, got pace, full of tricks, can score, good eyes for pass, experient and cheap."
6th Aug 2013 4:28
"Coasta is Hulk style player but a bit nastier. He's very strong player who can out strenght and out pace defender. He would fit our football style."
6th Aug 2013 4:34
"He score 20/22 in 44 competition games - out of thoses 20 or 22, 10 where i the league, mostly because he was a provider for falcao. Neverdeless do not understimate him, is also finisher."
6th Aug 2013 5:16
"We have Sturridge, Aspas and Borini for the position in case of Suarez left us. Why splash 22m to buy another striker? Is it necessary to the squad? BR is overreacting to the Suarez issue. "
6th Aug 2013 7:03
"What a load of bull Diego Costa says he is happy to remain at Atletico Madrid, which will come as bad news for Liverpool who are interested in signing the Brazilian. The Anfield club recently tried to buy Costa for a reported fee of £21m."
6th Aug 2013 7:07
6th Aug 2013 7:53
"He is not coming to us and neither is Capel who wants to go to France! Surprise surprise!"
6th Aug 2013 7:58
"sell downing,skertel,assaidi,coates,spearing GO FOR eriksen , jackson martinez or costa, toby and papadoupolous all the previous transfer made hv been covered by the sales i don't understand what are we waiting for"
6th Aug 2013 8:38
"Yes they should sign him, sell Skrtel and no good suarez. Then use their money to get another striker, papadopolous and luis gustavo. We need not to worry about suarez in arsenal, he gives away possession anyways and misses a lot of chances. "
6th Aug 2013 8:40
" Craig bown. Why are u insisting on Erikssen. Where would he play. His position has already been occupied by Coutinho and Alberto"
6th Aug 2013 9:55
"You are right bro. I support the fens for aplouding him when he came on.Ls, loves football. I dont think he will still not want to score if he stays. If he stays it will LFC will be an added better team this season. "