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Ill have one if theres any going free :)
4th Aug 2013 12:33
4th Aug 2013 12:45
"That Kennys name was vociferously chanted yesterday is testament to the respect and admiration Kenny so justly has earned. Respect and status is earned, not just given lightly to anyone, even in these days of plastic faux Bullsh!t celebrity. Kenny Dalglish is the real deal. A real legend."
4th Aug 2013 13:01
"Lorra money dat - but a very good cause if you can afford it!"
4th Aug 2013 13:25
"Could'nt agree with you more MushroomScouser. Still believe we would have progressed further with him at the helm given the chance. Suarez cost him his job and for that reason I wont lose any sleep if he leaves Liverpool. He'll soon be forgotten but the King lives forever in the hearts of us Liverpool fans."
4th Aug 2013 13:35
"well said mushroom what this guy won as player and manager is awesome the will never be a legend so great."
4th Aug 2013 14:53
"the lfc boss,Kenny got the push because he wouldn't have implemented fsg's penny pinching antics,Kenny wanted to take us back to the top and not just the top four,the Evra affair had diddly squat to do with it."
4th Aug 2013 16:14
"Well said dpoolguy, kenny's belief was that every available asset at the club should be on the pitch, something which rightly or wrongly wouldn't fit into FSG's "moneyball' theory!"
4th Aug 2013 18:15
"agree with dpoolguy Kenny was no pushover or yesman. i'm sure he had some dispute with the owners over the best interest of the club n the owners prob didnt like it. i would have given him another season. but its over now. no use crying over spilt milk. i just hope the owners keep to their promises n support BR fully."
4th Aug 2013 21:56
"Heartened to see the comments on here for the King. He did immense amount for the club as player and manager and we are immensely grateful. Shame a few so called fans have to try to tarnish him on this site. YNWA Kenny"
4th Aug 2013 22:13
"Kenny is still 'The King' and he always will be! Some so called 'fans' stabbed him in the back and they should be ashamed of themselves! He earned respect and he is a winner! Fact! Walk on King Kenny! YNWA!"
4th Aug 2013 23:55
"Surprised Dalglish name still mentioned because fans seem to forget his spending spree Carroll,Downing etc...over 80 millions spent."
5th Aug 2013 4:12
"Wonderful legend. Folks who think Kenny got fired becoz he wouldn't bend to fsg are smoking the same stuff as wenger over the emirates haha. The punk Suarez got the king fired becoz he's a dam racist and has a complete lack of loyalty to those who stood beside him. Hope he does not cost been his job too. That's the fact. Nuff zed."
5th Aug 2013 5:04
"Long live the King! Well, like some of you have mentioned already, I believe the only reason why King was sacked was because he wouldn't toe FSG line."
5th Aug 2013 5:41
"More people smoking..."
5th Aug 2013 11:50
"Long live the King."
5th Aug 2013 22:50
"Kenny is Liverpool through and through.It just seemed so much more special with him as manager again. So sad it didn't work out. I agree with the comments made. I do wonder if Suarez would have thought of leaving if Kenny was still manager. Surely the support he received must have meant something."
6th Aug 2013 14:03
"King Kenny"