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Sorry...who? But these days Brendan's who? Have a sneaky knack of turning into who's who. Can't wait for season to start.
1st Aug 2013 23:57
the reality
2nd Aug 2013 0:18
"plz sell borini downing asaidi plus 22 milion buy bernard or martinez insted"
2nd Aug 2013 1:23
"get him, we don't need borini and asaidi. we need great squared. the season would be tough... "
2nd Aug 2013 4:55
"Good player, but i'd go for Torres or Bernard as 1st choice!"
2nd Aug 2013 8:34
" Redshern - I find it to be a high of ignorance you haven't heard of Diego Costa, to any fan that doesn't know who he is; that is utterly ridiculous and excempts you from any comment. Anyway, the player is exciting, he is very good on the ball. Has plenty of tricks, isn't the fastest but makes up for that with great awareness, movement and strength. Would fit right into BR's style."
2nd Aug 2013 8:36
"Some of you are saying Torres? Are you honestly kidding me? On what form exactly? He is a rotten player now. Okay, Bernad is young and exciting, but what do you mean 'just go for him instead?' There is CL clubs all over him, so why waste our time exactly? Also, Bernad is not proven and isn't strong at all. Costa is a Tank but he's Brazilian good. I would love this signing. "
2nd Aug 2013 9:04
"He looks the tpye of player to fit into BR's style of football. I think it shows real intent by the club and by Rodgers that we are not a penny pinching club, I was begging to have my doubts after just a net spend of £4m but hopefully this is on of possibly two marquee signings and keep Suarez we should be greta this season."
2nd Aug 2013 10:06
"google; diego costa/sergio romas ad pepe, looks like he is suarez like?"