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What a great summer signing he would be for Lfc,moreso he cud play anywhere up front. it wouldn't be a bad idea if BR could bring in Xedan shaqiri on loan with a buy-out clause option just lyk Malgarejo
1st Aug 2013 23:47
1st Aug 2013 23:48
"Diego Costa fits into Brendan Rodgers style of play immediately! He is an aggressive player and physically well built and would have no problems settling into the EPL! This is one player we cannot miss! YNWA!"
1st Aug 2013 23:53
"Very good news. Thank you BD. we all should support BR and doubters should stop moaning!"
1st Aug 2013 23:53
"A fellow countryman to make Coutinho even more comfortable. I like that he has size to brin up front after so many small forwards. "
2nd Aug 2013 0:01
"Wow!!! :-0"
2nd Aug 2013 0:25
"Well done Brendan Rodgers! Come on you reds! YNWA!"
2nd Aug 2013 4:55
"Good player, but i'd go for Torres or Bernard as 1st choice for this price!"
2nd Aug 2013 10:41
"How far ate we in the Papadopulous chase? So many rumours/ links but very little happening"
2nd Aug 2013 11:53
"Costa emerged as a summer target for Arsenal after netting 20 goals in 44 games last season. Something seems to be familiar here, I remember when we bought Fernando Torres and made him what he is now. This same GONERS are at it again. Lets hope he brings in that raw quality to be refined. ALAYBIR - YNWA "