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wow. not only did olympiacos not demand an appearance fee but made a sizable donation. magnificent gesture. that old addage of greeks n gifts...throw it out. ynwa.
5th Aug 2013 9:42
5th Aug 2013 10:04
"Its our pleasure Captain Fantastic!!!!"
5th Aug 2013 10:33
"some of the happiest moments of my life include watching Steven Gerrard ping the ball into the back of the net from 40 yards ... tht explains it all"
5th Aug 2013 10:46
"In truth without a shadow of doubt Stevie needs a Premiership le and this will be visible if we bring in Christian Eriksen,World class lb, world class cdm, World class cb and Diego costa.FSG has to realise that we dont only need young players we also need experience coz Totenham, Arsenal squads have experience.."
5th Aug 2013 11:00
5th Aug 2013 14:02
"Well done Stevie, well done fans but a huge thanks also Evangelos Marinakis and Olympiacos"
5th Aug 2013 14:08
"Olympiacos have been fantastic & love the videos of the trip to Liverpool on their website. Total Respect Olympiacos YNWA."
5th Aug 2013 17:22
"Yeah. Like Muhammed Ali... Gerrard is the greatest when it comes to Child Support for the Needy. Well done lad."
5th Aug 2013 17:41
"Well done everyone who attended (I'm in Canada - watched on line) and cudos to Olympiacos and president Evangelos Marinakis! A class act indeed. YNWA"
5th Aug 2013 21:37
"Didn't expect a million! Well done everyone!"
6th Aug 2013 11:53
"It was a pleasure to be there to watch one of the greatest players ever and support the SGF foundation. He is the greatest not only on the field but off it as well a true legend Steven YNWA "
6th Aug 2013 11:57
"Hope Steven wins premier league before he retires but he has a good few years left as he is a great player and example to the younger players Steven GGGGGGGGG YNWA"