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good news needs some playing time! guess we have pretty much got that other LB
1st Aug 2013 17:07
1st Aug 2013 17:08
"This sounds like a good move for the lad , and give us a better player I a years time"
1st Aug 2013 17:09
"Good for you. Good luck and come back a better player YNWA Jack"
1st Aug 2013 17:25
"That means a new LB is coming in "
1st Aug 2013 17:26
"a new LB will join then"
1st Aug 2013 17:27
"Good move for Jack. Needs that experience. Although leaves us short at left back so i reckon within the next couple of days a new left back will be unveiled"
1st Aug 2013 17:32
"Great experience for the lad! Hope we ultimately keep him and maybe he'll have a word about Paul's son Tom coming to Anfield..."
1st Aug 2013 17:36
"Probbaly just me, but when for the last time players who goes on loan actually have some chances to play in the first team after?"
1st Aug 2013 17:47
"get the games robbo and come back to fight for a place "
1st Aug 2013 18:01
"Well it worked for Jonjo as he'll be playing 1st team footy Swansea.Still Spearo's still hanging in there after his stint at Bolton. Personally I rate Robbo so hope he proves what a decent player he is.Surely we don't have to get another Carlos Kickaball.Give the young English lads a chance too Brendan."
1st Aug 2013 18:10
"Another good decision from Brendan. He needs games at his age and probably needs a few more years experience before he's has a chance at a first team place. I expect a LB signing though now!"
1st Aug 2013 18:13
"deffo need a left back now!!"
1st Aug 2013 18:18
"Why do we do this club favours???????? This is the team that turned down our bid for Ince yet we still give them our players on loan!!"
1st Aug 2013 18:34
"This is a really good player, would like to see him playing in our team. Hopefully next season after he single handedly earns Blackpool promotion."
Save us Kenny
1st Aug 2013 19:14
"Good luck Jack YNWA"
1st Aug 2013 19:22
"Spearo will probably be sold this summer. Pacheco is about to leave on another, like 3d or 4th loan? Probbaly then will be free transfer. Suso now also on loan for experience, however in Spain, instead of gaining EPL exp, so yeah.. "
1st Aug 2013 19:26
"Good move for the lad. Help get them back into the top flight. Their fans were the best visitors to Anfield since Basle. Supported their team throughout with no abuse for our lads."
1st Aug 2013 19:54
"Giving our youngsters a year to toughen up in the Championship is a good idea. We'll get a better idea about how he fits or doesn't fit into the future, without paying his wages and still keeping rights to him. I hope he does well and returns a blazing! YNWA!"
1st Aug 2013 20:20
"I have never seen a club loan players put like Liverpool. Why don't we go the full hog and let Suarez go on loan to Arsenal. Reina to the cash rich Napoili was a belter. This dud Ayre must be on that Harley Davidson too much.. The guy is not equipped to run our club."
1st Aug 2013 20:42
"plz get rid off that humpty dumpty spearing.plz sell plz ask him to leave."
1st Aug 2013 20:53
"good news for him, this is his level at the moment like spearing, lets see if he can prove himself...."
1st Aug 2013 21:48
"Fobiuz- Danny Murphy- bought from then loaned back to Crewe......"
1st Aug 2013 22:24
"Go prove yourself lad & come back a real contenders for LB. On another note, Shelvey playing for Swans today looked quite settled & sprayed some good passes, but have to balance his good performance against a pretty poor & lethargic Swedish team. Good luck to all our loanees & departees."
1st Aug 2013 22:38
"sign yilmaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!same Mkitharyan "
1st Aug 2013 22:38
"sign yilmaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!same Mkitharyan "
1st Aug 2013 22:58
"good luck lad, needs the game time and wouldn't get it with us. Smart move by BR...... One of many but the jury is still out on him in my eyes"
2nd Aug 2013 0:47
"This is a good move"
2nd Aug 2013 0:48
"This is good news, blackpool play some decent football and he needs to get a run of games. "
2nd Aug 2013 3:15
"Robinson always reminds me of that horrible day when we were bullied by and ultimately defeated by Oldham during our FA Cup exit last season. It seemed to me like a definite second string playing all over really, but Robinson had a shocker. To top it all, he started berating Suarez, one of our few realistic outlets of scoring on the day."
2nd Aug 2013 8:33
"LB def more or less sown up hopefully he plays and comes bacl better for it"
2nd Aug 2013 9:25
"Work harrrrd"