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All Legends who will never walk alone
5th Aug 2013 9:49
5th Aug 2013 10:07
"Was great to see you back in a red shirt Jamie and I never expected to concede when you came on, Well done Robbie too!"
5th Aug 2013 11:22
"Hopefully he'll be back to help the young defenders out from time to time-knowledge and inspiration!"
5th Aug 2013 12:03
"Thank god he has called it a day . The difference in our play when he came on was plain for all to see . Toure & Agger were great lets hope there are no more sympathy selections . "
5th Aug 2013 13:32
"joecos: Are u an mad? Carra and Robbie wont play in the league, dont worry. This was a Steven Gerrard Testimonial, and he asked his friends and longtime teammate to play a part of it! Whats wrong with that?! "
5th Aug 2013 14:04
"Was great to see. Your voice was rattling around yet again!!"
5th Aug 2013 16:37
"Brendan is confident that Luis will stay, I believe him, says 40mil 'not anywhere' near Suarez worth, he's right. We would be mad to sell him for less than what Bale value is because let's be 100% honest, he is World class at club and International level, Bale only excels at club level, therefore Suarez is worth more, not to mention the goals tally. "
5th Aug 2013 16:40
"Robbie to lose a stone, get expert fitness coach and who knows we'll see him back for a while, hey what a super sub he could be?"
6th Aug 2013 3:57
"Well said stuthebru!"