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Yes yes yes. He is the class signing we've been talking so long. Play him at left wing and shift couthino to behind the striker.
1st Aug 2013 16:16
1st Aug 2013 16:22
"Snatch him, 6 million, cash. From what I heard: LM, CM. I expect he gives 110% if he arrives here"
1st Aug 2013 16:41
"It will be interesting what way the LFC handle this one. If its AC v LFC it appears he wants to come to us so we must make a move to get him now, don't dilly daddle around like we have been doing recently,,, "
1st Aug 2013 16:47
"Very talented young man and can only get better but I am not sure he fits Brendans shortlist, I however would not mind seeing him sign with us. "
1st Aug 2013 17:01
"WOW! 9 goals last season for his club... Definitely Liverpool material..."
1st Aug 2013 17:02
"Well if he isn't happy being played out of position, Brendan won't want someone who isn't a prepared to consider change, or be a team player..."
1st Aug 2013 17:08
"Sense of deja vu here. Wasn't this exact same article on here a couple of days ago. Man, if only we could fast forward to Aug-31 5pm. It promises to be a long, painful month ahead."
1st Aug 2013 17:08
"Media watch is pointless. Fans get a hard-on only to realise they have to take a cold shower cause nothing is going to happen."
1st Aug 2013 18:06
"His childhood clubs were Liverpool and Real Madrid. Sounds familiar??"
1st Aug 2013 18:23
"Haha... he has my two favourite teams as well. Liverpool is obviously number one though. Bring on the new season already!"
1st Aug 2013 18:55
""l have always followed them..Liverpool & Real Madrid" He wants to come here, play & be propelled to join madrid a' la Luis?"
1st Aug 2013 19:13
" What are we waiting for then. Grab him, a player who wants to play for us."
1st Aug 2013 19:40
"Would love this signing over any other. We need a quality wide man to allow COUTINHO to play in the middle were he plays those killer passes. Ayes is also very versatile which BR lIkes. Although it is on this site so probably another rumour."
1st Aug 2013 19:42
"Hanafia.....I'm pretty sure thats sarcasm... WHY? 9 goals for a winger is a decent return. I'd have him over downing any day."
1st Aug 2013 19:44
"Luis Suarez never said he followed liverpool as a kid. He said he's heard alot about us as we're a big club..... He wasn't a liverpool fan."
1st Aug 2013 19:50
"Do it Brendan mate."
1st Aug 2013 20:44
"i am from Ghana. Andre Ayew is not a first team material for liverpool"
1st Aug 2013 21:35
"Saurez will of heard of Liverpool growing up as there is also a team called Liverpool FC who play in the Uraguay top division- links from the old shipping days......"
1st Aug 2013 21:52
"This one is so old now. Ayew says he wants to play for LFC. LFC have known that for a long time but dont seem want Ayew. I read more than a month ago that we were on red alert. We dont have to sign a player just cos he says he wants to join. News please. "
1st Aug 2013 22:35
"sign yilmaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!same Mkitharyan "
1st Aug 2013 22:35
"sign yilmaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!same Mkitharyan "
he could have killed the lad
1st Aug 2013 22:59
"Why would we want to waste money on this guy? He's not even the type of player BR would go for>"
2nd Aug 2013 8:51
"Wouzer... Good point... Downing..."
2nd Aug 2013 9:32
"This is a dream chance. I have been beating this drum throughout pre-season. Ayes on the left wit continuo in the middle will be FANTASTIC. Pleeeeeeeeease GET Ayew. 100 times better than downing & hendo combined and his wages won't amount to much"
2nd Aug 2013 9:41
"Son of the great abedi pele who won cl le wit marseille and 2 times Africa footballer of the year. 2 years ago captained ghana's u-20 team to World Cup glory. Very talented and very committed. Gives 110% every time. BR please don't let this chance go past."
2nd Aug 2013 9:43
"What are we doing holding on to a player who wants to leave (no matter how good he is) and ignoring one that wants to come and is equally good."
2nd Aug 2013 9:49
"Ladder2: definitely not true. Ayew REFUSED to play for Ghana at the last afcon cos he and his brother had been mistreated by the Ghana fa. And after Ghana flopped at the last afcon, a delegation was sent to go and BEG him to reconsider his decision not play for Ghana. It was HIS decision not to play for Ghana. By the way, I AM Ghanaian too."