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Spot on comment. There is only one STEVE GERRARD
1st Aug 2013 12:40
1st Aug 2013 12:41
"You don't"
1st Aug 2013 12:48
"Gerrard is irreplaceable pls"
1st Aug 2013 12:57
"I have the answer YOU CAN'T "
1st Aug 2013 13:17
"Bang on,,,, but I think he could prolong his career by moving to C/B when he loses his speed in M/F. To have a C/B like him playing with his heart and compassion would be fab & I think it would fab,, Stevie G ,, a living legend YNWA"
1st Aug 2013 13:32
"If he had player in any side before the 90s his replacement would already be there to smoothly take his place. Unfortunately the club doesnt work that way any more. With Carra gone I fear Stevie G is the last of the true legends we will ever have here. It will be mercenaries from now on."
1st Aug 2013 13:43
"All very true and hopefully SG has another couple of top years ahead of him but what's that got to do with our current transfer situation? "
1st Aug 2013 13:43
"I remember the feeling as a kid when i heard Keegan was leaving. We got King Kenny and as the yrs went on the only thing that changed were the faces. The success kept coming. Things are different now. There just won't be anyone to replace Stevie and everything he stands for."
1st Aug 2013 13:50
"Impossible! We just have to bring in quality young players like Coutinho who have their own style and can take the club forward - the likes of Eriksen. Bernard etc."
coutinho star
1st Aug 2013 14:28
"Rodgers out yanks out making progress nonsense not even in second tier euro football anymore not good enuff for uefa cup when we was smashing it in the champs lge few years ago Rodgersyanks out out out "
coutinho star
1st Aug 2013 14:32
"we still havnt replaced the likes of Alonso mascherano finnan Garcia and riise yet never mind super stevie"
1st Aug 2013 14:35
"lgtred- You make a clear and positive point about how exactly we would compete without the owners money or with a new manager who would be our 4th in as many seasons. And on a blog that has nothing to do with it! You're big AND clever. Well done."
coutinho star
1st Aug 2013 14:37
" the only good thing about br is I miss beating leeds utd but cus of him we might next season when he drags us down SACK HIM NOW"
1st Aug 2013 14:47
"Anyone who calls for Rodgers to go ain't a fan IMO,we've played some of the best football in years under Rodgers and if he's given the money by the owners we get us bk in the top 4.Its all down to how ambitious are owners are."
1st Aug 2013 14:58
"Clone him!"
1st Aug 2013 15:06
"An absolute Legend!"
1st Aug 2013 15:47
"lgtred - Stupid comment, you clearly have no idea."
1st Aug 2013 16:03
"Too true! As long as he can and will we would all love to see him play on. As for the question well I can't imagine any solution! In the end we will lament the loss and have to move on, but I for one do not mind waiting :o)"
1st Aug 2013 16:05
"Sometimes you have to accept that some players cant be replaced. Stevie G is one of them ( and imo so was Carra). I just hope he's got a few more seasons in him yet."
1st Aug 2013 16:14
"There is only one steve gerrard he is liverpool you can never replace him there will never be any one like him "
1st Aug 2013 17:42
" do you replace Steven Gerrard... you don't, but FSG will do there best to find someone on loan... rest assured."
1st Aug 2013 19:43
"I only disagree on one statement,when its said that when he is not playing something is missing....NO when he is not playing everything is missing.he is here for another 4 years am sure and he will be here with his best."
Red Rum
1st Aug 2013 20:02
"Why is this in the section on transfer speculation. Get this report out of here"
1st Aug 2013 20:34
" tos*er!"
1st Aug 2013 22:21
"Can't be done, but our academy needs to produce more Gerrards, more Fowlers more Carra's. I get annoyed when I see pl;ayers like Connor Coady and Jack Robinson being loaned out to other clubs and not being played in our first team to get the chance to make it in the big league."
1st Aug 2013 22:30
"buy CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN now or we will never get another chance to find someone so close to the type of player Steven Gerrard is for gods sake does nobody in Liverpool FC ever read these posts bacause there are thousands now all saying the same. CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN, CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN, CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN, CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN"
1st Aug 2013 22:34
"sign yilmaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!same Mkitharyan "
1st Aug 2013 22:34
"sign yilmaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!same Mkitharyan "
1st Aug 2013 22:45
"He's our captain and lived our dream........ top man and top player. He will never be replaced and never be forgotten! YNWA Stevie G and long may you continue!"
2nd Aug 2013 0:00
"You dont replace him you remake him. Hint look at Conor Coady."
Billy B girl
2nd Aug 2013 0:12
"Only ever one Steven Gerrard not only for his sheer quality playing but his heart beats Liverpool FC. I believe Connor Coady is a young man capable of a similar role but it's too early yet to say. As for smug BR can't wait for the day he is sacked !"
the reality
2nd Aug 2013 0:23
"u r right joshus12 fsg will loaned someone to replace sg"
2nd Aug 2013 3:14
"This is our captain fantastic, very true there is only one STEVEN GERRARD. The thought of him to stop playing for Liverpool brings tears to my eye."
2nd Aug 2013 3:32
"Igtred one word for you ingrate ,what do u expect instant success"
2nd Aug 2013 6:25
"He is irreplaceable not only for his football skills. He is a total package. Leadership, sportsmanship, loyalty, just a gentleman!! You should see how people scream his name even in Thailand, Indonesia, Austria!! "
2nd Aug 2013 11:11
"Can't replace him. Pure class. Best ever. YNWA"
2nd Aug 2013 12:04
""I remember when Graeme Souness left for Sampdoria and Liverpool in effect brought in two players to replace him." Which two players are you suggesting for us so as to start early with their grooming Mr Mark Lawrenson of the daily post "
2nd Aug 2013 12:25
"I agree that SG and KD both great players for LFC but obviously the writer never saw the greatest one man show of powerful football that was William Betheridge Liddell my childhood hero, the only player along with Stanley Matthews to play twice for Great Britain"
2nd Aug 2013 13:28
"Daily Post: How to replace Gerrard? Answer: You can't!"