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are considering=close on? BS media
5th Aug 2013 13:27
5th Aug 2013 13:33
"Was linked with us already last year, and still dont rate this guy..."
5th Aug 2013 13:38
"Why does every article feel the need to point out how much we've spent, but then fails to mention that all buys have been virtually covered by our sales. Okay, 24m isn't much anyway compared to the likes of what chelsea or city spend, but it's still kind of false information. Not blaming the owners either btw, they've seen us waste money in the past, why would they back us."
5th Aug 2013 13:41
"we have downing "
5th Aug 2013 13:43
"If this is true then it would suggest that the Costa deal has fallen through for whatever reason."
5th Aug 2013 13:55
"We don't need another winger so I hope this is not true. Also, he is def not the kind of high-quality players that BR talked about getting in. "
5th Aug 2013 14:03
"this guy is not good player let's face the reality. we need Suarez like in term of hungry and pace."
5th Aug 2013 14:08
"Suarez out, Eriksen and whoever else is available...still keen on Alexis Sanchez personally"
5th Aug 2013 14:11
"Well the Spuds have bought Saldado, if Suarez goes to Arsenal i sure hope BR has someone good lined up to come to the club, or we can forget top four, even top six, and with the words like , "we have money to spend but i won't waste it, they have to be right , sorry they have had since the last jan window to serch for the right one , not squad players, really hope i am wrong "
5th Aug 2013 14:16
"there's only one Diego i want and that is Costa"
5th Aug 2013 14:47
"We have 4 good wide players which does not include Downing. "
5th Aug 2013 15:31
"I don't see why we don't sign michu off Swansea, suerez,sturridge,michu,borini,aspas wow no defence wud cope with that fsg we want a big signing this summer..."
he could have killed the lad
5th Aug 2013 15:38
"I'd bet £6m that NO bid will be made by us. Fancy taking my bet Metro?"
5th Aug 2013 16:08
"same as Downing, lack of skill."
5th Aug 2013 16:08
"this is all just getin beyond a joke now season starts next week n were stil pi**in about,now everton are gonna snap up alderweireld from us,eriksen in maybe another striker n a left back job dun,day after day top four is getin further away"
5th Aug 2013 16:09
"This is a player who could make a difference for us. "
5th Aug 2013 17:31
"Sign Eriksen and a LB and our transfers are done. We spent 23m but we sold to make 20m so we only spent 3million. So where is the money spend it on quality not quany."
5th Aug 2013 17:37
"Get Suarez out of our club right now.What a total disgrace.Didn't aknowledge any of the fans on Sat despite the huge support and chants on a hude day for a true Legend in Stevie G.He wants out,he doesn't deserve fantastic loyal fans like us "
5th Aug 2013 17:42
"We have more wingers than Easy Jet we want a centre forward with skill pace and power and a hard as nails culture back"
5th Aug 2013 17:48
"If hes available for the price being touted I'd get in for him. 6 or 7m for a 25 year old Spain International is good business."
The great 1
5th Aug 2013 18:01
"Capel is an average player and I don't think we d pay 6m for him more bs stories , sign Diego costa, papadoplois from Schalke and And a creative mid and we be a major force"
5th Aug 2013 18:48
"OptimusPrime83 5th Aug 2013 17:37, Malicious hersay by trolls, They were training together today at Anfield, no problems at all. What club could afford he's worth 80,000,000. Arsenal aren't getting him, we're not that stupid, Arsenal's offers are insulting. "
5th Aug 2013 18:50
"OptimusPrime83 5th Aug 2013 17:37, Brendan says he's staying, the Boss knows what he's doing and wants him to stay. "
5th Aug 2013 20:37
"No please the wingers we have now are better than this guy. Not LFC class"
5th Aug 2013 20:52
5th Aug 2013 21:34
"I remember this guy impressed against City few years back . His full if pace and energy and good dribbler have a good left foot .(better than downing surly ) "
5th Aug 2013 21:56
"this little guy is like asaidi, but smarter and i guess can see pitch whilst dribbling forwards. Good pusher and would make us a lot more free kicks in the opposition half. He is much more better than downing. As he is more versatile. Unless downing improved on attacking."
5th Aug 2013 22:16
"Doubt it very much. If we get more players in, it is a LB and a attacking play maker who gets goals and plays across all front positions. Capel is too much left footed."
5th Aug 2013 23:53
"Yeah I don't believe this and it defo wont happen unless downing leavez. If luis does force a move I really hope we're not bullied into anything less than 50-60 just cos arsenal are tight and criticise market prices"
6th Aug 2013 0:11
"Why are we still being linked with this guy? I don't believe we are still going for him."
6th Aug 2013 0:36
"Why don't we make a bid for Rooney? There are not many strikers out there, SUAREZ have to go, he is trouble for us, even TORRES would be better then him now. Diego Capel (25) don't know about him, Diego Costa (24) is deasently young, John Guidetti (21) from City is another (if he is free from the injurie), Alvaro Vadillo (18) playing for Real Betis is a third young possibillity."
6th Aug 2013 0:41
"People get real, we wont get more then a bit over 40 for Suarez, but it could get us 2 hungry players insted. Suarez has dragged our club down lately, we don't need that cind of attention, even Torres, or Rooney would be better right now, right???"
6th Aug 2013 1:30
"Why do people still knock Downing. His last half season was very good. He is a cautious player and does not try to outsmart players only to lose the ball like Johnson. It's not his fault that his number of assists are low as we have lacked the big target who would have been able to finish things off"
6th Aug 2013 4:06
"sorry JosLFC4ever 5th Aug 2013 16:08 - You can't compare this guy with Downing,he his better player. I've seen in him playing countless times. In fact I have been watch in him since he left Barcelona as youth and he improved a lots since going to Sporting CP. He would make a diference in our team."