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Great to see Danny boy and Suarez training..hopefully both of them will be our most lethal partnership this coming season..YNWA!!
5th Aug 2013 14:38
5th Aug 2013 14:39
"Photo 19, best picture. Not a single smile from Suarez, get rid asap!"
The True Red Fan
5th Aug 2013 15:03
"Was any supporters there and if so is it true that he didn't applaud the fans there at the end?"
5th Aug 2013 15:05
"How many will still be seen in a Liverpool kit come september. Skirtle to Napoli , Speering to bolton Suarez ,any were but liverpool. Good to see Daniel back , we will need his goals this season. Looking for some more new faces too but will be even more happy if i dont see rat face in a liverpool shirt ever again."
5th Aug 2013 15:11
"Suarez looks happy-not! Lol."
5th Aug 2013 15:14
"Big Red is the only on with a smile on his face. Must be some bad news on the horizon (Suarez on his way?)"
5th Aug 2013 15:16
"i agree luis 7. he is selling us down the river. just can't get me head round it. arsenal hahahahah arsenal are poop. come on the red men believe. it's a marathon not a sprint. lets bed in an show all the doubters. YNWA"
5th Aug 2013 15:16
"The True Red Fan. Off The Post website has a picture from a fan call Paul Ganon(twitter) who was there showing Suarez applauding the fans! "
5th Aug 2013 15:20
"didn't suarez clap the fans? if that is true thats unbelievable. he is a brat. is it are fault he has spat his dummy out. the modern game hay guys. JOKe. some of these multi millionaire players need to look at them selves. cont"
5th Aug 2013 15:21
"If we sell Suarez and think we should sign Damiao and Muriel. I think we would be stronger. Also including Costa signing with the Carroll money."
5th Aug 2013 15:22
"Quiet a few weren't smiling, does that mean there on their way, i doubt it, let's just wait and see what happens with Luis, the only ones who will know are his team mates and Boss Buck Rogers"
5th Aug 2013 15:24
"i can only just afford my bills. suarez wouldn't even understand what this club means to me an thousands of others who are in the same boat as me. forget suarez long live the reds"
5th Aug 2013 15:26
"Not the usual smiley Suarez, not happy is he ?........"
5th Aug 2013 15:50
"Looks like some serius training going on there, I like how Brendan Rogers is pointing at the goal, get it in there. Mighty has the biggest smile ha ha"
5th Aug 2013 15:53
"who was the No. 49? "
5th Aug 2013 16:01
"No. 49 is Danny Ward the youth keeper "
5th Aug 2013 16:06
"good to see Sturridge back!"
5th Aug 2013 16:11
"Great to see Sturridge back in training. With all this Suarez hullabaloo we hardly hear about sturridge. Hope he makes it back in time for the start of the season."
5th Aug 2013 16:19
5th Aug 2013 16:23
"honestly right now I don't even want to see any smile I just want to see hard work and hard working faces serious season ahead !! ynwa "
5th Aug 2013 16:27
"Suarez not smiling while controlling a pass! Shock! Lets read whatever we can into those few pictures... Good to see LFC giving the fans some time, this stuff should happen more often-how about a draw where a few season ticket holders get ashirts and a chance to train with their heroes? (I should be on the marketing board or something)"
5th Aug 2013 16:31
"True red, no suarez didnt even glance at fans today never mind clap/acknowledge. It was a great morning though. Got my shirt signed by couthino, gave kolo toure MY autograph! An got enrique an jay spearingbauto graph as well. As i say great morning."
5th Aug 2013 16:35
"How funny would it be if suarez signed for arsenal an they get beat in CL qualifiers! It would serve him right! He cant even be bothered to look at fans, he was disinterested all session! As long as we get at least £50 million let him go! No,respect for anyone, certainly not our club, supporters."
5th Aug 2013 16:39
"Sorry just remembered suarez did clap, but only at beginning when all players came out an stood in a line and applauded us fans. Thing is though he had to cause otherwise he really would of looked like a proper ****! So in my opinion doesnt count!"
5th Aug 2013 16:45
"Just remind Suarez he has a contract. Why did he sign new contract if he wants away? You sign a contract for 3 years then that's what you do 3 more years. Did he think he would just take the extra money and run. "
5th Aug 2013 16:48
5th Aug 2013 17:10
"I think it's about time that we cleared up all of this mess with that idiot Suarez. There is no reason why Liverpool football club should sell its soul to keep this guy as he clearly doesn't want to be here. Let's move on let's get shot and buy Benard and Eriksen with Costa also coming in this will make our strikeforce a really dealy combination"
Champions Of Europe
5th Aug 2013 17:20
"Would love to share that atmosphere with the reds infamous crowd - great to see players concentrating hard on the task ahead - the real business starts in 2 weeks - game faces on! Also, people saying LS isn't happy, what do you expect with all that's gone on, he's made his bed & can't lie in it; its called sulking (he wont be the first PL player or the last to do it)."
5th Aug 2013 17:57
"Good to see Mighty fit and healthy. YNWA"
5th Aug 2013 18:05
"If I was Suarez reading these comments I would want to leave. We should take an example from the true fans at Anfield on Saturday who applauded him and were prepared to wait before condemning."
Champions Of Europe
5th Aug 2013 18:08
" Quote "He also waved to the crowd, despite earlier reports he did not." Let's not join the gutter press guys & sensationalise every Suarez action - we are way better than that. He'll do what he will do & we'll move on."
5th Aug 2013 18:12
"SUAREZ is defo in top 5 strikers in the world. He hasn't put in any transfer request till now, SO STOP VOICING YOUR DIGRESS' if FSG have ambition for this great club now is the time. we need 2 class signings added to the current team. "
5th Aug 2013 18:15
"Why is everybody commenting if Suarez is smiling or not smiling?? How many other players are doing it?? People totally obsessed with every single movement! "
5th Aug 2013 18:15
"ItalianScouser89 what are you smoking there?# because I think its perplexing you, 'HE IS A TALENT' The earlier FSG can show its forward motion which in turn shall bring success the better for our great club. "
5th Aug 2013 18:23
"Carodp 5th Aug 2013 18:15 - Does Suarez look interested? Have you even watched him during pre season? The player wants to leave and play CL football. Selling is the best option if you actually have any football knowledge and sense! He will miss the opening 6 games and will not score 20+ this season. LFC have already bid over 20M for Costa which shows we have cash already. "
5th Aug 2013 18:24
"Suarez is a disgrace to our club. He needs to be sold and fast. I would happily take 45M and move on. We will have 4 strikers anyways. "
5th Aug 2013 18:26
"rather see the mighty red up front instead of suarez this season maybe they should do a job s? thats all hes good for!!"
5th Aug 2013 18:30
"Think we should all calm down bout suarez after all it's still speculation plus everyone's gearing up for the start of the season & he's not available till oct I wouldn't be happy. Yes there's no smoke without fire but the lad is World Class & he might give us one more season u just don't no whats going on & he's still our player & we should support him."
5th Aug 2013 18:39
"Suarez this Suarez that is that how you support your team? is that how you would love to resolve the issues?? even if its true??? sell him to who or to arse???? Suarez is a Liverpool player until otherwise, LFC is great family that can resist temptation, cont''"
5th Aug 2013 18:40
"And I know with our strength we can fend off adversity and use our determination as both weapon and shield, "
Mines a pint in the Sov!
5th Aug 2013 18:43
"Suarez will stay, unless a serious offer comes in from abroad - end of!! So let's get behind him until then! As Buddha is the fountain of all knowledge, I'm interested to know who our 'marquee' signing will be?"
5th Aug 2013 18:44
"ATTENTION PLS: Smiling or Not smiling does not indicate anything. Training is essentially work. There is not an obligation to smile during training. Get over it. "
5th Aug 2013 18:53
"luis7??9 he is currently the best player outside PC, I would rather take his 30-40 goals per season than sit here reading comment from someone who has NO CLUE, be it clear or cloudy skies that I may infect other with my positive atude. "
5th Aug 2013 18:55
"suarez did applaud the fan's , only a small amount did wave during the session even gerrard's wave was a small fast wave ,"
5th Aug 2013 18:55
"they were there to train and show what goes on during training and to be 100 percent committed to that which they did after all we have and match on "
5th Aug 2013 18:55
"wednesday.people seem to forget that suarez is constant in the press being chased be pap's even at anfield today. his wife is pregnant and not far off for the birth all this can cause stress after all he is only human just like me and you.until it goes up on the site that he no longer is a liverpool player then you all should get behind him rather than read the bull papers print to sell them. "
5th Aug 2013 19:26
"You're right Pookster, no acknowledgement what so'. We don't expect a wave or clap every time but he got plenty of appreciation and the crowd were waiting for something back and not one look or nod, he looked a bit uncomfortable with the situation - ADIOS! "
5th Aug 2013 19:34
"Brendan Rodgers should just slap a 50M price tag on Suarez. Take it or leave it. Liverpool will benefit either way. "
5th Aug 2013 19:46
"great to see them working hard training"
5th Aug 2013 20:28
"Luis7??9 I'm beginning to like your comments. Clean slate this season?:)"
5th Aug 2013 20:36
"your comment is senseless,. What did the 50mil from Torres give you? judge him once he's put in a transfer request. "
5th Aug 2013 20:44
"Kopethehour KopetheRed - Buddha was right of course, U missed it last week. LFC put a big tent up in Stanley park and it was signed by the squad for charity. The proceeds going to buy LDW a wife."
5th Aug 2013 21:12
"Thank heavens we seem to be getting more sensible comments on the Suarez saga. Long may it continue. Why do Wengers work for him and drive Suarez into Arsenals hands. Wise up."
5th Aug 2013 21:23
"who gives a sh!* if he smiles,he's payed to play football not sell * toothpaste!! He looked sharp when he came on on Saturday he got plenty of support from the everyone there!! get over it and get on with the football!!"
5th Aug 2013 21:51
"Belfastbill - Can I request you and others not to Abuse Suarez till he is a Liverpool player, we as fans are better thn this, if we keep abusing him thn whats the difference between us and Chelsea supporters. Just a request. "
5th Aug 2013 21:56
"krocc, totally agree!! Seems like today it's more important smiling and clapping, that being concentrated when training..."
5th Aug 2013 22:12
"Nice to see Luis back, seeing him in our kit reminds me of how much I have enjoyed having him with us. Great lad, I will support him anywhere he goes. I don't care if he talks to much, nobody is perfect!! YNWA Luis, at least not while I am around!!"
Billy B girl
5th Aug 2013 22:13
"Don't sell Suarez to Arsenal or any other prem club. I would make him work hard upto and after the match ban! One thing though what a terrible agent Guardiola is, you'd think his brother would have a word. Well done FSG for not backing down and stop asking Arsenal management for advice !"
5th Aug 2013 22:16
"There are way to many Mancs posting about Luis on this site.. You will notice them slating our players!! No LFC supporters slate our players.. We go by YNWA and when you see anyone who doesnt understand that he is a Manc or a Gooner trying to unsettle Luis."
5th Aug 2013 22:31
"Thanks2Shanks - Finally someone is talking sense. People are jumping band wagons like no man's business. Give guy some time and space. I bet we will have same guy who was burning Gerrard Shirt in 2005 outside Anfield sitting here slating Suarez now. Support your team for a change. Stop going against your own players."
5th Aug 2013 22:40
"luis7 - you're a disgrace! Are you a Manc supporter? A true Reds supporter will support all our players until the end. That's what "YNWA" means. I will still support Suarez till the end. I don't care about news, rumors or what he's said. Real fans will support their players until they leave. Obviously you don't know that!"
5th Aug 2013 23:18
"Oh no people looks like Gerrard is finally going to join Chelsea by the looks of these pictures as he hasn't smiled ... Remember people if your training hard last thing you think of is smiling for camera"
5th Aug 2013 23:30
"where is agger? i hope his injury is not serious !!"
5th Aug 2013 23:40
"the press and the government are so much against us,its gone on for years,they would love nothin more than suarez going to london for 40mil plus a quid.wizen up,we are falling for it bigtime"
6th Aug 2013 0:03
"filizant 5th Aug 2013 22:40, Good man you are, don't believe the trollers, nobody kicks a dead dog, they're envious of us having an 80,000,000+ rated player such as Luis Suarez. He's worth more and is better than Bale! And he's owned by Liverpool F.C. Only R.Madrid, Barcelona, PSG could afford him. "
6th Aug 2013 0:08
"This site is in danger of becoming manc troll infested. Don't believe all you hear and whatever you do just ignore hersay and rumour, try and wait for official statements."
6th Aug 2013 0:11
"Some twits think that if are players don't go around with permanent Meerkat smiles they must want a transfer. Did you know that Chimpanzees smile a lot when they're displaying aggression?"
6th Aug 2013 0:16
"Brendan is confident Luis will stay, neither him or Ian Ayre believe he'll leave, besides he can't actually 'just leave' we are in control and have decided he's not going, if he was going, or rather is allowed to go £85,000,000mil at least is required, he's worth more than Bale. "
6th Aug 2013 0:27
"who blamed us for the worst disaster in football? the same people who want our amazing unreplaceable striker gone out of liverpool for half price, we all need to wake up and smell the coffee,luis is ours and they cant stand it. suarez is a liverpool player and we should show him a bit more respect if anything,"
6th Aug 2013 1:08
"suarez"s only problem is he doesant learn from his mistakes, he just digs himself a biger hole"
6th Aug 2013 1:35
"agree with the above comment,suarez is a bit like a kid though in a naive kind of way,football is what he`s best at,we should not judge him on what he says too much.he`s just a street footballer like us when we were kids except he is world class one of a kind"
6th Aug 2013 7:49
"Saurez wants and deserves champions league football. He has ambition and desire for sporting success. If our owners did, then Saurez would be staying. Arsenal have stated thier ambitions and are looking to bolster thier sqaud with quality. We can only afford the lame and desperate. FSG OUT. FSG SELL UP AND GO."
6th Aug 2013 7:51
"A couple of facts: Suarez remains our player; players don't need to smile like idiots when doing their job; if Suarez was so desperate to leave form Arsenal (which I doubt very much, I think he wants Real) he would have put in a transfer request. If I was to speculate, the guy is waiting for Real."
6th Aug 2013 7:54
"....and if Arsenal buy Saurez they can have Coates for free. A special offer on Uruguian one, get one free....The " Saurez BOGOFF""
6th Aug 2013 9:07
"But honestly LUIS not acknowledging that thunderous applause from Anfield and the KOP then no show at STEVE's dinner, maybe had some serious business with Wenger, I have honesly and genuinely lost all the respect of him as a decent human being after being a cannibal twice, just don't sell him to a compeor, would rather he goes for a song outside our league. JUDAS."
6th Aug 2013 9:38
"will every1 plz get off suarez back he has ambition as a couple have mentioned here i cant hold that against him it looks like hes staying atm maybe he is causeing all this fuss to force FSG to bye quality players to keep him have any1 of u thaught about that"
6th Aug 2013 9:41
"we all know suarez isnt blessed with the biggest braincells when it comes to comments and we all know he says the sky is blue today so the press say suarez says the sky will be blue for 4 months and he wants to join chelsea get a grip guys wake up and smell the bull spread on the newspapers"
6th Aug 2013 9:43
"suarez is currently a LFC player and he is also a very good way to sell papers these guys that are saying he is going are the same guys that said mahilavic had signed for LFC we all know how good suarez is if he stays we all know what LFC can do get behind him or go back to manchester YNWA"
6th Aug 2013 12:11
"he did! aswell as other players,what a fab opportunity this was, so many fans there, great show!"
6th Aug 2013 21:35
"I understand standing by your own and that but how are people still supporting Suarez? He doesn't want to be here and so I don't want him here. Get him away. Didn't deserve the reception he got the other day "