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most hated player in spain ,bit like luis was in holland if hes as good sorted
2nd Aug 2013 0:37
2nd Aug 2013 0:54
"How about creative midfielder, are we going for this as well?"
2nd Aug 2013 1:11
"Amazing that when Liverpool actually make an offer, there are 8 stories about it. (and some are posted at 1am in the morning when staff aren't supposed to work) Definitely know that none of these rumours are true until Liverpool post multiple stories within an hour of each other."
2nd Aug 2013 1:12
"I'd agree with that!"
2nd Aug 2013 1:18
"get him pls..."
2nd Aug 2013 1:20
"he would replace another great Torres history. "
2nd Aug 2013 3:25
"good news"
Tatenda YNWA
2nd Aug 2013 4:19
"Get him Asap "
2nd Aug 2013 4:32
"He is strong and good"
2nd Aug 2013 5:13
"I dare to say BR have blind faith in attacking football.Our team defense was poor since Lucas get injured,it is very clear that we must strengthen our defense,sign one/two defensive outfield players is crucial to us.And what did BR do?"
2nd Aug 2013 5:14
"Toure is not for long term, Melgarejo is awlful as LB. After signing three decent attacking player, still chasing attacking player, do we really need to stock up so many attacking player?"
2nd Aug 2013 6:01
"If he's coming in - I'm thinking BR is letting Suarez go. Can't think that both Suarez, Costa and Sturridge would be all vying for starting berths - with Borini likely on the bench. If Suarez does go, this guy definitely has what we need, as long as he doesn't get suspended like Suarez."
Tatenda YNWA
2nd Aug 2013 6:41
"So who is gonna be our main striker??? "
2nd Aug 2013 7:20
"As good as costs is. If this is to bring in part for Suarez leaving then ERIK LAMELA is far better as he is as close to Suarez as they come. And can operate best starting on the right. Kinda like the missing piece of the puzzle."
Natural Poolie
2nd Aug 2013 7:33
"Very strong, could do a good job against the Stoke like teams of the PL. DM needed now or RW. CM needed too but Toure may do until next year."
Natural Poolie
2nd Aug 2013 7:34
"Last comment was supposed to say CD not CM"
2nd Aug 2013 7:49
"Mmmm... 6FT 2? he'd look like a giant compared with the rest of our squad!!!!! "
2nd Aug 2013 7:56
"Why is the assumption always made that we have to find player who is a close replica to a player we already have. I'm not sure abt Costa but at least he's not another powder player. we need more power. "
2nd Aug 2013 7:57
"So many players link to LFC but non of them is true.. let's see this coming 29 days.."
2nd Aug 2013 8:30
"I hope we can still get Eriksen if this turns out to be true"
2nd Aug 2013 8:31
"sounds like he's a very strong player who runs through people... buy him and play him in midfield. lol"
Natural Poolie
2nd Aug 2013 8:32
"If Suarez is as unhappy as he says he is, why doesn't he just put a transfer request in? Get the right price or package for £50 mill + or if he goes to Arsenal £35 mill + Walcott. £20 mill on decent DM and 15 + what's left of transfer kitty on Papadopoulos, job done for this year! "
2nd Aug 2013 8:40
"It's in all paper! Can't be convinced for a player who is kind of bench warmer. Bernard 'd have been a better choice, but most likely we have lost him to Shakhar as well. Hope BR makes the right choice."
2nd Aug 2013 9:10
"It's in virtually every paper so seems more than a rumour. Add Papa and Eriksen and job done."
Red Rum
2nd Aug 2013 9:11
"Ok but please get Diame too. Another strong man to score from and defend corners and hold the middle."
2nd Aug 2013 9:12
"Too early to celebrate. Athletico have put out a statement saying no bid had been made and that they don't want to sell - I shall wait until I see photos of him at a medical too many false rumours already this season just look at the Miktaryan saga."
2nd Aug 2013 9:34
"Sky sports news have comfirmed bid finally a proper bid for a very good player brenden sed there would be a massive signing ynwa"
2nd Aug 2013 9:55
"Sign him up brendan!Costa is powerful,has great skill and we'll need him to unlock stubbon defences like stoke and west brom."
2nd Aug 2013 10:02
"LFC's problem in the last 4 seasons and the main reason for our absence in the champs league has been our strike force and not defence so why are people crying out for defenders"
2nd Aug 2013 10:25
"I think he would be a good signing him Suarez and Sturridge! I don't see why people keep saying Bernard as I can see his sky high potential, but he plays in Brazilian league, Costa plays in La Liga superior quality! "
2nd Aug 2013 10:54
"Rodgers said he would only bring in new players if he believed they would improve the squad. "They have to be of the right quality, that's the bottom line But what fascinate me the most is the following statement: "We've got money to spend on getting that quality in, but if it's not available I won't waste it for the sake of bringing a player in. Well said BOSS "
2nd Aug 2013 11:13
"He is the same type of player like 'Hulk'. A big brute who is powerful and quick, plays the same as Hulk. So would fit into a front 3 with Suarez/Sturridge, Aspas."
2nd Aug 2013 12:12
"Madrid are saying nonsense but here we have it confirmed from the "BBC" what is going on?? The beeb do not make stuff up."
2nd Aug 2013 13:09
"Don't get to much hope, i still don't believe in FSG."
2nd Aug 2013 14:43
"Be patient! Signing a player requires: 1. Player's willing to sign without Euro-footy & club's stance. 2. His fitness into style of play. 3. Can he adapt in EPL? 4. Of what gain will he be to the team & club. 5. Is he worth the money or overpriced? I believe FSG & BR are on the right path. if not, Suarez will be long gone after the 40m bid Remember BR did in January YNWA!"
2nd Aug 2013 14:51
"Carroll is a better player,,,,"
3rd Aug 2013 0:05
"why u guys want suarez heart broken when he say he going....i no more like suarez...yes he fantastic player but he want go n claim at media n court to leaving....just sold he...i bet coutinho be a star....."
4th Aug 2013 18:57