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His gt som mad skills,gud on one on one n evn one on two situation.watchd him a lot last season,he is young scores n assist goals too.If we gt him all d critics wuld b silenced. In BR I do trust nw.ynwa
Big Az
2nd Aug 2013 0:38
2nd Aug 2013 0:50
"Is he better than Soldado at similar price?"
2nd Aug 2013 1:17
"get him...can't wait to see him on red-."
Tatenda YNWA
2nd Aug 2013 4:25
"I had my doubts abt BR ways of doing transfers but now I think he is on to something"
2nd Aug 2013 4:35
"Diego Costa is HUGE TRANSFER?? Don't fool me."
2nd Aug 2013 4:55
"Good player, but i'd go for Torres or Bernard as 1st choice!"
2nd Aug 2013 5:13
"Some fans are completely idiots. They are just against everyone Liv is linked to. When the player is cheap, they complain not a big signing. When the player is expensive, they doubt if he is worth the price. If you live in such a negative world, please hide yourselves in your room and cry. Don spoil our page. "
2nd Aug 2013 5:14
"Some fans are completely idiots. They are just against everyone Liv is linked to. When the player is cheap, they complain not a big signing. When the player is expensive, they doubt if he is worth the price. If you live in such a negative world, please hide yourselves in your room and cry. Don spoil our page. "
2nd Aug 2013 7:17
"Bernard already has more Brazil games at 4 years younger and same prize, so that would make more sense to me. But I do realize that BR know these players and how they fit better than me, so I trust him."
2nd Aug 2013 8:00
"So many players link to LFC but non of them is true.. let's see this coming 29 days..""
2nd Aug 2013 8:48
"This guy would light up our team. He has natural flair, more so than Suarez and Coutinho. How long have we wanted a silky Brazilian? The bonus is he is strong and aggressive."
2nd Aug 2013 8:54
" kopsingapore, your comment is rather unacceptable. It doesn't matter what all comment to the decision making.... As a fan everybody has right to express their views. You cannot control that. If you dont like then dont read them it is not for you either"
2nd Aug 2013 9:22
"Irteza (8:54)Kopsingapore(5:13)is right because I think a lot of fans comments do not make sense because of different reasons ."
2nd Aug 2013 10:04
"I sincerely hope we get this one right. It will be the signing of this summer after "Steve G".For those fans looking for every opportunity to criticize BR,Pls, watch this guy out on youtube if you are not a follower of La liga. , "
2nd Aug 2013 10:08
"KL_RED..soldado cost more and also he is older, we don't need old players in liverpool"
2nd Aug 2013 10:08
"If we get this guy then all should bow to BR in his acquisition talents. I just hope it's true. Mad skills and would fit right into our style, plus coutinho would have a close friend. Happy days. YNWA"
2nd Aug 2013 10:09
"I am more inclined to agree with kopsingapore, some people are just never pleased with anything that goes on unless it is someone they personally feel we should be signing. Even then they will probably moan LOL. Bottom line is back the team regardless and see how we get on."
2nd Aug 2013 10:14
"If Costa comes ,he should not be the only signing, Eriksen should also be bought in and LFC still need a defender."
2nd Aug 2013 10:20
"Sounds like a gooden!!!"
2nd Aug 2013 10:25
"The way things are looking I'm pleased as punch. signings like these should make the others realise that you can't write us off this coming year, we've always got the twelfth man effect and with improvements like these the Arsenals will be thinking 18 yrs consecutively qualifying for europe is beginning to look a bit precarious while kronke sits on his money "
2nd Aug 2013 10:59
"kopsingapore - so right you said it twice! A lot of people contradict themselves on these message pages and some of you are never happy! Costa would be a huge signing if we get him and would show some of you doubters very wrong!"
2nd Aug 2013 11:05
"Remember it is not only who Liverpool are after and if they fit but does the play want to come to Liverpool Yes we are a BIG club and lots of History, BIG fan base all over the world , BUT NO CL, and that's what players are after remember MK yes we were interested but he went to else where, "
2nd Aug 2013 11:42
"Was the transfer fee of Fernando Torres correct?"
2nd Aug 2013 12:36
"What worries me is that he only got 10 goals in Laliga last season. Unsure, would much prefer a goal machine, but lets wait and hope."
2nd Aug 2013 12:40
"we still need a left winger aswell, in an ideal world benard will come aswell, but this won't happen. I like the idea of atsu, it all depends, if suarez goes then we need ready made world class."
njero 8
2nd Aug 2013 13:28
"Atleast we are nw start 2 spending sum moni,I hop we sign more quality signings,not jst 1"
2nd Aug 2013 14:06
"He is fluent.we needed a street fotballer. Definitely going to make it top 4 this season."
2nd Aug 2013 14:52
"I'm sorry but that is overpriced at over £20m. And for those of you saying he has silky skills, you obviously haven't seen him play! He is more like Heskey than Ronaldinho. Strong and powerful with average technique."
2nd Aug 2013 15:03
"More like big Andy than luis. If Andy didn't fit why should he. MIght take time adjusting to the PL, as he wont get som much time on the ball"
2nd Aug 2013 18:06
"bistry and kopsing u both r right.PC was't well known during his time at Inter.Remember people were saying PC is only a bench player and question on BR with that?IMO,I will say he is just as strong as Andy but I m 100% sure he is much more skillful than Andy! both in the air and ground. "
2nd Aug 2013 19:38
"We should get Diego Costa, Eriksen and may be a Defender. Worried that BR says he won't spend unless he gets quality players. He said the same thing last summer and we were left scrambling as he loaned Carroll at the last minute. Can we compete with spurs and Arsenal for the 4th place? Spurs bought class as they've the money"
2nd Aug 2013 19:42
"BR should be more bolder. Even Gerrard has said we need another two top class players. So what is BR waiting for when his Captain has spoken. Ayre and the yanks have to invest and get the return when we qualify for CL. With two other top players we will become formidable"
2nd Aug 2013 20:50
"all good but you know Ive been doing some research and one player I really hope we sign is Eriksen"
3rd Aug 2013 10:27
"Don't kid yourself. This guy has great techers and awesome in the air. Strong and fast. adjustment to the PL will be instant. YNWA "