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Class act and thoroughly decent human being
1st Aug 2013 12:33
1st Aug 2013 12:51
"Gerrard is a player worth looking up to for his endless abilities, great atude and his loyalty to Liverpool. There aren't enough world class loyal players in football these days with the amount of money flying about willy-nilly and the constant desire for personal accolades. Football is a team game, not for individuals. Gerrard and Messi have this in common, which is why they're so admired."
1st Aug 2013 13:11
"I think he is liverpools greatest ever player. Never have I ever seen a player in a midfield position for liverpool give so much game after game, season after season. Like all players for liverpool they are living every fans dream but to him especially (& Carra) it means so much more to him to pull on the Red of liverpool . Phenomenal Player. Top Lad to."
the reality
1st Aug 2013 13:18
"Am a big fans of SG I don't if I will have the chance to see u lift the pl "
1st Aug 2013 14:15
"Just the mention of Olympiacos and his goal, still makes my hair stand on end! Legend."
1st Aug 2013 14:22
" Dad we can go next season in champion league"
1st Aug 2013 14:24
"Stive add me in facebook my name ali bravo"
1st Aug 2013 14:39
"Has any player given more, inspired more and driven a game and his players more than Gerrard? (The answer's no) "
1st Aug 2013 15:18
"The Legend, The Greatest but most of all the most humble human being on the earth. I will never forget, Stevie hold the shoulder of ordinary person like me and took a photo with me. The happiest moment in my entire Life."
1st Aug 2013 15:34
"I, for one, can never, ever, thank you well enough. YNWA "
1st Aug 2013 17:27
"Steve is the ultimate red, there is no doubt about that. Not only do i love the buzz I get from watching him, I love the buzz that we see him get from football. His strike against city last year brought It all back, I will shed a few when he plays his last game. This guy not only doesn't walk alone, for me he walks on water!!"
1st Aug 2013 22:40
"A true Legend! Not only to Liverpool, but to the whole game itself. Best of luck for the weekend, hope the day goes well for him, and I will be watching from afar! :-)"
2nd Aug 2013 0:51
"Great man great player and great captain of lfc .will be am honour to be at the game Saturday.just want to say a what a gesture by Olmypiacos to not ask for anything in return Judy happy to help honour our captain . YNWA Stevie g"
2nd Aug 2013 5:11
"Rare to find such humans, let alone football 'stars'. Thanks for the memories Stevie G. Hope you get to work your magic in the Champions League one last time!! I'm praying for it. "
2nd Aug 2013 9:36
"There is a man at peace with himself and thoroughly deserving of all the accolades and rewards. Top man!"