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Great stuff! Winning is brillian, but this seems like a great thing to do to inspire people. Another trophy for LFC!
4th Aug 2013 11:58
4th Aug 2013 12:00
"well done lads.."
4th Aug 2013 13:01
"fabulous thing to give the less able bodied and otherwise a chance to have fun and shine. Congrats to Liverpool and no doubt well played all participants / teams. "
4th Aug 2013 13:03
"Well done lads - we're allproud of you. Hope there are plans to bring you on at half time sometime soon at Anfield so we can show how much your efforts are appreciated. Brilliant!"
4th Aug 2013 13:09
"This is a brilliant result for the team and illustrates Liverpool FC as one great family! Well done to the Under 16 side for adding more glory to the club, to the fans and to yourselves. Two of my sons have disabillities and this result inspires them to achieve more. YNWA"
4th Aug 2013 14:04
"Congratulations to all involved. Very inspirational and heart warming. Successful year for all the tours."
4th Aug 2013 15:03
"Congratulation and well done lads."
Vosta Lee
4th Aug 2013 16:16
"Well done lads. I have a feeling this is going to be a great year for the Liverpool family."
4th Aug 2013 17:15
"and if Luis Suarez had the proper assessments to confirm his possible underlying issues, he would be better understood and could have been there as an ambassador for the whole inspired undertaking. But officials seem not have the wit or imagination"
4th Aug 2013 22:51
"Congrats young fellas! YNWA"