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yesssssssssssssssssss dboy sturrrrr
5th Aug 2013 13:42
5th Aug 2013 13:49
"yuhuuu.. good news.. i think sturridge will underachieve this season.. but I sure hope he doesn't.. he plays very well in big matches.. but in small ones he sometimes (only sometimes) fades away.."
5th Aug 2013 13:49
"Get in. Proper good "
5th Aug 2013 13:50
"Get in. Proper good player this lad. Can't wait for the new season with him Sterling Ibe and Coutinho all over the defence"
5th Aug 2013 13:51
"Glad to see him back. Have been missing some pace upfront. 20+ PL goals should do the trick this season please :) YNWA"
5th Aug 2013 13:51
"Glad to see him back. Have been missing some pace upfront. 20+ PL goals should do the trick this season please :) YNWA"
5th Aug 2013 13:52
"Glad to see him back. Have been missing some pace upfront. 20+ PL goals should do the trick this season please :) YNWA"
5th Aug 2013 13:52
"Excellent news. Dan will score 20 this season."
5th Aug 2013 13:54
"that is great news. if he is fit throughout the season, i think he will be the difference between finishing top four or not. it is not just he is great striker but also he creates chances for his team-mates with his pace "
5th Aug 2013 13:57
"I was there at Anfield this morning and you could see what quality Sturridge has to offer the team. Welcome back !"
5th Aug 2013 13:58
"Great News!"
5th Aug 2013 13:59
"Yessss! I really DS can be world class striker he just needed manager to believe in him Which BR dose n fans who love him which we do .. Go on Danny lad"
5th Aug 2013 14:00
"Great news!!!! Welcome back Daniel best wishes for the season."
5th Aug 2013 14:00
"Thank god! Now don't throw him in on Wednesday, maybe a few mins on Saturday..."
5th Aug 2013 14:05
"best news for ages. i think u can get top scorer in the prem this year. keep improving and become world class. top 4 and kick gunners out till 5th, smoke that suarez u lil loser, "
The True Red Fan
5th Aug 2013 14:06
"I'm so happy and relieved about this news, hopefully he will be ready and fit for stoke, bring it on!!!! YNWA"
5th Aug 2013 14:07
"Jus got bak from open training session. Sturridge looking pretty good."
5th Aug 2013 14:13
"Excellent news!"
5th Aug 2013 14:14
"this is my guy but when are we kopping Diego Costa and sell Borini already and get Spearing of the wage bill"
5th Aug 2013 14:15
"Great news, hope he can get back to full fitness ASAP as we are going to need him, and i mean REALLY NEED HIM"
5th Aug 2013 14:16
"Very happy this guy is back and training, someone who wants to be part of this team. YNWA "
5th Aug 2013 14:20
"Excellent news! Glad to see him back on the pitch. We are going to be much more threatening with him up front. Go get 'em Danny!"
5th Aug 2013 14:23
"I'm really so exciting! Great news! LFC's forever!"
5th Aug 2013 14:25
"andrei21funk we just need to tell him we are playing 'Chelsea' every week. If he adapts the same atude every game he can be player of the season! 2nd last season he was the best striker in the league"
5th Aug 2013 14:29
"Great news. I'm looking forward to Liverpool playing a front 3 of hopefully Costa, Sturridge and Aspas and if each of them can score over 12 league goals this season. We will finish top 3 no doubt. Mark my words!!!"
5th Aug 2013 14:30
"World class player. Glad to see him back!"
5th Aug 2013 14:36
"Great news!! Can't wait to see Sturridge in red again"
5th Aug 2013 14:36
"Danny Boi, you have been missed...! Nice to have you back! I do enjoy your arguments here and rare add a comment. Cos LFC fans are most intelligent ever. YNWA Danny Boi!"
5th Aug 2013 14:39
"Go Danny Boy..make us proud !!!"
5th Aug 2013 14:46
"Great news!"
Mr Ostrich
5th Aug 2013 14:47
"Ease him back in, even if it means he misses a couple of Premier League games. Nothing would be more frustrating than for him to be rushed back for the short term benefit, and then suffer another injury, that is damaging in the long term. "
5th Aug 2013 14:50
"Welcome back Daniel! Glad to see you on the training pitch again! YNWA!"
5th Aug 2013 15:08
"Yes the best piece of news all week"
5th Aug 2013 15:17
"Now we are ready for 2013/14 season."
5th Aug 2013 15:24
"Brilliant news- go get em dan"
5th Aug 2013 15:28
"our NR.1 striker!!!!!!"
5th Aug 2013 15:29
"Yessssssssss!!! time to show the world your world class and beyond. "
5th Aug 2013 15:34
"welcome back Dan and good luck be with you this season. Thanks to the guys who went to the training this morning, quality vibes, cheers for that."
5th Aug 2013 15:53
"I want DS & LS on top4 scorers by May. YNWA!"
5th Aug 2013 15:54
"Good to see you back Daniel YNWA"
5th Aug 2013 15:58
"Been waiting on this update for months. I really hope Sturridge plays at his best because he is a fantastic player and doesn't get the credit and support he needs. A lot of talk about Coutinho last season but for me Sturridge was better... Make us proud!!"
5th Aug 2013 16:21
"Stunning news! He'll be a wonderful player for us in the coming season. I'll bet he'll be a contender for player of the season! Stunning Sturridge is back!"
5th Aug 2013 16:30
"Welcome and take us back to the top, above Luis's Arsenal. let the cannibal goal, great footballer but useless human being, no loyalty IMAGINE BOYCOTTING Steve's DINNER on STEVE'S great day, does he deserve out JERSEY? NO NO NO NO NO, NOT at all. "
5th Aug 2013 16:38
"Butholezwe. I heard that as well but maybe it was that he didn't want to take attention away from Stevie's big night as his presence may well have done, as far as the press was concerned. On Sat he kept giving the ball to Fowler as if he wanted him to get the credit for any third goal-just a thought."
5th Aug 2013 16:40
"His powerful left foot will make the nets sweat this season. Great to have him back!"
5th Aug 2013 16:45
"best news have got all day.."
5th Aug 2013 16:45
"For me everyone has just forgotten Sturridge with all the media hype of this and that player being linked. He's becoming a decent striker and gives us much needed depth. Gives the gaffer good problems, depth that is."
5th Aug 2013 16:53
"best news have got all day.."
Champions Of Europe
5th Aug 2013 17:15
"12 months ago, I was terrified of where we'd finish at the end of the season; surprisingly we did better than I'd thought. A lot of that was down to this man (& Coutinho); if you let him play, he'll score. This year, I feel we have a much better squad to challenge the PL; a couple more quality/hungry additions will make this one of the most exciting seasons for quite some time."
5th Aug 2013 17:20
"Yeah, Danny boy is back..."
5th Aug 2013 17:27
"Excellent! He has been world class so far"
5th Aug 2013 17:49
"This is great news! Stay strong, Daniel! YNWA!"
5th Aug 2013 17:51
"Boy i hope we can keep suarez- give us one more season pls"
Champions Of Europe
5th Aug 2013 17:54
"Centrecircle1000 5th Aug 2013 17:51 Ditto "
5th Aug 2013 18:03
"redrosie 5th Aug 2013 16:38, Sounds like a bit of mischief making to discredit Suarez. Too many people probably anti Liverpool people want us to lose a player worth 80,000,000 to try to get us to sell him cheaply for e.g. half that ala Arsenal's insulting offers. Show me concrete evidence please? "
5th Aug 2013 18:08
"Hersay can't be admissible regarding any malicious alegations about our players. Luis is World Class, who can afford to buy him from us. He can't possibly leave this club on his own without our consent, he's OWNED by LFC period, back off Wenger, you're no Fergie."
5th Aug 2013 18:13
"Danny Bobo! We Love You LFC. Welcome back and please stay away from injury plssssssssss! All we need now is anoda LB, Henderson/Allen can always come in 4 Lucas, AM and a CB also Striker(Diego Coasta) weda Suarez stays or not! YNWA Danny Boi!"
5th Aug 2013 18:27
"Great news!!!"
5th Aug 2013 18:42
"Question remains can he stay fit??????"
5th Aug 2013 18:47
" suerez can not be trusted anymore best out come would be a massive offer from Real Madrid and get him out and away before he causes any more fuss....This situation needs sorted ASAP...I for one will not be able to bring my self to cheer if he scores next season."
5th Aug 2013 18:48
"good to see a striker who relly wants to be here. I believe Suarez will go, everything depends on bale(real madrid) and ronaldo, rooney. then we will sell to real madrid only if these fall through will we keep Suarez and that will explain Suarez's demeanour he knows he's a rat"
5th Aug 2013 19:08
"fatcracker I could not agree more."
5th Aug 2013 19:32
"The news ive been waiting for! Exercise caution tho. We want Dan completely recovered and no risk of recurrence. As long as he's right for Stoke I can start to look forward to Kick off 13/14."
5th Aug 2013 19:42
"I genuinely got excited when I sin this. I remember saying to my mate, a manc (well he's not a mate I just feel sorry for him) that I never rated him and thought he was over rated. my mate replied he'd be an excellent buy. how wrong I was. sometimes I just love being proven wrong. very much looking forward to this coming season. "
5th Aug 2013 20:34
"if he can stay fit he will score 20+ goals,but he seems to get injured every season. Costa will replace Suarez but ain't half the player."
5th Aug 2013 20:40
"hell yeah!!! great news to hear him back. hope sturr will be fit come the stoke game. YNWA Sturr"
5th Aug 2013 20:44
"lol! agree with some i feel sturr only plays his best in the big matches or against former rival team i.e: fulham, chelski,manure e.t.c. he needs to be doing this on a consistent basis and then he will be the top striker in the lge."
5th Aug 2013 20:46
"Hope to see him fit for the start of the season. Shame he's missed most of preseason would've been great for him to see the fanbase and get match practice. "
5th Aug 2013 20:52
"If Coutinho and Sturridge are both fit we may miss Suarez less than people think. When he started his ten match ban we played some great attacking football without him and the goals kept flowing."
5th Aug 2013 21:44
"Great news! Hopefully he'll be fit all season and keep up his great goal ratio. Let him out at Stoke after 45 mintues and he can have a go at them!"
5th Aug 2013 21:56
"Butholewe: If that is true, we should teach that young man a serious lesson and put him in the reserves for next 3 yrs..."
5th Aug 2013 22:10
"Great news, I have it in the back of my mind he is going to get 20+ goals this season. If he is back in time for Stoke, we can really push on and get a great start. With or without Luis, I have faith with our attack with Sturridge in it!"
5th Aug 2013 23:58
"Good news. We need him at the start of the season."
6th Aug 2013 1:13
"ooh so BR thinks DS will replace suarez then - i wonder"
6th Aug 2013 2:33
"Seriously, GET OFF BORINIS BACK. ONE WORD " LUCAS". Some idiots never learn."
6th Aug 2013 4:06
"WouzerLFC - well said lad.... for me Mr Borini just needs to increases his chance conversion he will be a top class 22 no one should be writing him off.... and Mr Rogers Please keep Danny fit ..... or maybe tell the squad to give him a good kicking (for a few weeks) as the scars will heel stronger than b4 ... just an idea!!"
6th Aug 2013 7:54
"Wouzer - I agree. borini will come good. The natural talent he has, such as, his movement, he makes some amazing runs and sometimes doesn't get spotted. He has raw pace and stamina and is actually quite good on the ball and can finish. I think Borini needs a genuine run of games because he has hardly played and the team need to get used to his play."
6th Aug 2013 10:20
"just read sum rubbish inda mail bout suarez grtting a legal team to push through is move to arsnal "
6th Aug 2013 11:05
"Thank the lord D-stizzy is back.. Looking forward to some pace and skills. This guy has the potential to be one of the best in the world, personally."
6th Aug 2013 11:30
"Wouser-Exactly! Lucas is a prime expamle of letting a player get game time to improve. And Borini's had injuries, but people seemingly don't care or forget. He'll come good."
6th Aug 2013 13:19
"need to take time with sturidge hes been out 3 months we have cover in suare,borini and aspas so dont try and rush im back"
6th Aug 2013 13:35
"Great news, would love him to be ready for the full 90 against Stoke for my FF team but in reality if his fitness is properly managed over the season there's no reason he can"t be challenging for top goalscorer. Come ead Studge la! YNWA"