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If Suarez stays, I'm not sure why we need him as we already have Sturridge and Aspas at the same position as well.
2nd Aug 2013 0:49
Big Az
2nd Aug 2013 0:58
"For me he is a quality player n I guess for BR too."
2nd Aug 2013 0:59
"Seems like every newspaper printed the same story, so it might be true. Never really see him play. How good is he compared to Damiao?"
2nd Aug 2013 2:44
"Bit worried about signing a player who has been suspended for headbutting. Are we going to have another player that sits out games due to suspensions? But I have total faith in BR, so we will see if that remains the case."
2nd Aug 2013 3:43
"Sorry, don't believe this one. But would be nice to have more scoring options."
2nd Aug 2013 3:58
"Diego Costa will bring along with the same determination and passion as Suarez does. Suarez will stay on and a Surez+Costa frontline will prove to be one to relish! Hope this really happens! YNWA!"
2nd Aug 2013 5:14
"I'm not sure Suarez will stay, so why be left in the lurch on the final day of the transfer window, especially if one or two very good players can be bought for his asking price? If this player's an addition to Suarez instead of a replacement, then it's even better, I s'pose."
2nd Aug 2013 5:38
"Guess the big toothed one is off then. Not upto his quality - but then who is. Get 60 mill' for him - or more."
2nd Aug 2013 7:08
"AM President is quoted in the Spanish press last night saying no one has bid for him and they aren't selling either this or next year."
2nd Aug 2013 7:59
"So many players link to LFC but non of them is true.. let's see this coming 29 days.."
2nd Aug 2013 8:07
"Does this mean Suarez is off? If so then get 55 mil but definitely not to arsenal"
2nd Aug 2013 8:14
"Good signing!! All we need now is shaquiri or el sharwary and Erickson! Sorted."
2nd Aug 2013 8:34
"smells the end of suarez, hopefully we sign costa and eriksen."
2nd Aug 2013 8:38
"To much negativity around this player. He is very good, I seen him a lot last season and I think his skill, strength, awareness, cross, passing and shooting are very good. He can play across the front positions but is mostly a winger. He is strong though, quite feisty and aggressive; so wouldn't need a year to settle to this leage. Sign him BR, great player!"
2nd Aug 2013 8:40
"KL_RED - have you not been watching pre-season? Aspas has played 4 positions, Borini has played across the top 3, Sterling and Ibe played both wings; Coutinho has played CAM and LW. Get me? BR buys players who can operate more than one position for a reason, so they can all interlink the front line in games. Wake up."
2nd Aug 2013 9:37
"Common sense says that LFC would not move for a striker until Suarez situation resolved. If thats at last minute, then I expect them to wait to buy forward in next transfer window. They will go with what they have.."
2nd Aug 2013 10:04
"Definitely better than Sturridge as a striker < maybe Sturridge for the right wing????"
2nd Aug 2013 10:46
"KL_RED said he is not sure if we needed Costa, please have a rethink as am sure in some weeks time when the league kicks off you will retract your statement. ALAYBIR-YNWA"
2nd Aug 2013 11:09
"He is a winger/striker is the same mold of Ronaldo, Bale, Ribery, Robben. He played part of a front 3 with Falcao who played central striker last season. Would fit nicely if Suarez stays."
2nd Aug 2013 11:13
"look at it this way , perhaps Lucas and Coutinho have given him a phone call and see if he be interested, that's why we may have gone for him, He'd like to come, plus by buying this guy shows great intent to Suarez we mean to get back in the CL , so he might want to stay, Suarez maybe quite now as he see's who is coming in, no one comes he's off good player (s) come he stays, SIMPLE "
2nd Aug 2013 12:22
"If you guys still don't realise it by now. BR plays forwards anywhere along the front three. That's why he's bought versatile forwards. We won't buy wingers like downers anymore as they don't pitch in with goals. This means COUTINHO will hopefully play more centrally this season were he played best last. We have back up in Alberto so no ericksen doesn't need to be bought."
2nd Aug 2013 13:35
"Our problem is always not enough scoring goal. We have plenty of attacking midfielders and for once having lots of option upfront is nice. BTW, please don't hit the bar too much this season. We loose 10-12 points because of it."
2nd Aug 2013 14:58
"Players come and go, Torres left & Suarez came. If Suarez want to go? let him go, but not to a EPL club. you don't give ur best weapon to an opponent... That reminds me of Gabriel Heinze saga, even though he wanted to come to us but Manure instead sold him to a Spainish club. SUAREZ IS STILL UNDER CONTRACTAND HENCE, HIS MOVE-AWAY SHOULD BE ON OUR TERMS & NOT HIS.. YNWA "
red rafa
2nd Aug 2013 19:42
"if this is true which I believe because of all the media quotes (reliable ones aswell) the deals are mostly agreed befor it comes to light.obviously coutinho and lucas would have contacted him and primed the deal .as no doubt yosi benyoun did with nando when he moved to Chelsea,they all have each others numbers in there phone."
red rafa
2nd Aug 2013 19:43
" so I don't think Liverpool would have made a bid if they didn't know the player would come funny how first bid triggered release clause"
2nd Aug 2013 21:01
"Does anyone know how near Sturridge is to fitness?"
Innocent man
2nd Aug 2013 21:07
"i wish we can get this guy with suarez and sturidge will be fire.please BR be fast in this deal before hungry Arsenal will come in again.YNWA"
3rd Aug 2013 1:38
"Suarez or not get the guy. You can never have enough quality in the squad, competition is good. 2 or 3 injurys and we are not that strong really. YNWA"
3rd Aug 2013 8:42
"Paulo Dybala from US Palermo is far much better than this costa..!!"