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Great comments from GOD
4th Aug 2013 7:54
4th Aug 2013 8:39
"LEGEND, great game. YNWA"
4th Aug 2013 9:26
4th Aug 2013 9:51
"It was total respect for you Robbie and the fact that the word legend is often referred to you says it all. You made a lot of fans grateful playing for LFC over the years so it was great to see you in the red shirt once again."
4th Aug 2013 10:03
"absolute pleasure watching god play yesterday loved every minute! but robbie lad just one more season eh???? ;-) "
4th Aug 2013 10:32
"My all time favourite striker in the LFC without any questions!!! The reason is probably that I´m 4 years younger than him. How much fun and truly great feelings his goals and plays have brought me as a miserable young adult. Thank You Robbie Fowler for everything! You are a truly remarkable human being and a footballer!!"
4th Aug 2013 11:11
"Whatever the future brings, Robbie will always be LFC's own. He's welcome back anytime!"
4th Aug 2013 11:16
"My hero!"
4th Aug 2013 11:29
"I rem u were the best, deadly forward. U could score from any angle but after u put on the plaster on your nose, thing has changed. But no matter what you're a great servant for this club!"
4th Aug 2013 11:51
"luis needs to remind himself is that robbie earned his success and the reception he got when came is for special people,hope you read this,and perhaps you can become a "special one" for us "
4th Aug 2013 14:49
"Fantastic for Robbie to play his final professional game at the ground where he started and made his name. Just a shame he couldn't get the perfect finish with a goal. "
Vosta Lee
4th Aug 2013 16:13
"20 minutes on the pitch, one blocked shot on target to win a corner kick. SIGN HIM UP!"
4th Aug 2013 17:22
"If GOD himself says Gerrards the best ever LFC player then who can argue with that! "
Andy H
4th Aug 2013 21:30
"I still can't believe that Robbie is not a striker coach at the club. Imagine the players learning from him!! It would be a terrific honour for them and push them on.. Please make it happen Brendan."
4th Aug 2013 21:58
"Yes would be great to see him part of LFC. They way he strikes a ball..Borini et al could learn a lot from Robbie"
4th Aug 2013 22:22
"I wish he is still playing."
4th Aug 2013 22:52
"The best natural striker ever to put on the RED shirt. Absolute legend and great to see him in the RED shirt again. Will always remember the fastest hatrick.YNWA"
5th Aug 2013 0:08
"God he will always be, loyal and true, Robbie we salute you, we adore you."